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review 2019-09-20 22:30
The Completeness of Celia Flynn - Sedonia Guillone
Celia is in love with her three best friends.  She knows what her mother will say so she runs away.  WWI starts and all the men go off to war.  Her fiancé is killed and her three best friends come back wounded.  She now has the chance to start over again with them.  Will she have the courage?
I enjoyed this book.  Celia is like most of us.  She lets others define how she is to live her life.  Her boys need her and she needs to overlook the disapproval of her mother.  I liked the naturalness of the relationship between her, Robert, Patrick, and Freddie.  I could understand her decision. 
I appreciate that the short story, The Satisfaction of Celia Flynn, was included.  I liked knowing what happened down the road with them. 
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text 2019-09-20 11:00
Book Tour & Giveaway with Excerpt! Primal Instinct (Prowlers #1) Ally Parker!






Tempt the Darkness by entering the new dark, deadly and dangerous world of the PROWLERS! Enjoy and don't forget to enter the giveaway!





Primal Instinct 

by Ally Parker 

(Prowlers #1) 

Publication date: September 16th 2019

Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


Freedom has been a pleasure denied to Mackenzie for the last five years. Forced to do the bidding of a crazed man to keep both her sister and her self alive, she is sent on a mission to infiltrate a group of people. Payment; their release. The only problem, no one mentioned they weren’t human. Or, that she would be drawn to a certain sexy, addictive male.


Which will she decide, her heart? Or her freedom?


In a world filled with despair, Jaxx’s only chance to save his humanity is tethered to a woman he hasn’t met. Finding her in an underground facility with his kidnapped protégé, was the last place he thought to find his savior. In a web of corruption, he will have to find the truth and convince his mate, she is his.


Before it’s too late.



Author's Book Page



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PRIMAL INSTINCT is the 1st book in the PROWLERS series.







Prowlers #2 - PRIMAL NIGHT - December 3, 2019




Kenzie pressed a hand to her stomach and hunched over. She was going to die. Pain had been her companion since Lucas bit her. Over the last hour a burning fire had started to smolder in her gut. At first, the discomfort was bearable, but it had grown to a raging inferno that blazed through her veins. Jaxx had proved to be a good distraction. He had sat as still as a statue listening to her ordeal the only thing that moved was a tick in his jaw, and his hands tightening on the wheel. 


Agony flowed in her body, building to a crescendo, and swamping her senses. Everything seemed heightened. She sucked in air, and as crazy as it was, she could smell Jaxx’s crisp smell. He smelled like a rainy winter’s morning drinking coco by a fire. It was the only thing that brought her a measure of peace. 


“Am I going to die?” Denial was a luxury she didn’t bother with. Her fear skyrocketed as she fur sprung from her pours, lingering before it disappeared just like that woman that had been cuffed to the trolley right before she died.


“It’s the change, don’t fight it. It will only make it worse, so I’ve been told.” Jaxx pulled out a cell and after a moment started barking orders down the line.


Her dry throat felt like a million fire ants bit into her flesh. Pain burned in her leg, and the bone snapped. She cried out. “Oh God!” 


“Shit,” Jaxx cursed. 


The pressure in her stomach expanded, and she flung herself back into the seat. Her shoulders pumped with each breath, and she braced herself with one hand on a head rest, and coiled her grip around the black suede seat cover. A spasm racked her body. She looked up and met Jaxx’s glowing gaze in the mirror. 


“Hold on, we’re nearly there.”


Her eyes pinched shut, and she clenched her teeth as her muscles contorted. Each breath accentuated the stabbing pain piercing every inch of her body. How the hell was she going to get through this? Tires squealed and the back end of the car swerved. Her vision wavered and she lost all sense of time. 


The car screamed to a halt. Too many scents and sounds engulfed her senses. It was if every sensation possible detonated, and she was experiencing them all at once. Jaxx open his door and a cacophony of voices filter in from outside.


Her door opened, and she would have fallen to the ground if Jaxx hadn’t swooped in and wrapped his arms around her. She inhaled a breath. Then another, and concentrated on anything but the pain. Fresh air filled her lungs and mingled with Jaxx, the smell oddly comforting. 


Jaxx strode forward, and the cool licks of the breeze dance across her skin. Her mouth throbbed, and needle like pain pierced through her gums. She screamed, and arched in Jaxx’s arms. He cooed soft words, and brushed her damp hair from her face as he led them into darkness. 


His soft words fanned across her ear. “I can ease your pain, if you let me.”

“Please.” She would agree to any of his demands, if he would just ease her suffering. 


She couldn’t be sure with her blurry vision, but it looked like thick fur dotted along her skin, and unlike before, it didn’t’ appear to be going anywhere. She moaned low in her throat, and pinched her eyes shut. The air suddenly denser. A door opened and banged shut, Jaxx sat down, and position her across his lap so they were facing the same direction. 


