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review 2022-09-16 03:23
Perfect Spiral - Lane Hart Perfect Spiral - Lane Hart

Someone leaves a baby on Quinton Dunn's porch claiming it is his. He thinks it's a joke but decides to have a DNA test to find out. In the meantime, he tries to remember what he did 9 months previously to have a baby. He remembers with help from his teammates. He tracks down the address of the baby's mother only to be met by her sister with anger. Callie is exactly what he is looking for--a woman who says no. They fight over the baby then come to an arrangement. Quinton pursues her, but she is gun shy because of her ex and her sister. Is he the father of the baby? Can they come to an agreement? Can he convince her he's changed?


I enjoyed this story. I liked Quinton and Callie. I found Quin's criteria for a woman interesting. I loved the two points-of-view through the story. I like knowing what each one is thinking and feeling. I understand Callie's feelings knowing his history. I appreciated his teammates warning him about Callie's desire for a baby, but I liked that he ignored them.

I look forward to reading more of this series. It made me feel good although the subjects talked of are tough. I felt hopeful for Quinton and Callie throughout the book.

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review 2022-06-14 19:14
The Perfect Stroke - Jordan Marie

CC has a one-night stand with Gray. She knows nothing about him, and he's glad she does not know who he is. A few days later Gray's car breaks down as he is driving to a meeting. There is a garage almost next to his broken down car which he goes to for help. Turns out it is owned by CC but he does not recognize her in her work gear. She recognizes him and is put out that he does not recognize her. Eventually he does and starts chasing her. When she finds out why he is in town, she tries to stay away but he won't let her. Both are starting to have strong feelings for the other but won't let the other know. Can they work it out?


I loved this story! I laughed so hard tears streamed down my cheeks. I skunk scene and the resultant scene after that were the funniest I have ever read! I could picture it all. I loved CC (Claude, Claudia). She was so strong and able, not going to let Gray (Grayson) get away with anything. Gray is wonderful. Even their fights were fun to watch. Somehow, they both managed to get what they wanted.


The secondary characters of Gray's family were great. His mother, Ida Sue, is a hoot! I loved her outspokenness. I loved that she ruled over a family that was just as crazy as she was. Their hearts were as big as Texas. I am so glad I will have the opportunity to read more of this family and Ida Sue. The villains got what they deserved. I loved that scene when Ida Sue gave them their comeuppance. Cannot wait to read more.

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review 2022-05-28 03:25
One Perfect Night - Bella Andre

Colbie and her friends are at Lake Tahoe for a skiing vacation. She's not as accomplished a skier as they are, so she sends them off to enjoy themselves on the harder slopes. As she starts toward the easy slope, she avoids a little girl and falls in the snow. She is unable to get up without the help of the most handsome man she has ever seen. Turns out he was a ski instructor and teaches her how to ski. When he wants to spend more time with her, she leaves. Both think of each other and manage to find each other back home in Seattle. Do they take the chance to learn more of each other? Does Colbie run away again?


I liked this story. I felt happy reading about Colbie and Noah. They are sweet together. She has been hurt in the past but Noah senses how fast he can go with her. His intuition helps Colbie feel safe. I hope they have more than one perfect night. This was way too short.

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review 2022-01-09 12:43
Die Morde mit den roten Schleifen
Perfect Day - Romy Hausmann

Nach 14 Jahren klicken die Handschellen. Jahrelang sind Mädchen im Alter zwischen sechs und zehn Jahren verschwunden. Der Mörder hat mit roten Schleifen der Polizei den Weg zu den Leichen gezeigt. Hinter den Taten soll der renommierte Philosophieprofessor und Anthropologe Walter Lesniak stecken. Er wird in Anwesenheit seiner Tochter Ann verhaftet. Zehn Morde wirft man ihm vor. Aber Ann ist überzeugt von seiner Unschuld und will diese nun beweisen….


„Perfect Day“ ist ein Thriller von Romy Hausmann.


