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text 2017-07-01 12:11
1st July 2017
Wizard Of The Dome: R. Buckminster Fuller, Designer For The Future - Sidney Rosen

Dare to be naïve. 


R. Buckminster Fuller


Neo-futurist architect and author R. Buckminster Fuller's name is synonymous with the geodesic dome, a building style that he popularized in his quest for practical, inexpensive housing. He also kept a diary for nearly seven decades of his long life. He died 34 years ago today.

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review 2016-07-31 21:34
Pleasure Dome by L.F. Hampton Review
Pleasure Dome - L. F. Hampton

Forced into retirement, Captain Soledad Scott, a former warship captain, has decided on a new career as a mother. She’s come to the Pleasure Dome where a computer-matched male will donate his sperm the old-fashioned way and make her dream of motherhood come true. But Sol’s worm-hole dyslexia sends her to Room 990 instead of Room 660.

Commander Gabriel Merriweather, half-breed Chakkra and master empath with the Diplomatic Corps, awaits his sterile playmate of the evening. When she arrives and orders him to pleasure her as if he were the paid sex toy, Gabe willingly complies. But the next day he learns that the woman isn’t a Dome employee, but a maternity client who has stolen his sperm and disappeared.

Sol can’t believe that the man she just spent the night with is the very man who destroyed her warship career. What will he do if he discovers that she’s carrying his child? Unwilling to find out, Sol decides to disappear.

But is the universe big enough to hide her from him?




This book was very uneven. Parts of it were wonderful and other parts just didn't make sense at all.


I am a sucker for a wrong bed romance and make it a science fiction romance with a kickass heroine adjusting to retirement. Yes.


The hero and heroine were wonderful as the action, passion and world building.

What didn't make sense is the heroine's crazy resistance to the hero and behavior during that resistance. Just dumb and made for less falling in love time. The sister didn't make much sense either.


So, I will try more by this writer but I hope for better.

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review 2016-07-16 09:31
Teen Titans Go! Vol. 2: Welcome to the Pizza Dome - Various

I was happy to see that there would be another bundling of this series. I am still watching the show, and loving it, so I was eagerly waiting for this comic bundle to come out.

Well, I have to say this one was not as good as the previous one. Why? Well the art. It just seemed like someone just threw some stuff together in Paint at times. :| And that is such a darn shame, as this is a graphic novel and it does rely on graphics quite a lot. It is just a shame they didn't put more effort in it, or at least it seemed so. Sure, this comic moves around quite a lot, but that is still no reason to just make the art seem fast and hurried as well.

The stories were fun though, and I was happy to see the characters again in this format. They are really the same as in the TV-shows which is a delight. Sometimes different media have characters have different personalities, so I am happy when things are the same throughout things.
Yep, Robin is still annoying as hell (then again, not hearing his voice is a relief). Starfire is still oblivious to everything. Raven is still awesome (especially when she shows different sides to who she is). Cyborg and Beast Boy, well they are still the same rambunctious duo.

We got stories ranging from a slumber girl party to playing a game so much that they don't even notice their tower is practically gone. :D I really laughed a lot at all the antics.

All in all, the comic is a lot of fun, though I do hope they will up the art and make that one better.

Review first posted at https://twirlingbookprincess.com

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text 2016-07-07 17:08
Reading progress update: I've read 20%.
A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

The only problem with reading digitally is I can't throw the damn thing against the wall to get out my frustration. I need to dig out my paperback copy so I can throw it every few chapters from now on.

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review 2015-12-31 23:13
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion
Dome of the Hidden Pavilion: New Poems - James Tate

My patience with this collection lasted only up to about halfway, at which time I realized that I can’t keep going. I didn’t go into this collection expecting anything, although I do remember coming across some high praise for it somewhere along the way, which is one of the reasons I was prompted to pick it up.


The poems felt, as a whole, rather lifeless. The subject matter for each one was very quirky and strange, some stranger than others, and some stranger in a more positive way than others. Take, for instance, “My Doctor’s Appointment”, a poem found very early in the book in the first section. Out of all the poems I managed to get through, this was the only one that left a meaningful impact that I clearly felt. It didn’t make much sense, if you really thought of some of the images, such as this passage:


“Have you ever thought of the/ Queen of England naked?” he said. “Maybe once when I was a small/ child,” I said.


It’s not common to hear a doctor say anything even as remotely absurd as that, and what’s more, to say that there’s something wrong with the patient if they don’t do said absurd things. But it’s the doctor’s dismissal and the attack of his pet mongoose that, though not really explained, still feel like they have a place to exist and they make the absurdity stand solidly as its own argument. This isn’t the case for many of the other poems. Some manage to offer an impact at the end that leaves you either grimacing or smiling a little at the irony, but that’s about it. Only the aforementioned poem managed to leave a decisive impression for me.


Tied into this is the bigger issue, perhaps, that I have with the collection: the style. I quite honestly they read very prose-like, with unexpected line breaks that were like a hit-or-miss. I never before encountered this style of poetry, where dialogue was interwoven with the rest of the exposition/description in the poem, but my interest and fascination only lasted for several poems in the beginning. When the pattern persisted for each following poem it began to take its toll, both on originality and on the focus. It was difficult to pay attention to what the poems were ‘saying’ when each one was so similar, even in terms of subject matter.


I didn’t know what to make of this collection, or where it was going. There was a big question of ‘why’ that followed through the collection, building up into a snowball of confusion. It’ll appeal to someone, I’m almost certain, but just not to me.

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