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review 2017-04-28 14:00
Book Tour Review that I am Involved with.
Harmful Rush: A Remedy Stand-Alone Novel - Debra Doxer,Pam Berehulke

Harmful Rush
Debra Doxer
(Remedy #3)
Publication date: April 24th 2017
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Harmful Rush is a standalone, full-length novel set in the Remedy world. You do not have to read the first two books to read this book.

Skylark Samuels has a secret.

She’s not a normal teenager, although she plays one in real life. Pretending to be something you’re not isn’t easy, especially in high school where gossip is gold. For years, Sky manages to hide her uniqueness, until one fateful day when she exposes her gift, her curse, and all her fears come to pass. Now instead of going to college near home like she planned, she has to leave town and go someplace where the rumors can’t follow. The plan when she gets there: keep to herself and stay under the radar.

But blending into the background is impossible when local heartthrob Dylan Parks notices her. Even though Sky keeps her distance and doesn’t act like one of Dylan’s adoring fans, he goes out of his way to talk to her. Her. The girl who wants to be invisible.

Sky isn’t immune to Dylan’s charm, but getting close to him is a bad idea. It goes against the promise she made to herself. Besides, if Dylan knew the truth, he wouldn’t want her. If he discovered her secret, he’d treat her differently and possibly fear her. It’s happened before. But the more Sky gets to know Dylan, the harder it is to resist him, until fate intervenes.

A tragic event forces Sky to reveal herself to the one person she’s come to care for, and his reaction is unexpected. For the first time, she doesn’t feel so alone. But what she doesn’t realize is that she’s never been alone. When she finally lets her guard down, someone comes along who threatens to unravel everything, because being normal was never Sky’s destiny.


My Review

I thought the book was pretty good, I really loved Sky and how badly she wanted to help people, especially the ones she loves, with her gift.

I think Sky was my favorite character. I liked Dylan, he wasn't my favorite hero ever but I did think that him and Sky were cute together. Sky's gift was pretty awesome, and the story was interesting. I really wish I could put my finger on why this book wasn't a 5 star read for me. I think it's just that I have read so many great book's lately, and this book wasn't quite there. I really felt like it really was more like a 3 1/2 stars, but I had to round it up to a 4 star. The reason why is because of Sky, I just loved that she wanted to help people. There was a villain in the story and I just have to say what a jerk he was. While his sister was so awesome. I haven't read the first two books in the series but I really get them eventually.

I was really glad that I had a chance to take part in the tour for this book. I am very happy that I asked to take part in the tour. And that I was chosen to be one of the reviewers. So thanks so much too all parties involved that chose me to take part in it.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo / Google Play


Author Bio:

Debra Doxer was born in Boston, and other than a few lost years in the California sunshine, she has always resided in the Boston area. She writes fiction, technical software documents, illegible scribbles on sticky notes, and texts that get mangled by AutoCorrect. She writes for a living, and she writes for fun. When her daughter asks when she’ll run out of words, her response always is, “When I run out of time.”

Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram


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review 2016-12-01 19:56
This one made me happy!
Rebound Remedy - Christine d'Abo

It's another win for the audible holiday stories.


Holidays are probably the worst time ever to have a relationship end and it's even worse when it happens because you're watching your boyfriend accept a marriage proposal from someone else while waiting to board the plane that's suppose to take you and said boyfriend away for a romantic holiday vacation to Banff. Honestly at this point could life suck any more than it does? Well yes, of course it could if everyone else standing around is cheering for this grand romantic gesture as you watch your heart shatter into a million pieces. 


So, you've been dumped and it's the holidays...what's a guy to do? Go to your favorite neighborhood bar and have a few brews of course, damn straight I'd heading there, and tell your favorite bartender all about your woes especially when said bartender is handsome, attentive and willing to listen.


