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url 2020-10-19 12:28
Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence

Considering using the Virtual Assistant DataBot? Here is the review of the app to make your experience easier.

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url 2020-10-15 11:04
Alexa – Virtual Assistant AI

Alexa, the best Artificial Intelligence friend in daily life to solve multiple purposes.

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url 2020-10-01 07:54
10 Fastest Growing Jobs in the United States during pandemic

Whether you are looking to launch your first career or want to shift gears to a new field, this video will help you identify the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Jobs in the United States of America.

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text 2020-09-05 11:26
Healthycommission Bonus How Can A Small Company Make A Splash On Social Networks Tools?

Google+ - Google+ will be more vital to your organization. These are likewise a few of the answers to your question how to get Facebook fans. Face Book, Twitter and Linkin are just a few Social Media websites to mention. The Healthy Commissions Review ( 19) You need to be happy to buy your company. Everybody knows Affiliate marketing is becoming incredibly popular. The next few boxes ask you for some reasonably simple info.

5 Actually Good Social Networks Marketing Campaigns

Why hаvе a social nеtwоrks marketіng strategy? In thіs daу and аge its not uncommon to hеаr thе tеrm "social media" іn truth lots of company оwner are sharpening thе new web bаѕed platfоrm аѕ an easy mаrkеting system. If уоu аrе a company оwner/entreрrеnеur іt is essential to havе a ѕtrong socіаl media mаrkеting strategy aѕ а рart of уоur аdvertіsing/mаrketing to rapidly increase the exposure of yоur company. Without a plan, уоu may discover yourѕelf floundering іn thе maѕѕ univerѕe of ѕоcіаl media!


The second strategy оf social nеtwоrks social media ads marketing guide is to use uр ѕeеding. In thiѕ саse yоu cаn lеavе thе linkѕ of yоur website оf thе social mеdiа pageѕ. Besides thіs, уou cаn even attempt Christiаn internet markеting since thiѕ is аmong thе current trends of online marketing.

Advertising on wеb websites іn уоur niche саn be accomplished withоut Pay Per Clісk. Yоu саn dо іt with уоur short articles. Due tо thе faсt that yоu wіll require tо find the sites іn your niche and thеn аррroach eасh web dеѕigner аbоut putting yоur short article оn that site, this procedure tаkеѕ sоmе work. Because articles arе not deemed advertisements by the publіс, theу tеnd tо gеt morе attention and can result in mоrе clicks.

Sо whаt occurred with the little company оwner needing assist with hiѕ company? I prevented hіm frоm utilizing sосiаl media аnd web marketing for thе minute. Why? The 5 factors аbоve in shape his prоfilе. Conventional face-to-face аnd dіrеct mail projects will best ѕuіte thе objectives to grow hiѕ organization.

Whаt wоuld you likе to leave social nеtworkѕ? Are yоu wanting to engagе and convert a target markеt to рауіng customers? Or, lіkе Generаl Mоtоrѕ haѕ done, wоuld уоu likе tо provide уоur customers a possibility to offer real-time feedback, sо that you cаn improve yоur organization? Cаn yоu invest уоur time developing and carrying out an оnlinе method, оr would yоur tіmе be mоrе productive in аnоthеr area. If so, contracting out tо a social media ѕtratеgіst or expert can bе trend social media marketing system аn excellent choice. Likewise, make сеrtain to make a note of yоur particular goals wіth a tіmeframе оn рарer, aѕ thiѕ will assist yоu produce your оnline rоаdmаp.

Your company needs to be very mindful tо avoid overlooking the customer and theіr requests. Sоmе entrepreneur might incorrectly believe that a client's problem or request іѕ nothing morе than an unfavorablе individual making problem. Thе fact can be really different, though. Taking note of these problems media marketing training course 2020 and problems of contentiоn cаn actually assist yоur circumstance enhance withіn thе service' landѕсаpe. Theѕe complaints arе really important input that thе client is providing to you. Thesе thingѕ thаt yоu аrе unaware оf аrе аll aspects of yоur business thаt yоu were blind to аnd nоw you cаn tackle rightіng them fоr the client аnd ultimately, yоur service.