He peeled back the hair away from the nape of her neck. “I should warn you, there will be consequences.” 


His words sounded ominous and in that moment, she didn’t’ care. If she survived this, she could handle the repercussions then. A cramp started from the top of her head and rolled down her body to her toes. Her body contorted, and there was no more time for talking. If Jaxx planned on helping her, now would be it. He cursed, his hot breath fanning across her neck. His mouth clamped down on her skin. Sharp teeth popped through her flesh, and after the initial pain a euphoric numbness started to filter through her body. The aches, the burning fire, and sheer agony evaporated, and the spasms in her body seemed to target a different region. 




AVAILABLE in ebook & Kindle Unlimited






Follow the tour Here





Tour-wide giveaway (INT)


· $25 Amazon gift card

· $15 Amazon gift card

· $5 Amazon gift card


Giveaway ends Sept 26th






Paranormal romance author, Ally Parker is a fresh independent author. Her action packed writing will keep you turning the page until the very end. Primal Instinct the debut novel for the Prowler series will be available in September 2020.


When not writing her heart pumping paranormal romance, Ally is a nurse by day and a mother twenty four seven. If she’s not working on her next book, you’ll find her practicing archery (in case there is a zombie apocalypse), chasing her kids or storms to capture amazing lightning shots. In her down time, she normally is reading a vampire or shifter book, hanging out with her family or feeding her social media addiction.


Smoldering hot shifters – Gotcha covered.

Tortured heroes – Gotcha covered.

More attraction you can poke a stick at – Gotcha covered.

Happily ever after – Guaranteed!



Website   *   Facebook   *   Goodreads   *   Pinterest


InstaGram   *   YouTube   *   Twitter   








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review 2019-09-20 10:55
Early Review! Home for the Holidays (Silver Town Wolf #9 / Heart of the Wolf #28) Terry Spear!




It's time for a little holiday spirit and Silver Town is howling with Christmas cheer! Enjoy and don't forget to add HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Terry Spear to your shelves!





"The best of holiday romances...a howling good time."--Long and Short Reviews for A Silver Wolf Christmas



Silver Town is howling with Christmas cheer


Gray wolves Meghan MacTire and Sheriff Peter Jorgenson plan to spend the rest of their lives together, and what better time to start forever than Christmas? But they are both harboring dark secrets that are about to surface and threaten their future together. With holiday magic in the air and all Silver Town ready to celebrate, Meghan and Peter have to conquer the past if they're to have any hope of celebrating this Christmas together.



Praise for Terry Spear's holiday romances:


"A holiday treat--romance that sizzles and entertains."--Fresh Fiction for A Highland Wolf Christmas


"Delectable...a 'Recommended Read' for Christmas and all year long!"--Romance Junkies for A SEAL Wolf Christmas


"Sensuous, heartwarming romance, enhanced by an adorable wolf pup and winter-time fun."--Library Journal for A Very Jaguar Christmas


"An enchanting tale of kismet--werewolf style!"--Fresh Fiction for Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas




Meghan MacTire and Sheriff Peter Jorgenson plan to spend the rest of their lives together and what better time to start their forever ever after that Christmas? But both of them have dark secrets that has come back to haunt them and threaten their future together. 


This loup garou romance is a heartwarming and suspenseful holiday story that puts spirit in the readers’ hearts! Meghan and Peter are strong, wonderful, characters that readers can relate to and their chemistry definitely says that they belong together. The relationship, while they have been courting for a while, has kind of stalled as they both have been holding back some secrets from the past and in this case those secrets have literally come back to put a kink in their moving forward. There is lots of emotional turbulence flowing from the pages but there is also lots of holiday spirit as Silver Town gears up for the holidays and which really tugs at the heartstrings when they all do their part to the past to rest.  


The story is fast paced and full of thrilling suspense as danger and opposition shows its face right before a critical moment of Meghan and Peter’s relationship putting Meghan in the cross hairs of an ex and a dangerous enemy and even a ghost. This story has it all and readers’ definitely want to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate to warm the rest of their bodies they way this enjoyable and exceedingly entertaining story warms the heart and spirit. 





