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review 2016-07-16 23:04
Proxy - Alex London

Well, this was disappointing. I wanted to love this, I really did. But it's just very lackluster and overall I would suggest skipping this one.


I like Syd, and kudos to the author for an LGBT character whose sexual orientation isn't the only part of his personality. Syd was cool, very likable. As for the other characters? Well, to start I hate Knox. He's an irritating, selfish, ignorant little shit and he never learns his lesson.

The only decent thing he did was sacrifice himself for Syd, but even that wasn't enough to redeem him in my eyes 

(spoiler show)

And everyone else was just boring.


It started off well enough, but rapidly went downhill. The plot was unoriginal and boring and I actually had to set it down a few times because I was just so uninterested.

Usually I appreciate when there isn't a romance. Usually I like when the main focus is on the action. But not in Proxy. Why? Because the plot is so boring and a love interest for Syd would have made things more interesting.


Tl;dr version- Overall I wouldn't recommend Proxy. It's a cool idea that just failed. And I'm not going to read the sequel.

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review 2016-02-18 02:59
The Wild Ones by C. Alexander London
The Wild Ones - C. Alexander London

I adore this book! I've read London's Proxy and Guardian books a while back and absolutely loved them! However, I haven't read any of his middle-grade books... until now, that is.


This book follows a young raccoon named Kit and trying to bring peace to a turf war using an "ancient artifact." Yes, it is that epic! I love London's stories and his characters. Each character in this book is memorable in the kindness, their cunning, their cheating ways. Also, London included a gay couple in this book and just made me so happy to see such diversity in a middle-grade novel. Especially a middle-grade novel about animals!


The writing is incredible and promotes the idea of getting yourself an education. Because no matter who you are or where you came from, everyone deserves to be educated.


I love this book and if you love adventure stories with the focus being on animals that does NOT talk down to children, then I highly recommend this book! It's a lot of fun with a lot of intelligent ideas!

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review 2014-11-24 00:03
Guardian by Alex London
Guardian - Alex London

I love this book! I loved it just as much as I loved Proxy. Alex London really knows how to write a gripping story that will have you reading until you get to the last page of the book. I won't say much about the plot to this one because it's a sequel. Just know that it is really well written and the characters are amazing! I only have one complaint about this book. As it is with Proxy, there are a lot of typos. I don't know why this book and the previous one is loaded with them but... well, there you go.


Everything else about the book I loved. From the story to the characters. Just everything. Syd and Liam are great protagonists to follow and Marie is still a badass. Cousin is very intriguing as well... if a bit insane. I found his complexity most enjoyable to read about. I really hope London continues with this story because the way it ended leave a lot of room to explore.


If you read and liked the first book and you love dystopians, then I highly recommend you read this book. It's a very quick, fun read that I think you will enjoy.

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review 2014-11-20 16:59
Proxy by Alex London
Proxy - Alex London

What can I say about this book that won't make me sound like an obsessed fangirl?




Nothing because I REALLY loved this book! It was so engaging and enticing and all the -ings! I loved this world that London created and I love the premise of the entire book. I even loved all of the characters! Yes, even the annoying ones... like Knox. (Actually, Knox pissed me off throughout most of the book but I knew he was going to have development along the way so it wasn't too big of a deal for me. He is an asshole, though, so be warned. XP) I enjoyed the journey the characters went on. It was so much fun and heartbreaking at times.


The writing was pretty good. If I have one critique about this book is that there are so many typos. Way too many. It took the reader out of the reading experience because of it. Yet despite this minor flaw, I highly enjoyed this book and would so read it again. I'm really looking forward to its sequel, Guardian, because I MUST KNOW!!!


If you like dystopians with a few differences that's LGBTQ friendly, then I can't recommend this enough! Read it because you will enjoy it!

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text 2014-10-15 18:32
Book blog #4
Proxy - Alex London

I am really enjoying the book Proxy. The action and suspense is keeping me glued to the book. Syd is being punished for Knox's wrong doings. After finding out he is being punished for a death this time, Syd decides to try and escape. He pretends to need assistance then reprograms the robot assisting him. He gets away from the guardians and out of the facility. His only way to go now is where there is said to be no civilization left alive. The book is so far awesome!

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