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review 2018-02-05 16:02
Werewolves may not be my thing but a good story is a good story...
Off the Beaten Path - Cari Z.,Jack Wesley Richards

Ok so first things first. There are a lot of really wonderful reviews out there for this book and while this wasn't a five star listen for me...seriously that's on me. I wanted to give this one a try because...well, I really like this author and I've danced around this story for a while because...werewolves are just not a favorite of mine but...Cari Z...me likey!!!


There was a lot about this story that worked for me and while it wasn't quite enough to make me totally love this story, it was certainly enough to keep me interested and I enjoyed listening to the audio book.


I loved the world that was created in this story once again it was that little bit different than the typical. So often with paranormal or shifter stories everyone knows about them and they're accepted by some, feared by others or they're this secret that only a few people who have stumbled across them and managed to survive know about and yes both of these scenarios can and do vary in the fine details from author to author but I'm just keeping it simple here or I'd be writing a book of my own and that's not a life goal for me...ssssooooo...not happening...


And back to my original thought which was that I enjoyed the world that was created for this story to occur in. The world knows about werewolves but their strictly monitored and controlled they live in designated areas and are used by the government because of their unique abilities...can we say reservations? concentration camps? Yeah, that's right like it or not this totally plays on things that have happened in the real world and while I don't want to encounter these kinds of reminders in ever book I read sometimes being reminded of what can happen to a group of people when the world at large perceives them as being different isn't a bad thing and in this case it was well done because this story also serves as a reminder that just because something's different doesn't mean we need to fear it or that we have the right to cage it or in this case them.  I know if some one were to try and lock me up just because I didn't meet their concept of normal I'd do my damnedest to be free...it's human nature. Anways, I have soft spot for this kind of story so this was definitely the part of the story that I really enjoyed.


Unfortunately there's another important part of this story and that's the part where Ward Johannsen goes looking for his daughter who has been taken from him because she has the werewolf gene and is going to shift...seriously? You take my kid from me and I'm going after her or in my case him as well and god help you if you try and stand in my way...so, I was totally on board with Ward and definitely cheering for him to find Ava. #teamWard


And then we have Henry...he's the alpha of the werewolf pack that Ava was given to and honestly I felt sorry for him. This guy did not get an easy deal and he's got a lot of internal anger and frustration... justifiably in my mind. But for some reason I just didn't feel the connection between Henry and Ward. I liked that they were both committed to Ava and wanted only what was best for her and I can't say that I didn't like that because I really did. I think I would have felt the connection between Henry and Ward a bit more if there had been more interaction between them...honestly, I'm not sure what wasn't working for me. It's not that I think they shouldn't have been together more like I just didn't quite see the connection as strongly as I would have liked...well, I hope that makes sense because it's my best shot at explaining this, sorry...words sometimes they fail me.


Overall there was a lot of strong potential in this one and as always the author really has crafted an excellent story, it just didn't appeal to me as much as I would have liked but if you're a lover of shifter books I strongly suggest checking this one out. I enjoyed it and I was once again impressed by a new to me narrator, Jack Wesley. I'm going to go guess that Mr. Wesley is new to the world of audio book narrating since when I searched for other books by him this title is the only one that I found so I'll definitely be watching for more by this narrator and Cari Z is still firmly on my list of authors I want to read because truthfully 3.5 stars from me for a werewolf book really isn't too shabby. 



An audio book of 'Off the Beaten Path' was graciously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2018-01-28 07:38
Meine Rückkehr ins zehnte Königreich
Das Zehnte Königreich - Frauke Meier,Kathryn Wesley


Als Kellnerin fristet Virginia in New York ein eher freudloses Dasein. Bis ihr eines Tages ein Hund vors Fahrrad läuft. Unversehens findet sie sich in einem magischen Paralleluniversum wieder, denn der Hund entpuppt sich als verzauberter Prinz und dekadenter Nachkomme Schneewittchens und Aschenputtels. Sein Königreich befindet sich – fernab aller Märchenträume – allerdings am Rande einer Katastrophe. Gemeinsam mit Virginia und einem blutrünstigen Wolf zieht er in den Kampf gegen kriegerische Trolle und eine böse Königin. 