Besides takіng aid from thе social nеtwоrkѕ consultant yоu саn always attempt sоmething оn уоur own tо woo your clients. Yоu must attempt to represent yоur mankind to yоur potential consumers. You cаn post interesting pictures on уоur раgе.

Wіth a reliable mаrketing ѕystem in location, уou wіll bе ablе to get а lоt of leads. The next action would be to send оut thеse leаds over to your ShopBеѕt site. Relаtіоnѕhip structure gоes a long way in ending uр being successful at MLM mаrketіng.

The Healthy Commissions Free Download

You might be a bit apprehensive about turning to social networks to promote your service. Blogs are a trendy sort of Web Marketing. He used a question check here and answer session and asked his participants to utilize a hash tag. From there, you can get ideas that are fitting for your own organization. You don't need to spend eight hours a day and even two. The next couple of boxes ask you for some relatively basic info.

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text 2020-08-24 08:10
New Release Blitz - The Assistant


Title: The Assistant

Author: John Tristan

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: August 24, 2020

Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 52900

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, contemporary, gay, Japanese-American, trans, interracial, BDSM, D/s, power play, slow burn, personal assistant, disability/ chronic illness, depression, age gap


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Burned out ex-soldier Nick Kurosawa has drifted from job to job since he lost his family in a car crash. Lately, he’s been working on and off as a bouncer, barely managing to cover his bills; an opportunity for steady, well-paying work is just what he needs to get his life back in order. Jacob Umber, a secretive philanthropist, gives him that opportunity. Umber has fibromyalgia and needs a personal assistant to help him with the tasks of daily living—someone strong, adaptable, and, most of all, willing to let Umber take the lead. It seems a perfect opportunity for Nick. More than anything, he craves guidance and a purpose, and Umber gives him that in spades. When Nick starts craving more, it seems an impossible complication, but even the reserved Umber can’t deny Nick’s talent—and need—for following his orders. But Umber’s shadowy past holds secrets that could undo their fragile new relationship and any hope Nick has of a normal life.



The Assistant John Tristan © 2020 All Rights Reserved


It was a clear autumn night, with the moon low and yellow above the city. Between its fullness and the lights, only a few stars could be made out, pinpoints in the raw black silk of the night. Nick stood with his fists balled above the man breathing hard in the gutter. A trickle of spilled beer ran into his hair, foaming like shampoo. He smelled sour, of sweat and fear.


“Jesus, man!” The man’s companion—a skinny young guy with a circular Band-Aid over one eye, like a discount pirate—crouched beside him. “Somebody call an ambulance! Call the cops!”


“By all means,” Nick said. He forced himself to take a step back, unclench his fists. “Let’s call the cops and tell them the whole story.”


Discount Pirate slit his eye at him and helped his companion to his feet. The man was dazed but seemed unhurt. Still—he could easily have a concussion.


Nick hesitated. “Maybe we should call an ambulance—”


“Forget it,” the man said thickly and spat into the gutter. In the neon and moonlight, the blood in his mouth looked black. His eyes met Nick’s, and this was the worst part: they understood each other perfectly. He’d wanted to start a fight, and Nick had taken the bait. Another night, it would have fallen out differently.


“Let’s get out of here,” Discount Pirate said, putting a proprietary arm around his companion’s waist and dragging him off into the darkness.


Nick let out a shaky breath. The street was empty, now; if he was lucky, this wouldn’t get back to Merritt, who owned the Hellhole. He hadn’t hired Nick to start fights but to stop them as gently as possible—de-escalation, not macho bullshit. The Hellhole was the only gay bar in Westerley, which meant it drew both the occasional snickering asshole and its share of ex-boyfriend drama. Merrick wouldn’t thank him for bad publicity.


“Jesus, Nick.”


Fuck. This was the last thing he needed. He turned toward the familiar voice. “Hey, Alex.”


Alexander Finn—his friend, once-upon-a-time fuck-buddy, and self-appointed social worker—had come up out of the Hellhole at just the wrong time. Sweat was still beaded on his pale forehead, cooling rapidly in the night air. “What happened?”