Owen pays attention to what goes on in his bar and he recognizes Cole as a regular. He thinks he's a nice guy who's always looking out for everyone else. He's seen the times that Cole's paid for other patron's tabs, put them in a cab and slipped the fare into their pockets, giving generous tips to the staff and always trying to stay under the radar with his kindness. But Owen's radar pinged a long time ago where Cole's concerned and he sees what Cole does for others. What didn't ping until hearing Cole's heartbreaking story was his gaydar but it's pinging now. It's just too bad that Cole's on the rebound and doesn't realize that Owen's bi, not that it would matter because along with his own plate full of problems Owen views Cole as being vulnerable and he's determined not to take advantage of Cole...he's just not going to be 'that guy'.


However, Owen's not surprised when Saturday night comes around and he finds Cole taking care of a drunk in the men's room. By the time they get said drunk wrestled into a cab to go home, Cole's managed to pick up a shiner and Owen's decided he's going to try and brighten up Cole's holidays with a plan to spend some time together as buddies getting to know each other and maybe making the holiday season a little bit better for themselves.  It's just unfortunate that neither man realizes the attraction he holds for the other.


'Rebound Remedy' was a fun, light, holiday story with very little angst and yes a bit of poor communication between our MCs but it can happen to the best of couples. Overall I really enjoyed this story and I loved the ending that Cole got one last moment with his ex to give him some real closure and that Cole and Owen got the beginning of their own happy beginning and that I basically smiled from start to finish on this story because I really liked these two MCs together.


And the icing on the cake for me, ironically, was that I enjoyed this as an audiobook narrated by Nick J. Russo. This is my second audio book with this narrator and he has delivered on both of them for me, but especially this time around. I think I might have fallen a little in love with Owen...well, Owen's voice. I'm sure the other character's in this story were also well done but Owen...mmmmm...Owen kinda' melted me a little. I could listen to that voice all day.  


I'm actually going to be in Toronto for the holidays and I have to admit if there was a McGregor's bar with an Owen tending bar I'd be going there for a cold one just to get Owen to talk to me. Cheers everyone and Happy Holidays!



An audio ARC of 'Rebound Remedy' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2016-05-11 02:47
The Remedy For Love by Bill Roorbach
The Remedy for Love: A Novel - Bill Roorbach

When the “Storm of the Century” threatens western Maine, Eric closes his office early and heads to the grocery store. In line ahead of him, an unkempt and seemingly unstable young woman comes up short on cash, so Eric offers her twenty bucks and a ride home. Trouble is, Danielle doesn’t really have a home. She’s squatting in a cabin deep in the woods: no electricity, no plumbing, no heat. Eric, with problems of his own, tries to walk away, but finds he can’t. Fending off her mistrust of him, he gets her set up with food, water, and firewood, and departs with relief. But when he climbs back to the road, his car is gone, and in desperation he returns to the cabin. As the storm intensifies, these two lost souls are forced to wait it out together.






It's Christmastime in western Maine. Eric is on a grocery run, hoping to load up on last minute supplies before what's expected to be the worst storm of the year, maybe the century, hits town. As he stands in the checkout line, he watches as the woman ahead of him seems to be struggling to pay for her items. In a generous mood, Eric not only pays her bill but when he sees she doesn't appear to have a car, he offers to drive her wherever she needs to go. This woman, Danielle, adamantly refuses his help. She insists she's fine to walk, but Eric is just as obstinate about assisting her anyway. He gets her to the cabin where she says she's staying, helps her get her groceries inside but then Danielle once again insists that she be left alone. Hesitant to leave, Eric finally agrees to take off. But once he gets back to the road, he finds his car has gone missing! Having no way to get back to his house, he awkwardly has to make his way back to Danielle's place, explaining that there's no way around it -- he'll have to crash with her until the storm passes. 


She puts up a fight but eventually gives in and over the course of a few days, forced to keep close quarters with each other, the two get to talking, slowly revealing all these deep-down secrets. Once Danielle starts to feel like Eric doesn't seem to be some creeper with ulterior motives, she lets him see a little bit of her softer side. But just a bit. As you're probably guessing, reading this far, Danielle has that trope-y blend of toughness and vulnerability that keeps Eric interested in getting to know her, even if she makes the process WORK. "Love story", you say?! Here's what I'm picturing in my head:



"Hey Eric, how'd you know Danielle was the one?"


