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text 2017-09-02 06:22
The Best Compound Word Activities for Your Kids

Is your kid bored of the same compound words which are mentioned in his course book? Then he needs some good change in his learning patterns. If you are confused or unaware of different learning methods, then here are some great activities available for your kid. Compound word activities include games, worksheets, centers, flash cards, and more which can help your kid in understanding the basics. These activities can also create interest in your kid’s mind, so that he remembers the same basic for a longer span of time. Here are the top compound word activities your kid must go through:


  • Compound word roll and write center:


Compound word roll and write center is a game or a time filler activity for your kid. This game requires a dice, so that your kid can get a better access to the game. All you have to do is just get these cards printed and let your kid enjoy the game. In this, your kid will write corresponding words according to his turn. This game is best for 1st to 5th grade kids.

  • Compound word “I have, who has” game:

This is an interesting game which can be played with a large number of kids. You can also make your kids play this game while teaching or reviewing compound games. In this game, all the kids have to sit in a circle and pass each card to each student. The first kid has to read his own card, and the person next to him will read their card. The game must be kept on until every card is read. This game is best suited for kids in 1st to 5th grade.

  • New Year’s Day task cards:

This is a card package with a beautiful theme of New Year. The pack has 24 tasks cards with a recording sheet. This game can be easily played with a large number of students. Students have to look at the tasks given to each other, and then they have to record their response of the given recording sheet. The questions consist of numerous skills including rhyming, compound words, ABC order, prefixes, plurals and more.

If you are interested in the above mentioned activities and you want to get a free access of them, then you should try TeacherSherpa.com. TeacherSherpa.com is one of the most informative web portals offering engrossing classroom tested and creative teaching material for your kids. They offer quality activities, worksheets, games, assessments and more.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is a web portal offering the most engrossing teaching material for kids. You can find the finest compound words activities, antonym worksheets and more.

To get the most amazing study material, visit Teachersherpa.com

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text 2017-08-22 12:40
Teach Sight Words in Interesting Way through Christmas Sight Word Activities

Every teacher has his/her specific teaching style, but at some point, it doesn’t work for all of the students. A good teacher observes the learning style of every child and then employs appropriate strategies based on the research. It is important to ensure students really getting the fundamentals teach by their subject teacher or not.

A teacher should give meticulous attention to details about the common mistakes, learning capacity and practicing way of every child and should change their teaching style accordingly. It would be easy if a teacher teaches in some small steps and check for understanding in the middle of the session. Also, they deliver the learning sessions with the help of puzzles, playing cards and some entertaining gaming activities.

Talking about teaching sight words to young children, it is quite difficult and may take few weeks. Sight words are basically the most frequent used words in English language. This slight words include, a, of, is, in, you and many more that repeat several times in any text. Foe kids, this is not only complicated as they are used so many times, but also they cannot easily illustrated and sounded.

Using pictures reading skills and making words activities, these words can be recognized easily for children especially in the early stages of learning and develops their English skills. These days, Christmas sight word is becoming very popular among teachers and students. There are numerous types of teaching materials are available based on Christmas theme which are very useful for learning sight words such as:

Making words: This is a worksheet which contains several practicing topics foe making words and develops spelling skills. This worksheets can be used in reading centers, literacy centers etc. That help young students to learn phonetics and making words in very entertaining way.

Color by sight words: The color of sight words is the perfect way for teaching sight words to young children. Also, this activity has contains two writing pages on which they can write a creative story based on their imagination by using many sight words.

If you are also a teacher and find it difficult to teach sight words to small kids of PK to 5th standard, then TeacherSherpa.com can be very helpful for you. TeacherSherpa.com is one of the popular web based sources which offers top class teaching material to educate kids. Whether you find difficulty to teach geometry, math, fractions, basic operations or phonetics, you can get range of teaching ideas and resources to teach the same.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is an online source to teach a variety of topics to young children by employing Christmas sight word activities.

To know more, you can visit Teachersherpa.com

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text 2017-08-19 12:04
Teaching Maths Won’t Be Hectic This Christmas

Holidays are the times, when a person is relaxed and has no stress; his mind is free from all work pressures and has no worries. But holidays tend to get ruined when you have to teach kids even on such relaxing days. Children are loaded with certain assignments and homework which they are intended to complete in their holidays.

Maths is considered as a tough subject due to its lengthy calculations, arithmetic questions, and tricky problems or simply because of bad teaching. These reasons make maths a subject disliked by many students around the world. To learn math, good teaching is very important. Many math tutors are often not well versed in all concepts of teaching. The subject gets tougher only when the teaching is poor and the critical concepts have not been made clear to the student.However, math teaching becomes all fun and people understand concepts if they are taught in a non-traditional and creative way. That’s why it’s important to teach maths in a more logical and unorthodox style. Generating strong concepts from a young age helps in becoming good at maths in future.

Fun activities and games should be applied to teach math to children. During the holiday season, especially during Christmas, only fun activities and games have the ability to attract the focus of children and make them learn math.

Drawing boards, printable recording sheets, workbooks can be used to make activities and fun games. Symmetry drawing games to learn geometry; addition, subtraction; multiplication, division games based on strategy and point scoring, whole number, prime number charts, fun pictorial multiplication table, coloured numerical games, family based multiplication and division games. Such types of games would help increase the creative and imaginative quotient of the child and clear his math related concepts and problems in a whiz because we tend to learn easily with picture-based or pictorial games or activities.