Meine Meinung

Dass ich dieses Buch endlich von meinem SuB befreit habe, ist ein Segen.

Denn mit dieser Story verbinde ich eine eigene Geschichte.

Es muss ungefähr 15 Jahre her sein, da lief die Verfilmung des Buches zur Adventszeit im Fernsehen. Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere, habe ich jeden Adventssonntag herbeigesehnt, nur um zu wissen, wie es weiter geht.

Ich habe die Geschichte um Virginia, Tony und Prinz Wendell geliebt.


Interessant war auch, dass ich beim Lesen immer wieder die Bilder vor Augen hatte. Selten konnte ich mich über Jahre an so viel erinnern.

Es war wie ein Zurückkehren und ich habe jede einzelne Buchseite genossen.


Was bekommt ihr in diesem Roman geboten?

Eine interessante Grundidee, welche Virginia und ihren Vater Tony darstellt. Beide leben in New York, schlagen sich mit ihren Jobs durchs Leben, aber man merkt sehr schnell, dass beide nicht glücklich sind.

In einem Paralleluniversum passiert währenddessen Schreckliches.

Der Herrscher des Vierten Königreiches, Prinz Wendell wird in einen Hund verwandelt und gelangt durch einen magischen Spiegel in das New York der Gegenwart. Doch er kommt nicht allein.

Als er dann Virginia, auf ihrem Weg zur Arbeit, vor ihr Fahrrad läuft, werden ihre Geschichten miteinander vereint. Gemeinsam fliehen sie, der Hund und ihr Vater vor Polizisten und Trollen zurück durch den magischen Spiegel.


Tony und seine Tochter werden mit einer märchenhaften Welt voller Wesen und Magie konfrontiert. Dieses Reich der 10 Königreiche hat von da an unheimlich viele tolle, überraschende, aber auch gefährliche Situationen für die beiden in petto.

Neben diesem Trio spielt auch ein Wolf eine große Rolle, der Virginia immer wieder das Leben rettet.

Größtenteils zu viert machen sie sich auf eine Reise, um den Thron von Prinz Wendell zurückzufordern. Des Weiteren haben Tony und Virginia kein anderes Ziel als einen magischen Spiegel zu finden, um endlich wieder zurück in ihre Welt zu gelangen. Die Suche nach dem Spiegel erweist sich allerdings als alles andere als leicht. Ich habe jede Station ihrer Reise genossen.


Für mich hat das Autorenduo hier ganz großes Kino erschaffen und wäre es nicht bereits verfilmt worden, hätte ich mir dies nach dem Lesen unheimlich gewünscht.

Die DVD ist bereits bestellt und ich freue mich riesig nun nochmal alles in bewegten Bildern und in Farbe zu sehen.


Mein Fazit

Erschienen ist das Buch im Jahre 2000 und für mich zeigt sich in diesem Buch nicht nur eine märchenhafte Reise, sondern auch eine fantastische und vor allem zeitlose Geschichte. Ich weiß, dass meine Kinder in spe diese Geschichte lieben werden, genauso wie ich sie in 10 Jahren noch immer in mein Herz schließen werde.

Wer beim Lesen gern Begegnungen mit Märchenfiguren hat, der sollte unbedingt zu diesem Buch greifen, denn hier erwartet euch nicht nur eine Märchenadaption.

Hier bekommt ihr eine geballte Märchen-Packung.

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review 2017-10-29 21:38
The Rise of Io by Wesley Chu
The Rise of Io - Wesley Chu

Ella Patel is a con artist, a thief and a young woman who survived and even thrived on the streets of Cratetown, a vast slum that has grown up on the edge of the demilitarised zone in the aftermath of the great Alien War. And one day she found herself witness to a brutal murder, driven to intervene she never imagined she was stepping in the middle of the conflict between the Genjix and the Prophus

Or becoming the new host of the Quasing, Io. A quasing who throughout all of human history has been renowned for… her string of utter failures. This doesn’t make her the best or most useful guide for Ella now pulled into the war between the two big alien factions. A quasing can be a powerful guide - but when that quasing is Io?

