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review 2017-05-12 01:10
Love, love, love, love so much!
Transformers: Lost Light #5 - Jack Lawrence,James Lamar Roberts

Well, isn't this a trip.   We finally figure out what Rung's purpose is, and although I've been taking incredibly wild stabs in the deepest dark, I've been incredibly... wrong.   Each and every time.   At some point, I would just guess ridiculous things because I knew they were wrong, but it's not like I was ever going to stumble upon the truth.   Much like what's going on with Bee in Robots in Disguise, I figured Rung's Purpose was just something I wouldn't be told forever.   (Although after James Roberts stringing us along with Brainstorm's briefcase, I should have known this would be revealed eventually.  And y'know, Bee was revealed eventually, too.)


And I was giddy for this reveal: Roberts does string his readers along, but successfully.   He gives us enough answers to sate us, at least temporarily, all the while planting new mysteries and questions, just as compelling, if not more compelling, than the last questions.   


I'm now waiting to see what will happen between Cyclonus, Tailgate, and Whirl.   And while it may not have the implications of Rung's Purpose, while it may be a small thing relatively, I care enough about the characters for this to have inflated importance.   (And let's not forget that Roberts is a master of balancing Big Deals with Small Moments; he makes us care about the small things just as much as the big things, because we care about all the characters and sometimes they care more about the small moments than the big ones.   Multiple reasons are given for this: they care about the people the small things are happening to more than anything in the universe, or the small things are happening to them and make them have huge feelings that the big moments don't make them feel.   I'd argue, though, that Roberts is telling us the small moments are at least as important as the big ones, and that the More Than Meets the Eye issue that states the theory that it's the journey to find the Knights of Cybertron that's the real purpose backs this up.   It's about the time you spend with the people you care about that's the real point of life.)


And while there's action, and near death situations, the way this is framed - starting with Skids worried about Rung and ending with the reveal about Rung - it makes it all about him.   Yeah, what he does is a Big Deal.   But we don't start with that; we start with a friend worried about Rung's mental state.   How he feels is just as important as his purpose in life.   No, more important.   And that's why it starts with that scene.   


I can't even fully parse this issue.  I never can with these issues, partly because I know Roberts seeds each issue with something further off, sometimes years in advance.   There's also so much crammed in here, it takes multiple rereads to fully appreciate everything in here.   Still, the first reads are always fun at the very least, and Roberts clever one-liners always make me giggle out loud, usually in public.   


And while the art is incredible, I have to be honest, the art isn't the 'why' I come to this.   (This has been proven by multiple artists on Roberts' series, and miniseries.   It doesn't matter who's doing the art; I will buy it if Roberts writes.)  While this is still my favorite Transformers series, along with it's predecessor, More Than Meets the Eye, it currently ties with Black Bolt.   (Which is unprecedented.   Also, MTMtE was also written by Roberts, but with a different artist.)  


I'm already anticipating the next issue. 

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review 2017-04-27 02:05
The Boy Friend - Mika Jolie

Dean & Coriander AKA Cori are best friends.  Yes, just friends.  Only everyone around them either doesn't believe them, or thinks they should be together.  How can one find a significant other in the middle of all of this?


Cori wants to settle down.  Dean wants to be the best friend for her that he can be.  So what if he is suddenly finding himself thinking of her all day and all night.  Is this the time to take a chance?  Would the future be brighter if they gave it a try?


This was a such a fun and easy read.  I really love these characters.  They truly care about one another.  The sexy times between them are hot too.  Such an incredible and funny book!  I loved it and found it hard to put down.  Sure hope we visit these characters again soon.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This early copy was given in exchange for an honest review.



SEE Character Interview for this story here: http://bit.ly/2oultXa

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review 2017-04-07 13:06
No surprise that I loved this
Transformers: Lost Light #4 - James Roberts,Jack Lawrence

Although what's happening to Cyclonus is surprising, more because of who's doing it and why he tolerates it.   And even more surprising is how involved Whirl is getting.  And here I thought he just didn't have it in him to care!


I'm pretty sure that either Cyclonus, Tailgate, or getting between them is going to kill him.   Because once Tailgate figures out what's happening and who's hurting his husband, yeah, I'm pretty sure he's going to go apeshit and may just try to kill the messenger!