“Didn’t know you were down here tonight,” Nick said, affecting a breezy tone. “Must have been here before my shift started.”


Alex rolled his eyes. “I know you’re not jealous, so you’re trying to deflect. What happened?” He took out his cigarette case—silver, engraved—and popped one into his bow-lipped mouth, then offered one to Nick.


He reached for it, then hesitated. “Haven’t smoked in months.”


Alex gave him a skeptical look. “Come on.”


“Vaping doesn’t count.”


He laughed softly. “I’ll give you that one.” He snapped the case closed and tucked it away. “Talk.”


“I don’t know.” Nick ran his hands through his hair. “The guy just. Got under my skin. It’s like he knew how to push my buttons.”


“You’re not supposed to have buttons while you’re on the door.”


“Fuck you. Give me a cigarette.”


He did; they smoked together in the neon-lit dark.


“This job…” Alex chewed on his thoughts for a moment. “It’s not good for you. This isn’t the first time you’ve let someone…push your buttons.”


Alex was right—he’d never let himself take it this far before, but there were more than a few times over the last few weeks when a sneer or a snicker or a muttered insult had gotten under his skin and launched him right in someone’s face, teeth bared, eyes glittering. His fuse frayed shorter every week he was out here. He took a long, slow draw from the cigarette and laughed bitterly. “Well. I still need the rent paid.”


“How long until your shift is over?”


Nick grinned sideways at Alex. “Why, you want to take me home?”


He sighed and shook his head, but it had raised a smile. “Just think you could do with a good night’s sleep. After that…” Alex hesitated a moment. “Can you take the next few days off?”


“I’m not back on shift until Monday evening.”


Alex nodded and took a card out of his pocket—his business card, Nick recognized—and then fished out a pen. “Turn around,” he said.


Nick did. Alex leaned on him, using his back as a desk to write on. He could feel the scratch of the pen through his shirt.


When Alex was done, he handed him the card. Nick frowned at it. There was an address on it, a place in the financial district, and a name: Jacob Umber. “What’s this?”


“Someone—someone I know is looking to hire. I thought…well, you already have a job, and I had someone else lined up, but—”


“You always have someone lined up for something, don’t you?” There was a slight edge of bitterness to Nick’s words. Alex networked—he always had a side hustle lined up for someone, for the washouts and burnouts, the ex-cops and ex-military, the bikers and drifters he seemed to draw into his orbit. His type: like Nick. “Is this meant to be charity? Because you can pass it on to one of your other tricks. I don’t need it.”


“Call it what you will. And you’re not a trick, Nicholas.” Alex leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, chastely. “You’re my friend.”


Nick swallowed a sudden lump in his throat and stuffed the card in the back pocket of his jeans. “Yeah, all right, fine. There’s no number on the card—am I meant to just show up?”


“I wrote hours on there,” Alex said. “Nine to three. Weekdays.”




“Nick…” He seemed to be struggling with his words. “This isn’t a guaranteed job. I can get you a way in, but you’ll have to impress.”


“Come on, Alex.” Nick flashed a smile. “Don’t you think I can pull out the stops when I need to?”


He laughed and shook his head. “I know you can. Good luck, Nick.”


“Thanks. No, really…thank you.”


He nodded and left him on the empty street. Nick took his vape out of his pocket and sucked down a nicotine cloud; he noticed his hands were shaking. There was a subtle ache in his knuckles, where they’d collided with the man’s cheekbone. He felt a tiredness deeper than exhaustion, something like lead in his bones, and on top of that, a thin hot skin of queasy arousal. He didn’t know if he wanted to sleep for a year or get fucked up against the wall of the nearest alley. Well, he told himself, right now it’s going to be neither. He smoked until his hands stopped shaking and then waited for the sky to lighten—for his shift to be over—so he could go home.



NineStar Press | Amazon



Meet the Author

John Tristan is a multinational gay nerd, currently living in Manchester, UK. When he’s not writing, he works in the voluntary sector; when he’s not doing either, he’s probably playing video games or tabletop RPGs. After his mother banned books at the table during mealtimes, he read the backs of sauce bottles. His stories are sometimes romantic, sometimes erotic, often speculative, and always queer.

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