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review 2017-04-01 01:06
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Judi Barrett,Ron Barrett

This book was used in my CT's classroom this semester when the topic of the week was the weather. I love how this book covers real life weather through the use of food! The students loved using their imaginations to pretend it was actually snowing mashed potatoes. I also took notice that many of the kindergarten students realized the difference in that it would not actually rain food and they would say, "That's not supposed to happen!", but still laugh the whole time. The book is geared for grades 3rd-5th but can be used for guided reading at younger ages. The lexile level of this book is AD730L. This book is very lighthearted and a fun way to introduce these everyday elements to your students. I would use this for a story time and lead into an introduction on various types of weather. I could also have an activity where students write on a "meatball" the various forms of weather they noticed in the book. 

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text 2016-11-16 22:26
Wednesday Night


More than half way through my week before I have 10 days off so its 8 hours tomorrow 3 n half hours Friday and 2 n half hours on Monday. 


Its been a good week at work I had my teething problems with the job but I think I am good and settled into an amazing job. So I am now going to the shops tomorrow to buy lots of stationery and folders to organise my paperwork and my desk because today my OCD went into overdrive and it has drove me crazy all day. 


I am disappointed alittle in myself because I haven't read much but I suppose that sometimes life takes over, but I plan on making up for that when I ma off my 10 days because I have NOTHING at all planned and I am planning on having a few PJ days which you can't beat especially in the cold weather that we have got so its snuggles in my double bed with my nice warm quilt cover.



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review 2016-11-10 22:20
Thundercake - Patricia Polacco Thundercake - Patricia Polacco

Thundercake is another book I read with my 4th grade class. We discussed the theme of the book, along with the setting, characters, and plot. Another lesson that came to my mind is onomatopoeias!! Growing up this was one of my favorite lessons, we learned a song and I still know it. Before reading the story, I would introduce the lesson on onomatopoeias and I could even share the song I learned. After learning about what an onomatopoeia is, I would read the book to the class. The students would be assigned to record every onomatopoeia they heard during the story. (zip, roar, boom, kaboom, crash, etc)

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review 2016-10-31 00:28
Better Bring Your Umbrella!
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs - Judi Barrett,Ron Barrett

I hope this doesn't make you too hungry!! I would use Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to not only talk about weather, but also to talk about cause and effect! This book is excellent in having AMPLE scenarios of cause and effects! I would use this not only in a whole group, but also in a small group guided reading lesson! I would even throw in some fun art projects to make a great bulletin board! 

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text 2016-08-27 11:29
So I'm Compiling My Halloween Bingo Book List ...

... while summer has finally decided to make an appearance and outside it's actually like this.  (In Fahrenheit, we're talking temps up to 93F and more in the afternoon, and still almost 80F at 11pm.)  In Germany.  At the end of August. Right ...


So anyway, about Halloween ... (eyeroll).


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