"Ohh... maybe when she threw that bucket of urine on me? I dunno, you had to be there, maybe."


So are you feeling the romance building yet? Yeah, well, joke's on you! Or maybe it was on me... 'cause I sure didn't feel it. The back cover (paperback edition, anyway) has a blurb from Kirkus Reviews saying this novel is "a superbly grown-up love story"... m'kay. Here's what I got. I got Danielle with the abrasive af personality -- quick to anger, tendency to pout / tantrum (worsened after they bust out the alcohol -- girl is NOT a cute drunk!). She also has a tendency to talk like a bro, which I found a little off-putting. A little is okay, but chica was just shy of spitting chew and ball scratching. Yeaaa... getcha summa that, Eric LOL No joke, she sometimes had me thinking of Jane from HBO's Deadwood -- there was even a similar bathtub scene in this book!


Eric's not perfect either though. He WILL NOT stop going on ... and on .. and on about his ex. Everything seems to turn to "that reminds me of this one time with my ex..." transitions.  For me it dragged the story down and even Danielle calls him out on it. I will say in his favor though, it was kinda endearing to see a man willing to be so patient with someone with such a coarse personality.


Everything was quiet, muffled. She said, "I dig talking with you. You sit there and listen. And you haven't said one single, stupid, f-d up thing for awhile. Plus, you flinch like a nun, which is trustworthy. And no hard-on, though you're definitely a dick. 



I admit, there was some cute banter here and there between the two of them, which helped me push through the annoying bits... and I was curious to see the explanation as to why Danielle was the way she was. But overall there was just too much ridiculousness going on for me to be left all swoony and the pace was just a little too slow for my taste. The bulk of the novel just seemed to be made up of their talks on sex, past relationships, food and bodily functions. That would've been fine if these conversations were hysterically funny or maybe brought up some good deep thoughts for the reader to dwell on awhile. But there wasn't too much that struck me as long-term memorable. 



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review 2016-04-25 16:06
The Remedy by Suzanne Young
The Remedy - Suzanne Young

Yeah, that word wow came out of my mouth a couple times at the very end of the book. Once when I figured out the Virginia Pritchard thing and once because of Deacon, but I reiterate, it was the last few pages of the book.
So after reading The Program and The Treatment, this was a backtrack in the story. This story was before, long before those stories came to light. It gives you more insight into why Arthur Pritchard was a name in the first place. Even though I didn't feel like I really learned anything about why they created The Program in the first place.
Still, I read through the story with the same tenacity as the previous reads. It was good. Just as good as the others. And I still want more!
This is a decent series. Different, but a good different. Check it out, but maybe start with this one first.


Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2016/04/the-remedy-by-suzanne-young-34.html
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review 2016-03-23 21:47
In a world before The Program....
The Remedy - Suzanne Young

Quinlan McKee is a closer. Since the age of seven, Quinn has held the responsibility of providing closure to grieving families with a special skill -- she can "become" anyone.

- from the book jacket


I loved The Program and The Treatment. Suzanne Young writes books that you can't put down and adds in twists that you don't see coming. The Remedy is a prequel to The Program but is about completely different characters. It takes place before the epidemic that brought about the Program in the first place and has an interesting, but creepy premise.


There is a company that provides you with a "closer" to come live with you and pretend to be your deceased child. This process is supposed to provide families with closure - families that are having a hard time accepting their loss. It is considered therapy. Usually, the parent has something they need to say to the child or they need to apologize for something that is making them feel guilty and unable to move on with their lives.


Quinn is on her longest assignment ever and she is having difficulties keeping herself separate from the dead girl she is impersonating. Her father works for the company and he pushed her to do this job, but why? And what are the mysterious circumstances surrounding the girl's death that aren't in the file?


I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The plot twists at the end totally floored me. 


Recommended to:

Fans of The Program series and young adult fans who like dystopian novels.

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