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review 2018-02-01 20:51
Hidden Seams - Alessandra Torre Hidden Seams - Alessandra Torre

Wow!  This book just blew me away.  Talk about a crazy story!

Marco Lent is living a life he never imagined....having a career he couldn't have wished more for.  Too bad his life was a big lie.  Marco thought being Vince Horace's boyfriend in name only would set him up for life and just when the end is in sight, and he can have his real life back, a tornado in the name of Avery Hartsfield crashes into his world.

Avery was adopted by a wealthy couple but for some reason she rebelled.  At a young age Avery found herself on the streets of Detroit, MI after running away.  Learning to be tough she provided herself a comfortable life.  

Avery wanted to find her birth parents and was able to find her mom shortly before her mom died but she only had a picture of her dad that her birth mom gave her.  She didn't know the guy's name.    Imagine her surprise when one day on the TV she sees one of the men in photo from her birth mom and it's none other than Vince Horace, the biggest name in the fashion industry.  Too bad the TV was talking about Vince's death.  Deciding to see if she could find out more about Vince, Avery heads to New York City.  While there she "bumps" into Vince's boyfriend, Marco, but doesn't let on that she knows who he is.  One thing leads to another and BOOM...these two just explode.  As their lives are slowly meshing together in the utmost crazy way, they are just drawn to each other.  

Both Avery and Marco need to figure many things out in their crazy world and it really leads to a great story.  I just loved Avery and Marco.  They were both so flawed, yet so perfect.  It was crazy how they just fit together.  Overall I really LOVED this story and couldn't put it down.  Just when you think you have something figured out....nope....the author changes directions.  I highly recommend this book.  You will not be sorry.

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review 2017-12-03 21:56
Hollywood Dirt
Hollywood Dirt: Movie Edition - Alessandra Torre

Pleasantly surprised.

Cole is a Hollywood hunk who was cheated on by his wife.  While going through a divorce, he starts to work on a movie in a small town.  It is there he meets Summer.  Summer, an outcast in her small town, is looking at getting out of said town.

I liked how Summer didn't treat Cole differently due to his fame.  She calls him out, and I liked that.  While I liked the slow burn romance- enemies to lovers- it was slow at times.  But, this fit the mood I was in.  This was a light, fun read.  

The rooster, Cocky, was an awesome addition.  

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review 2017-10-26 07:36
The Ghostwriter
The Ghostwriter - Alessandra Torre

By:  Alessandra Torre

ISBN: 1940941946

Publisher:  DCA

Publication Date:10/2/2017 

Format: Paperback

My Rating:  5 Stars ++


WOW! THE GHOSTWRITER is the author's best yet! 

Alessandra Torre has found her groove! Please, more of this genre-contemporary fiction. (Listen to your character's advice). A ripping riveting drama, domestic suspense, thriller, literary fiction, plus much more. 

A perfect husband. A perfect daughter. A perfect lie. Simon is gone. Bethany is gone. She is alone. 

Bestselling romance author, Helena Ross (age 32) is dying.Cancer. She has three months to live. She has no friends and no family to speak of. An empty house. 

“I have only this countdown, a dark ominous chant of days, sunrises and sunsets before my body gives up and my mind shuts down.”

She has a story which needs to be told. The truth. One which she has avoided for the last four years.

Helena does not have decades. She does not have years. Three months. The deadline is the tightest she has ever faced. Three months to write a story that deserves years.

. . . "I've always been a liar. Maybe that's why writing came so naturally. A thousand lies, disguised in a character's voice, bits of my life sprinkled through the pages, the perfect camouflage for whatever it is I feel the urge to say."

She notifies Kate, her agent of thirteen years she is retiring. No more outstanding deadlines. She wants to walk away from all her commitments. She wants to write a new book with a different editor. The hottest editor in publishing. 

"There is something soothing about the act of writing, a drug that lures you into another world, but then forgets to stop, and sometimes carries you all of the way into sleepdom."

This editor does not do romance. Helena has no outline. Everyone will need to trust her. 

She needs a ghostwriter. 

Not just any ghostwriter. She wants her arch-enemy, Marka Vantly (pen name). International bestselling author. She hates her. She would almost rather die than ask her. Helena needs her. She is terrified of her. 

This will be no normal manuscript. Once the story is written it will be real. She will be exposed. Two thousand words a day. One million dollars. 

An impossible task. However, Helena is determined. She knows the writer who writes smut; deep down, a highly talented author and one which will be able to help write her story. 

However, she never thought that possibly contemporary fiction with heart, may not sell as well as the smut. She cannot imagine an author hating the novels they spend months writing. Ones they do not respect. 

Kate, nor anyone would understand why this book was so important. The most critical book of her career. She cannot die with this book unwritten. Word count is her everything.The truths buried among her bones. It needs to come out. The real truth. 

She is fearful of how her final novel will come across. She is terrified, yet almost giddy with liberation. Soon her final story will come out, and everyone will know the truth. Life and death. 