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HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is the 9th book in the SILVER TOWN WOLF series & #28 in the HEART OF THE WOLF universe



Author   *   Goodreads > SilverTownWolf   * HeartOfTheWolf



1 Destiny of the Wolf

2 Wolf Fever 

3 Dreaming of the Wolf

4 Silence of the Wolf

5 A Silver Wolf Christmas

6 Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply

7 Between a Wolf and a Hard Place

8 All's Fair in Love and Wolf

9 Home for the Holidays



HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS is part of the Terry Spear's Shifter universe which includes the following series


Heart of the Wolf     *     Billionaire Wolf


Silver Town Wolf     *     White Wolf 


Highland Wolf     *     Heart of the Jaguar


Heart of the Shifter




Wolf Brothers #1 / Heart of the Wolf #29 -


You Had Me at Wolf - February 25, 2020




AVAILABLE 9-24-19 in print or ebook


Amazon   *   B&N   *   iBooks   *   GPlay   *   Kobo




Love, love, love romance, the paranormal, hunky Highlanders with their delicious brogue and hot kilts, so Terry Spear writes about those hunky Highlanders both in medieval times and as wolves in contemporary times. Jaguar shifters too! And young adult urban fantasy. And romantic suspense.

She grew up reading mystery, adventure, mythologies from around the world, ghost stories, the paranormal, fell in love with Dracula and Wolfman, and felt they needed loving too. Everyone should have someone to love. Which means her stories always have a HEA.


USA Today Bestseller residing in Central Texas from Sacramento, California who creates award-winning teddy bears too!



Website   *   Goodreads   *   Facebook    *   Twitter


BookBub   *   Amazon




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text 2019-09-20 07:10
Teaser Share - Ice Hard




Ice Hard by Tracy Goodwin drops October 8th!!!



Google Play → http://bit.ly/2NNxW1g







Hockey’s resident bad boy is hell on skates. But when he falls in love, he falls hard.


“Tracy Goodwin is an author to watch.”—Kelly Jamieson, USA Today bestselling author of the Aces Hockey series


As one of the New York Nighthawks, I’ve got it all: fame, success, wealth, plus I’m handsome as hell.
As for my relationships? They could be better.
I know how to do one-night stands, but I’m starting to crave something more.
Then I meet Camille Benetti.
She’s sexy, smart, sarcastic—totally my kind of girl.
The only problem? Cami doesn’t date hockey players.
But she’s never met me. . . .



Nick George is impossible to resist. Not only is he scorching hot, he’s kind, he’s funny, and he wants me bad.
But I learned my lesson the hard way: no jocks.
So why do I agree to be Nick’s date to the wedding of the year?
One night . . . that’s our deal.
He is the best man, after all.
But Nick is crystal clear about his intentions. He wants a relationship.
And he’s tempting me to break all my rules. . . .


Tracy Goodwin’s seductive New York Nighthawks novels can be read together or separately:




Google Play → http://bit.ly/2WRFAvD


He doesn’t want a one-night stand. He wants it all.




About Tracy:


Tracy Goodwin is a USA Today bestselling author. Throughout a career spanning a decade, she has achieved both traditional and indie publishing success. She is the author of the sexy New York Nighthawks contemporary romance series for Loveswept. In addition, she pens sweeping historical romances and vivid urban fantasies. Though the genres may be different, each story delivers her unique blend of passion, excitement, poignant emotion, humor, and unforgettable characters that steal readers’ hearts.


Find Tracy Online Today!
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text 2019-09-20 00:06
Fever series by Karen Marie Moning
Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning
Bloodfever - Karen Marie Moning
Faefever - Karen Marie Moning
Shadowfever - Karen Marie Moning
Iced - Karen Marie Moning
Feversong (Fever Series) - Karen Marie Moning,Jim Frangione,Amanda Leigh Cobb
High Voltage - Karen Marie Moning

I read the first few books a while back, like when they were first released, they were just meh then. I figured I would give it another shot. Great decision. I tried the audio editions of the books, spectacular decision. I found a few new narrators to enjoy, newer to enjoying audiobooks, and a new favorite books series.


Everytime there was a new narrator for one of these books I would cringe when I first heard their voices. I was worried it would ruin the story for me. It didn't, I enjoyed each of their reading styles, some more than others, but an all around positive experience. I must say I find that I hard time adjusting to new narrators when they switch mid series, like I get lost in the different pronunciations, reading speeds. I didn't have that with these. I must say that at first I did not like the first narrator's southern accent much in the beginning of the first book, but she grew on me.


I love the world these books are set in. There is so much to read about. So many awesome and fantastical elements to the story. The way the world works is nothing short of being one of the most interesting concepts I have read within the genre, urban fantasy. This isn't a place I would want to live in, but it sure is one I love to read about.


I used to not enjoy books about the Fae, but after reading these books and also the A Court if Thorns and Roses books I have very much changed my opinion. I now seek out books with them as a major part of the story. 


I read some of her Highlander books a while ago, thinking I may give then another read soon, while these books are still fresh in my mind. 


Does anyone know if any other series that follows the same characters and storyline throughout the series that has Fae characters? Preferably as the main, or one of the main focusses. I have read these, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and tried Merry Gentry books. I got bored with the Gentry books, has anyone read them? And do they get better after the first three installments?

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