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review 2014-12-04 16:50
Roomies by Lindy Zart
Roomies - Lindy Zart

2,5 stars


Well, what a disappointment.


Around 90% I realised that no devirginizing would take place.


I actually read two hundred and thirty pages of pajama descriptions, downright stupid misunderstandings and a so-not-believable dilemma.



Come on, you call this a love triangle? This is child's play. One guy is her long-standing love and best-friend, and the other is his asshat brother, whom she just met! Kennedy tries to appear divided, but honestly, physical attraction doesn't mean she would just ditch the man she has loved for more than a year.


Why drag this on? Why make an entire book about an occasionally funny internal dialogue? There is no romantic interaction whatsoever. That would probably have slightly redeemed the book from its general boredom. But no. Nada.



Conclusion: I have wasted my time.

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review 2014-11-19 16:23
Where I Belong by J. Daniels
Where I Belong - J. Daniels

3 stars


Oh dear. Where should I start?


So many loose ends.



We have a female main character of twenty-three, whom we know nothing about. Okay, she looked after her mother. What else? Did she have a job? Did she go to college? Why is she suddenly so eager to surrender her v-card to an absolute stranger after holding on to it for so long?


After 223 pages, I still have no idea.


Furthermore, I found the story quite dull after reaching the point where Ben and Mia turned into a couple. The other book I was reading at the time won the competition for most thrilling hobby, so this one ended up on hold for a while.


Now onto the good stuff.


Nolan is just the cutest child ever. Points for creating him are in order.


And Ben. The daddy. He is most definitely mouth-watering.



I'd have some of that for breakfast, lunch, dinner and (hourly) snacks.


I was expecting better from the author of "Sweet Addiction". That book rocked my world big time.

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review 2014-11-14 15:57
Bully by Penelope Douglas
Bully - Penelope Douglas

3,5 stars


So you fell in love with your former best friend, turned major bully, who ruined a whole year of your life?



So you went to France for a year? Ah, the mystical land. You bought things in France. You went on a few dates in France. Sounds like a fascinating place. Except it isn't a place, it is a goddamn country! And a big one at that. Come on, author, couldn't you name a single French city? Paris, Marseille... No?


This book got me all like:



Some things simply didn't make sense.


Jared's explanation for bullying Tate wasn't convincing enough.


The near dismissal of the entire year Tate spent studying in France was a downer.


However, this book had some good things too, otherwise I wouldn't have given it this rating.


I liked the fact that Tate wasn't a prim and proper, totally and completely innocent girl, even though she was a virgin. That's new in the NA genre.


Also, Jared was mostly amazeballs. Hyper intense.


My problem wasn't with their characters individually, but it related to the way they resolved things between them.


Still, this was a generally enjoyable read.

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review 2014-10-19 15:36
Resist by Lilly Avalon
Resist - Lilly Avalon

3 stars


This is Mariana's reviews: western movie edition.


The Good:


Devlin is an attractive bastard, supposedly including a luscious ass in the package... Plus other attributes...



Also, he's not described as a womanizer. At last, a romance book in which the guy isn't an asshole who miraculously finds his redemption in an oh-so-different woman!



The Bad:


Everything happened too fast. Yes, I am aware that this is a novella, but still, a little more context and build-up wouldn't hurt. I mean, Allegra doesn't know a single thing about Devlin, except that he's her boss's nephew.


The Ugly:


Are you kidding me with that ending?



I get that this book is part of a series, but having the main couple go at it like rabbits for hours and then having Allegra dismiss it all like that is NOT acceptable.


So there you have it. Unexceptional, but enjoyable novella about a man and woman who surrendered to the throes of passion. (Did I just write that? Geez, what a cheesy line)


**ARC kindly provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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review 2014-10-18 15:53
Just a Little Crush, Renita Pizzitola
Just a Little Crush - Renita Pizzitola

3,5 stars


I'll make this short and sweet. Like the book itself.


Virginal eighteen-year old girl - Brinley.



Hot man-whore about to change his ways - Ryder.



High-school sweethearts kind of sex.



A couple of misunderstandings who are OBVIOUSLY resolved and lead to happily ever afters.



It really isn't a bad book. It's just that it's textbook NA, and I'm a little sick of reading the same formula over and over again. Why does the girl have to be a virgin? Why can't she be a little more promiscuous? Why can't she match the guy, experience-wise? What's with the insta-love/insta-lust? That was the "meh" factor of the story.


So what evens the scale? Definitely Fallon, Brinley's slutty and hilarious roommate. And Ryder. You can't possibly direct any hate whatsoever to such a swoony, panty-dropping guy. Hate's definitely not the right emotion. If you know what I mean...



Overall, "Just a Little Crush" was a nice read, nothing out of the ordinary. It's great to pass the time, but I probably won't remember reading it a year from now.


**ARC kindly provided by Random House Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

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