This series is getting more and more fun.   And yeah, the whole creepy and evil alternate universe is fun, but it's mostly really just digging into these characters that's a whole bunch of fun!

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review 2017-04-02 01:38
Prairie Boy
Prairie boy: An artist tells of his growing-up days on the Canadian prairies - Harry J. Baerg

The life on the Canadian prairie a hundred years ago was one of adventure and hard work for a boy growing up, even without school to worry about.  In Prairie Boy by artist -author Harry Baerg writes about events over 9 years of his life on and around his family farm in central Saskatchewan in an engaging autobiography geared towards young adults.


Beginning with purchase of his family’s farm outside the town of Waldheim in 1917 when he was 8, Baerg writes about many features of life over the next 9 years until his family left for British Columbia.  As an avid nature writer, Baerg’s descriptions of the wildlife around his farm and his family’s farm animals are very well done as well as chores surrounding the latter.  His descriptive illustrations, in both words and images, of various activities brought to life how farmers a century ago dealt with daily life without the technological developments that would occur over the course of the rest of the century.  Baerg spends time on both his schooling and how modern inventions slowly started coming into town and into their family’s life, making one realize that even the faintest resemblance to our world today was barely visible a century ago.


Coming in under 130 pages, Prairie Boy is a very quick read but very informative and entertaining.  Although intended for a young adult audience, Harry Baerg’s autobiography of his time growing up is something adults looking for an relaxing read would find interesting.

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text 2017-04-01 07:05
Spotlight & Character Interview - The Boy Friend

Coming Soon .... a new book .... 

from bestselling author, Mika Jolie!

We stopped in to talk to the new stars of said book, Dean & Coriander.  Here is what we found out about this fabulous couple coming 04/25/17!!
1.  Dean, what was your first impression of Coriander?
Dean: Feisty. We met over twenty years ago. (Laughs) She did punch me in the gut.
2.  Coriander, what was your first impression of Dean?
Coriander: A bully. (Laughs) I thought he was bullying a classmate of mine. The girl turned out to be his sister. I didn’t know that then. Oh yeah, I punched him.
3. This question is for both Dean & Coriander, What type of music do you enjoy listening to?
Coriander: My taste in music is eclectic. On any given day, you can find me listening to La Traviata, Nina Simone, an Indie band, Ed Sheeran, and of course Bruce Springsteen. Hey, I’m a Jersey girl. And I absolutely love the soundtrack of Grease, the first movie. 
Here’s The Boy Friend Spotify playlist. Check it out:
Dean: I’m a big Dean Martin fan. Blame my dad. I also enjoy bands like Metallica, Twenty-One Pilots. (Grins) I do listen to Opera and sing along to a Grease tune. Hey, Cori enjoys that type of music.
4. Coriander, What is your biggest fear?
Coriander: That I’ll lose my best friend, my anchor in the storm of life. My parents have never really been there. (Pauses, looks at her clear polished fingernails, then smiles) but Dean always has, since the day we met.
5. Dean do you wear funny T-shirts too?  (Since obviously Coriander does.)  What do you like to wear?
Dean: (Laughs) Because of work I tend to be in a suit. Although, I prefer to be in jeans and a white button down. Casual yet sophisticated at the time.
6. Coriander, do you have any siblings?  Will we get to know them in your book?
Coriander: I’m the only child. Dean has a sister. We will meet her in The Boy Friend.
7. Dean are you a cat or a dog person?
Dean: Definitely a dog person.
8. This question is for both Dean & Coriander, What are you most passionate about?
Coriander: My art, humanity, my friends, and family.
Dean: My work is important to me. But really what I’m the most passionate about is the woman sitting next to me.
9. Coriander, are you a reader?  What is your favorite work of fiction?
Coriander: Definitely. Two of my favorite books are All He Ever Wanted by Anita Shreve and 1984 by George Orwell.
10. Dean, if you could pick anyone to be your hero, fiction or real, who would it be?
Dean: We have to make an exception to the rule because I have to go with two. My parents.

Check out this amazing read coming soon!


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