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review 2018-04-09 22:13
The Return of the Firebird: Evgeny Plushenko, an Image of the New Russia (Tuncay)
The Return of the Firebird: Evgeny Plushenko, an Image of the New Russia - Vildan Bahar Tuncay

In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, very young well-off university men who indulged in "poetical effusions" could get them published with subscriptions from indulgent and equally well-off friends. I have read some of this innocently awful rubbish.


Innocently awful rubbish is also how I would describe this self-published fan biography of Evgeny Plushenko. Mercifully slight, it is the product of someone for whom English is clearly not the first language, and whose style has been further corrupted by academia. There are a few minor insights, though they are likely born of reading rather than experience; I think Ms Tuncay is likely correct in linking Plushenko's arrogance and flamboyance to the rapid emergence of materialistic culture in post-glasnost Russia generally, for instance. Not ever having been a fan of Plushenko - I found him technically gifted, but without any sort of interpretive merit, and repulsively narcissistic - I am not inclined to forgive the faults of the writer (and the non-existent proofreader) for the sake of the subject.


Plushenko fans may want the book to complete their collections, particularly since there is so little written about him in English; I cannot otherwise recommend it at all.

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review 2018-03-26 14:31
The Return of Kid Cooper
The Return of Kid Cooper - Brad Smith
I’ve just started to watch westerns on television and I have read just a few, so reading this novel was quite different for me but quite entertaining nevertheless. It was what I would call, a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. This novel didn’t have a romance like some westerns do but it did have its share of conflicts and there were the shootings, whether the individuals deserved them or not. A bullet here, a bullet there, just make sure that you were carrying and you knew how many bullets you had left before you pulled the trigger.
Nate had just been released from doing a 28-year stint in jail. Wrongly accused of a crime, he is given a suit and $163.14 and shown the door. A true cowboy, Nate finds the nearest store and doesn’t think twice about laying out $28 dollars for a new hat and some boots that fit. He heads into Opportunity, he needs to settle a score that he promised a young man from prison and then he heads back into familiar territory to look for work. Nate wants to get back into the saddle and out on the range but he knows his age and being an ex-con is not something everyone is looking for. Times have changed while he was away and technology has made its advancements, something Nate and a few others are having a hard time accepting.
Nate finds some old acquaintances and they inform him of some things that have occurred while he was away. Some individuals never change including Nate and he immediately sets about inquiring about an issue that others would like to hidden. Nate is about justice, he oversteps his boundaries at times but he is a man of his word.
I liked the language in his novel, it felt descriptive at times and other times it felt rugged and choppy. As Nate left the prison he wanted to lead a good life, he never wanted to go back to prison yet when he returned to his old stomping grounds, he realized what some individuals were up to and he knew he had to stop them. He did what he had to do, no matter the cost because the end result mattered to him more than his life behind bars. I liked that about Nate. I liked the character of Rose. I had this mental picture of her the minute I met her and the more I got to know her, this picture changed. What a transformation Rose made. I enjoyed reading this novel, I just might be reading more westerns if they are like this.
I received a copy of this novel from Skyhorse Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for providing me a copy of this novel.


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text 2018-03-22 12:03
Return to Me - James Oliver French

DNF @ 30%, No Rating


When the Mcs starts to become just words to me and I can't connect to them and be invested in their story, I know then that I should stop reading.

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review 2018-03-15 00:46
Phoenix Resurrection: The Return Of Jean Grey (2017-2018) #1 (of 5) - Leinil Francis Yu,Matt Rosenberg

So, the thing is that people keep trying to redo the Phoenix story, and it's always less impressive to me than the original.   I also don't like Jean Grey much, but I wanted to see if this was any good, and I got it free via the Marvel Insider program.  


I'm holding off on more, because I'm not sure I'll like any of the other comics, but I'm also considering the Hulk one.   I will not be finishing up with this series, however. 

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text 2018-02-09 15:06
The Return of the King - 13%
The Return of the King - J.R.R. Tolkien,Rob Inglis

But the next day, there came no dawn, and the Grey Company passed on into the darkness of the storm of Mordor and were lost to mortal sight. But the Dead followed them. 

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