However, her ghostwriter may prove to be the one person to get her through her dying days. In the process, they may learn something from one another. Her agent may see a side of her she has never seen. 

Instead of "entertaining" like her usual books. This final book would be both her punishment and her absolution. 

Loved the Epilogue! 

The relationship with THE GHOSTWRITER is as equally powerful as Helena's story. Raw, emotional, heart wrenching, and touching - we hear from Kate, Helena, and Mark’s POV. 

Intense, riveting, and suspenseful. Readers will not know how or why the deaths occurred until later in the book, as her story unravels — writing each chapter and hands off to THE GHOSTWRITER. You know Helena carries guilt. She has pushed everyone away, until now. 

Get out the Kleenex. "How quickly a life can change."

Torre is dynamite! The writing is superb. I would not change "one" word. A must-read for every writer, author, publicist, and reader out there today. 

THE GHOSTWRITER is on my Top Books of 2017!. Readers, you will have a new respect for authors. I cannot imagine how difficult this was to write. 

Buy this book now! You will not be able to put it down. Award-winning. A big turning point for this author. If this is a beta test, then scratch the test and go for it, Torre. Top of the chart's quality. This is my kind of book and hits all the spots. This is the "real deal" and she is a master! Ultimately no sleep, but it was worth every single word. 

Poignant, beautifully written, lyrical, raw, soul-searching, suspenseful, emotional, and heartbreaking. 

I was hanging on every word. Tried to go to bed about 4 am and could not sleep thinking about Helena. Had to know what happened. The suspense and intensity . . . so back up, espresso in hand and dove back in until the final heart-pounding conclusion. This is a true test of how absorbing a great novel should be. 

At 90% this scene was intense. Readers will be dying to know the circumstances surrounding Simon and Bethany. I bookmarked so many pages; it is one of the most highlighted books I have ever read. THE GHOSTWRITER would be perfect for a TV mini-series. 

Younger TV Series would love this one (could you imagine??) . . . Ideal for book clubs and further discussions. I am not an erotica or romance fan; however, I am a lover of this genre. Hits on all cylinders. The author has a God-given talent for intimate words and gut-wrenching feelings of the heart. 

I loved the Deanna Madden (suspense-psychological thriller) series; however, THE GHOSTWRITER to me is so far beyond her other books, and really allows the author to really showcase her writing. She shines without the sex, erotica, romance, and violence. THE GHOSTWRITER opens up an entirely new reader base for her (more my style). 

For fans of Jo Jo Moyes, Colleen Hoover, Liane Moriarty, Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner, Amy Hatvany, and Renee Carlino . . . with Torre's unique unstoppable witty style. 

For some reason, I am strongly reminded of Blake Crouch's Good Behavior. Even though different, two unlikely souls find strength, clarity, and redemption in one another. A huge Mark fan! 

OMG . . . I have Helena's list on my door too— for the last two years. Laminated and regular. (too funny). 


Source: www.judithdcollinsconsulting.com/single-post/2017/09/13/The-Ghost-Writer
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review 2017-09-03 00:00
Hollywood Dirt
Hollywood Dirt - Alessandra Torre 3.5:
Well, I was pleasantly surprised by this book.It was by no means perfect, but I thought it was a nicely paced, engaging love story with very little drama and great chemistry. Most of the struggles were internal, and I loved that the hero was the devoted / relationship type and found other activities to be quite empty.

Sometimes I was a little befuddled by word choice and couldn't tell if was writing or editing. And the first 20% was a bit strange.I agree with another reviewer (ann) that DNF'ed that the book had a lot of up-front exposition-probably why the first 20% lagged. That style wasn't completely avoided later, but it felt like it faded when the little details started to show the characters' feelings.

Once the couple is in the same town, things get clicking. I also did not care for the first person style for the heroine's chapters, but Cole's POV told in third. It was a bit jarring at times. Another negative was the set up for the plot felt a bit unrealistic. I am, however, reading romance, so *shrug*

One of my other GR friends (Gaufre) just noted that the lack of evidence of celebrity profession in the protagonists can be really annoying and detract from a book (you say they are an athlete then they never are on a field, etc). This book showed plenty of acting, and even the intro focused on the challenges of relationships with actors. There was no doubt about long days and costs, so I thought that was well done in comparison to other Hollywood/Acting romances I've read.

I recently read [b:Bombshell|29342834|Bombshell (Hollywood A-List, #1)|C.D. Reiss|http://images.gr-assets.com/books/1484240985s/29342834.jpg|49579473] which this book is leagues above in terms of the hero's character and overall appeal. Definitely enjoyable even if ultimately, for me, probably forgettable.
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review 2017-06-16 19:10
Well, that was interesting!
Black Lies - Alessandra Torre

Black Lies - Alessandra Torre 


Well, that was interesting!  I put things together before the big reveal, but I didn't think it was such a big secret that needed to be protected so much.


I wasn't a huge fan of our heroine but I came to see where she was coming from a bit more.  Brant and Lee...well that's just a whole other rant.


LOL, i won't spoil anything but this one was definitely unique and interesting. 

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