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text 2018-01-01 14:39
How to set your Booklikes 2018 Reading Challenge

To set the reading challenges you're likely seeing post to your dashboard from your followed booklikers, it's at http://booklikes.com/goodies/readingchallenge .  If you lose this post/link, it's under "goodies" on the main menu (so is the Reading Challenge widget code for your blog, direct link http://booklikes.com/goodies/widget ).


Click the "read more" if you're in dashboard view and you'd like creenshots (you'll still stay on booklikes without being redirected to another website/blog):

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Source: booklikes.com/goodies/readingchallenge
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text 2017-06-21 01:30
Reminder: reading lists feature

The reading list feature fo booklikes is at http://booklikes.com/apps/reading-lists or you get to it by selecting "apps" from the main menu.   Screenshot:



If you tell booklikes to add all books from the reading list, it creates a shelf named the same and adds them.   Unlike listopias on goodreads, the lists don't show on the book pages and the list creators manage (you can comment to request updates or discuss something).  No voting campaigns or paid promoters gaming the lists, yay!  Example screenshot from reading list Read Alike List for "How It Went Down" 2015 Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book :


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text 2017-06-02 22:02
[ UPDATED ] Booklikes Question: How do I know I've already shelved a book (when not on that exact edition)?

How do I tell from the book page, when editing my shelves or search results that I've already shelved a different edition of the book?


UPDATED WITH AN ANSWER:  ( thanks to Tannat's comment) On search results you'll see a vertical green bar if you've shelved an edition.  (Still not sure about on book page).  Screenshot showing bar:



For example, when I am updating my shelves, someone's post has me click open a book page or maybe do a search on ISBN of book in hand.


(When my edition has been correctly combined, of course.  I realize if there are stray editions that I first need to click "report" and ask a librarian to combine with correct work.  And that there's a known bug where the narrator name as author causes audiobooks to not combine with their print/ebook editions -- again that should be reported to get combined and edition edited so narrator says narrator instead of author.)

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text 2017-04-17 18:05
How to insert book page links and cover thumbnail links to books on booklikes
Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey

The large bookcover at left (dashboard view) you get by choosing "post" on book pages, "update and publish" on currently reading display or by pressing the large "plus" sign when creating/editing posts. 


If in the text of your posts you want to link to book page (like Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey ) or with book cover thumbnails like:


.      Runaway Robot - Lester del Rey 


 then read on for screenshots and instructions.


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review 2017-03-13 18:37
Information Theory, James Stone
Information Theory: A Tutorial Introduct... Information Theory: A Tutorial Introduction - James V. Stone

Eggzellent stuff!



What a great intro to a subject I found fascinating and is widely applicable: Digital communications, computing, neuro-science and other biological sciences, linguistics (a favourite) and then there's my secret application that made me want to read the book in the first place...but you won't find it in the book. There is a proper glossary of technical terms, something that long term readers of my reviews know I think is essential and yet all too frequently absent. There are also appendices on various topics in probability and statistics that are relevant and you may be unfamiliar with or in need of a quick refresher about. This is also good textbook writing, in my view, as is including XKCD cartoons (with permission). The latter are even relevant!


I found it straightforward to follow what was going on despite having been solidly rebuffed by my previous encounters with the subject. I think this is mainly because some opaque terminology is properly and thoroughly defined and explained and put into a practical context as soon as possible. I strongly recommend this if you ever have a need to learn the basics of the subject and thanks to whomever recommended it to me!

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