For all your math based fun activities, TeacherSherpa.com is just a click away. They showcase the most extensive and creative ideas and materials that parents and teachers could use to teach their children. They have a large number of creative and innovative modules, games and posters to facilitate in the learning process of children. From reading, writing, phonetics, science, social science and math, arithmetic, geometry, fractions, number related games; they have a huge variety of subjects to cater for the children of Kindergarten and primary levels.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is the resourceful online portal to find ideas to facilitate teaching methods for your child and easing-up his learning process. They have a huge collection of Christmas math activities, along with games and posters to help your child love math.

For more information, please visit Teachersherpa.com

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text 2017-07-31 07:09
Enhance Learning Abilities of Your Kid through Some Fun-Filled Activities

As a parent, it becomes your primary motive to inculcate some fundamental skills and knowledge in your child so that they can face the competitive world. However all parents do not possess appropriate teaching credentials and thus, struggle to teach their child at home. Learning can be made easier by integrating it with some fun activities.

Employing fun activities like games and flash cards to teach some fundamental subjects can prove to be quite helpful. There are certain tricky topics such as adjectives in English, areas and perimeters in Mathematics in which children face difficulties. These topics can be easily dealt through some learning activities. For instance, if you are facing trouble in teaching topic of area to your child, then here are some exciting area activities which can prove to be great learning aids:-

  • Solving Area & Perimeter with LEGO:-

LEGO is a fun-filled geometry activity which includes particular spots where students need to determine length and width of the LEGO bricks. Thus, they learn to solve area problems in an effective manner without feeling bored.


  • Area & Perimeter Visuals & Anchor Charts:-

Visuals and anchor charts easily catches attention of your child and thus, prove to be some of the most effective learning tools. Teachers can laminate these charts and visuals and include area and perimeter labels in it for teaching the topic of area and perimeter to the students.


  • One-Pager Activity:-

A one-pager is a reflection and assessment tool using which a student can evaluate their level of knowledge on a particular topic such as area or perimeter. Students can express their reactions and comprehensions about the topic through this effective tool.


  • Geometry for Big Kids Circles & Spheres:-

You can engage kids in this fun activity and teach them the tricky concept of area. In this activity, formulae of area are presented through colorful posters, crafts and practice problems so that kids can grasp them quickly.

  • Perimeter Task Cards:-

It is a classroom activity for teaching perimeter as well as area to the students with the aid of task cards. Students can enhance their knowledge by finding areas and perimeters of different things.

These unusual learning methods appear strange but they can prove to be really effective in creating a great understanding level in your kid. Children find some particular topics typical and face difficulty in dealing with them but incorporating such kind of activities in teaching methodology can prove to be fruitful.

TeacherSherpa.com is the perfect destination for those parents who desire to enhance the skills and knowledge of their kids through some exciting means. It is an online tool providing lessons on different subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and many more. They offer fun-filled learning activities for kids from PK-5th.Learning process go hand in hand with fun at TeacherSherpa.com as they employ perfect teaching tools and activities for educating children.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is an online learning tool that offers easy to learn activities such as area activities to create better understanding of tricky topics like area among kids.

For more details, please visit Teachersherpa.com.

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text 2017-07-24 13:03
5 Most Entertaining Classroom Alliteration Activities for Students

Whether for school or home, alliteration activities play a huge role in teaching your kids through entertainment. Almost every teacher knows how these alliteration activities can help the students to learn new things in the most entertaining yet effective manner. If you are a parent and looking for something exciting for your child, then you can do the activity such as silly name game and jingles to make your kids happy. For those who don't know, alliteration activities include repetition of a constant sound within words and the best example to understand this is the tongue twister game.

Here are some of the most interesting classroom alliteration activities, you can enjoy with the kids for elementary grades-

1) Safari Animals Activity-

This a learning activity packs for kids of 2nd to 5th standard, which teaches them about African animals and their qualities in a fun way. Each animal has a full coloring page with safari words, top 10 animals and whatever you see on a Safari. You can use these alliteration poems and jingles to describe the animals.

2) Figurative Language Posters-

Just like its name, this is basically a set of figurative languages, expressions, and words that have an internal meaning such as idiom, personification, simile, oxymoron, definition with examples and posters. These can also improve the vocabulary and language skills.

3) Spring Poetry Figurative Language Activities-

This is something, which can enhance the writing as we as English speaking skills of the kids. This is a weekly workshop of figurative language and descriptive writing to learn hyperbole, idioms and more. It just needs a partner who can help in the activity.

4) Mini Activity with Tongue Twisters

You can use the alliteration activity book with short lessons and tongue twister for students that help them learn letters and alphabets quickly.

5) Poetry and Figurative Language-

You can use a Literacy Activity Bundle of exceptionally created activity books which include engaging activities and fun poetries. This can be a great learning experience for students who like to read poems and comics. Many teachers have recommended this activity for making a classroom better for young kids.

Apart from these, there are more activities available you can utilize to make the education better and engaging. TeacherSherpa.com is the platform from where you can get the material for such activities for your kids and students. They have created some of the most useful content to make your teaching better.

About TeacherSherpa.com:

TeacherSherpa.com is a website which offers you a wide range of classroom alliteration activities and its material designed to make your kids learn in the most entreating manner.

To know more, log on to Teachersherpa.com

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