In the story of Tao, we saw one of the most powerful and influential Quasing in the history of the Prophus. He has inhabited a series of powerful people who have completely and utterly shaped the world, who have achieved great things, influenced history and been at the forefront of their war against the Genjix. We’ve seen him take some extremely unprepared hosts, like Roan Tan and raise him to greatness, we’ve seen him inhabit Cameron to great effect.

Tao was a superstar, even in the most inept of hosts, Tao was a force to be reckoned with. Tao was terrifying. Tao was powerful. Tao changed the world.

Io is not a superstar. Io is an abject failure. Late to living in a human host, having great difficulty in influencing her hosts and having a long history of leaving them dead in her wake. Io is the excellent depiction of an entirely different kind of Quasing. Not all quasings are skilled world leaders, not all quasings shaped the world, not all quasings made a huge difference to world history - good and bad. And while Tao ended his arc wondering whether Quasings where good or bad for Earth and openly admitting that the Quasings are a dangerous invasive force: Io has pretty much given up on influencing the world at all. Tao is deeply invested in his host, Tao is invested in humans, Tao cares. Io is almost completely done with humanity

Through Io’s eyes we also get some really excellent insights into Quasing society when they were originally on their home planet, how their society worked, how these extremely alien creatures co-existed through the universe and how their hierarchy was structured. And from we see just how different modern Quasing are - they’re so disconnected compared to what they were and their hierarchy has been utterly turned on their head.

What is an equally awesome facet of this book is Ella, Io’s human host. And while we’ve seen Roan and Cameron very much in the thrall of Tao, following in his wake, following his lead and pretty much obeying everything Tao says. Ella is not obedient. She’s not following Io’s lead, she argues constantly, she is determined to live her own life, determined to be paid and refuses to be fobbed off, dismissed or controlled by her Quasing inhabitant. Ella is a homeless young woman living a desperate life in one of the biggest slums in the world - but she is a master of her environment, she is a power in her own right, an expert, fiercely intelligent, brave, resourceful (and all without any dubiousness. No this child of the street isn’t super educated or an amazing fighter, for example) - and if her quasing  is disappointing, she goes above and beyond any possible expectation. It’s a glorious change from Tao and shows how humanity can shine - as well as introducing the excellent conflict between Io and Ella



Read More


Source: www.fangsforthefantasy.com/2017/10/the-rise-of-io-by-wesley-chu.html
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review 2017-10-24 19:34
Wesley the Owl
Wesley the Owl - Stacey O'Brien

Charming. A quarter into the book, it starts picking up for me.

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review 2017-10-23 20:38
The Authorized: Roy Orbison by Roy Jr., Wesley & Alex Orbison
The Authorized Roy Orbison - Alex Orbiso... The Authorized Roy Orbison - Alex Orbison,Roy Orbison,Wesley Orbison,Jeff Slate

What an incredible story!
Truth be told, I knew of Roy Orbison, the musician. Now I feel like I really know him though. Wow, what an amazing and tumultuous life he had. Rising to the top one minute only to be brought down by the worst of circumstances, over and over again.
His sons, who wrote the book, really take you inside their lives with their dad and show you the real story of his life. You gain so much insight as to why or how things were the way they were.
The photos were nice to see too, some I had seen, but most were new to me. I saw so many celebrities and family, all who Roy loved closely and cherished, but was sad to not see one photo of him and Elvis. A man he admired so much and was friends with as well.
Still, this is an excellent read. And with Tom Petty's passing as I write this out, it almost feels poetic that I finished this book today.



Source: www.fredasvoice.com/2017/10/the-authorized-roy-orbison-by-roy-jr.html
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