Meine Meinung:
Der Aufbau ist recht komplex. Es gibt eine Vielzahl an kurzen Kapiteln und verschiedene Erzählperspektiven. Erzählt wird unter anderem im Präsens aus der Ich-Perspektive aus der Sicht von Ann. Eingefügt sind zudem Gesprächsprotokolle, Zeitungsartikel und Tagebucheinträge. Zeitlich springt der Thriller hin und her. Orts- und Zeitangaben helfen jedoch bei der Orientierung.


Der Schreibstil ist auf den ersten Blick unauffällig, auf den zweiten allerdings gut durchdacht. Die Sprache ist authentisch und durchaus variantenreich. Sie wechselt zwischen den einzelnen Erzählperspektiven.


Ann steht im Vordergrund der Geschichte. Sie und die anderen Protagonisten bleiben distanziert und sind keine Sympathieträger. Das passt jedoch zum Genre und lässt Raum für Verdächtigungen und Spekulationen.


Der Thriller ist vor allem zu Beginn sehr undurchsichtig und verwirrend, aber auch atmosphärisch. Die psychologische Spannung baut sich nur langsam auf. Der Anfang war für mich ein wenig zäh. Dann aber hat mich die rund 400 Seiten umfassende Geschichte gefesselt und dank mehrerer Wendungen zum Miträtseln gebracht. Die Auflösung wirkt schlüssig und war für mich überraschend.


Das Cover trifft nicht ganz meinen Geschmack, hat jedoch einen hohen Wiedererkennungswert. Der für das Genre recht ungewöhnliche Titel gefällt mir.


Mein Fazit:
Mit „Perfect Day“ hat Romy Hausmann einen Psychothriller geschrieben, der mich fast komplett überzeugt hat. Es wird mit Sicherheit nicht das letzte Buch der Autorin bleiben, das ich lesen werde.

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text 2021-12-02 03:47
6 Things to Consider to Find the Perfect Property for Yourself


Without a doubt, when you buy a home, it is going to be one of the major financial investments in your life. As a grand decision like this, it only makes sense to invest not only money but also time and effort in research. That way you can choose a home that not only fits your current needs but also the future. To be successful, you should consult the following guide on what you need to consider, to find the perfect property: 

  • Consider the area you want to live in – ask any estate agent what the most important factor for choosing a property is, and the majority of them will tell you it is location. The area you choose to live in is probably as important as the very home you choose to live in. To that end, you have to be realistic about what you can afford. Ask yourself what sort of setting you prefer – suburban, rural, urban. Will you be commuting to work and how long is it going to take you, based on existing transport links. All of these factors go into consideration for the area you want to live in. 

  • Always plan long-term – some first-time buyers just feel like getting their foot on the property ladder, before they switch places after several years. However, the reality is that people end up living in the same home for a longer period than they tend to estimate at first. Therefore, it is important to consider that and go for a future-proof home. Moving frequently is very expensive, so you may want to buy a home that can support you grow into it. This is all the more important if your plans feature having a family and children.  

  • It is possible to stretch yourself – when you consider all of the factors surrounding owning a home, you have to keep in mind the fact that it usually gets more affordable the more you live there. Your costs for furniture and home improvements will gradually decrease over time. The cost of your mortgage won’t increase significantly and most only vary with the interest rate. If you can raise your monthly income, which is possible save from losing your job, you should be able to afford the property you live in after just a few years. 

  • What are the trade-offs? – finding the property of your dreams is highly unlikely, and most often you will make trade-offs. But sometimes those are just hidden opportunities. For example, if you don’t mind the noise of a busy road, you can pay a lower price. If there is a big school next to a property, it is likely to be quite noisy, which wouldn’t bother you if you are out of the home during school hours. 

  • Pay better attention to fundamentals – many factors fall in the superficial category, and then there are fundamentals. Being able to distinguish both is of utmost importance. For example, changing the colour scheme of your home is doable, but you cannot do much about the total floor area. If there are any ugly features, you can expect the value to drop, but at the same time, they may be very easy to remove. 

  • Use an agent to help you out – many first-time buyers fall into the trap of making costly mistakes. The risks can be minimised if they choose an estate agent to guide them through the process, and help them each step of the way. 

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