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review 2018-03-17 05:29
Dildo for Men Online | Dildos in India

Buy best quality Dildo for Men Online. Order Best adult Sex Toys for Men & Women in Bangalore Mumbai Delhi Chennai India at Lovetreats; leading Adult Sex Products Online Store. Buy Dildo for Men, Vibrators for Female, cock ring etc.


Source: www.lovetreats.in/collections/dildos
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review 2018-03-17 05:03
Sex Toys

Sex toys are a fun and safe way to spice up the bedroom both for couples as well as single people, and although they have been around for a long time, sex toys have grown in popularity over the last decades with the rise of an increasing awareness among millenials of their own sexuality, as well as the spirit of adventure and curiosity. Sex toys have also grown in variety and technique, and they have become much safer with regards to the material used to manufacture them. Lovetreats offers a wide range of sex toys for both men and women in a lot of different price ranges for the user’s convenience. For women, all the popular products are covered - external massagers that allow for convenient and safe massages on the body as well as contactless clitorial stimulation suitable for first time users, rabbit vibrators that massage the clitoris as well as the G-spot at the same time providing increased pleasure, kegel exercisers or kegel balls that exercise the pelvic muscle providing for a very pleasurable and fun workout for health conscious women, vibrating and non-vibrating dildos equipped with suction that would stick to any surface of the user’s choice providing for both convenience and intrigue in the bedroom and beyond. All sex toys come in deeply sensuous shapes and sizes and users have the choice to purchase water based lube to go with the toys for added pleasure. Sex toys for men show similar variety and tastes. Male masturbators, popularly known as fleshlights, are the most popular toys with men and are made of medical grade silicone that layered to simulate penetrative sex when wrapped around the penis. Not are these popular with men for solo use, they are also preferred with partners to make arousals last longer in men. Lovetreats offers a wide range of fleshlights in terms of size, style and texture and they are made such that they are easy to clean with warm water being sufficient for purpose. In addition, Lovetreats houses the vibrating masturbators also that provide additional stimulation by adding a vibrating sensation. Besides these, there are also vibrating pleasure rings that are designed so as to limit the amount of blood flowing into the penis - this keeps the user from climaxing too quickly and making it more pleasurable and longer. Finally, Lovetreats offers anal toys for men who prefer anal stimulation of the prostate for a better climax. The toys themselves are made exclusively out of body safe silicone so as to minimize risks during the activity. The Lovetreats website also has anal beads.


All Lovetreats adult products come with a guarantee for safety and are sourced from internally recognized brands that test their products for dermatological safety. In case the customer has a known allergy, the safest thing to do is apply to the arms and back of the ear before use to the private parts. All shipping is discreet and products are delivered all across India within 11-15 days of order, depending on demand and availability. Browse Lovetreats online portal to get the female sex toysdildosvibratorsmale sex toysadult games etc!

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review 2018-03-14 01:00
This is a DENSE book, ya'll
The Portable Nineteenth-Century African American Women Writers (Penguin Classics) - Hollis Robbins,Hollis Robbins,Henry Louis Gates Jr.,Henry Louis Gates Jr.,Various

If you're looking for a book that you can dip in and out of over the course of several days (or weeks if you're me) then I recommend you check out The Portable Nineteenth-Century African American Women Writers. Organized by theme, this book features many writers of different genres. There are poets, essayists, lecturers, novelists, ministers, and teachers to name just a few. The common theme (besides their gender and race) is that they are advocates for equality of the races and sexes. I found that this book was an excellent conversation starter especially if you want to talk about tough topics like economic and social equality coupled with the history of the Americas. It's also an excellent way to discover writers that you may have never heard of as many of them are quite niche. As you might surmise, the topics covered in this collection are quite deep and therefore as a whole it's an emotionally and mentally exhausting enterprise. It's well worth the effort though. It's astonishing to me just how many of these women I had never heard of but when they were originally writing their voices were strong, no-holds-barred, and topical (most are relevant even today). The truths spoken are hard to accept because the topics are still so ingrained and fresh in the memory of our country. It's another reminder that we should continually be expanding our minds and looking beyond what we already 'know'. Embrace learning about new things! 9/10 and only lost that point because by 1/2 way through I was having to hype myself up to pick it back up again.


What's Up Next: Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything by Lydia Kang


What I'm Currently Reading: Fly on the Wall: How One Girl Saw Everything by E. Lockhart

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2018-03-13 20:30
Rumors - Anna Godbersen




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review 2018-03-11 12:11
I should have read the Crown Princess's actual memoirs instead.
The Red Queen - Margaret Drabble

Pretentious and self-centered.  Forget the book blurbs -- this actually isn't about the Lady Hyegyōng but about Margaret Drabble and the "connection" she allegedly feels with this 18th century Korean princess.


In fact, only the first half of the book even focuses on the Lady Hyegyōng's story at all -- and even that part is (1) almost all telling instead of showing and (2) clearly NOT told from a Korean (even if only a contemporary Korean) perspective but from the Western contemporary author's own perspective.  Then we get to the second part, where we're being presented with a Western POV stand-in character for Ms. Drabble, who (for reasons never satisfactorily explained) feels compelled to research and "keep alive" the Lady Hyegyōng's story after having mysteriously been sent a recent translation of her memoirs -- until, that is, during the Seoul conference forming the majority of the second part's backdrop, she embarks on a fling with the conference's star speaker / scientist / participant (or rather, throws herself at him with jet propulsion force).  And ultimately, Drabble doesn't even shy away from explicitly inserting herself into the book, as (you guessed it) the autor eventually tasked with telling both the Crown Princess's and the Western POV Drabble-stand-in character's stories.


If I hadn't been planning on using this book for the Kill Your Darlings game, I'd have DNF'd it -- at the very latest when the second part's supremely annoying Western POV character started throwing herself full-forcce at that star scientist (while at the same time being equally supremely rude to a Korean doctor who'd saved her skin on more than one occasion and who had even taken out time from his own busy schedule to show her Seoul's historic sites).


So, one star for the faraway glimpes at the Lady Hyegyōng provided in the book's first part, and half a star for inspiring me to seek out her actual story ... and her own point of view.


But if this is supposed to be one of Margaret Drabble's most celebrated books, I'm afraid I'm now going to need a truly huge incentive to go near her writing again any time soon.

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