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review 2017-09-27 14:14
good story and characters
Royal Attraction - Tiffany Truitt

Alexandra/Aly is the daughter of the former American Ambassador to England. After the death of the King’s mother and Aly’s mom. Aly and her dad moved into the royal palace. Aly had grown up with the three royal sons. They had been her best friends, her partners in crime and constant companions. Aidan is the first in line to the throne and Freddie is the second. Ollie was the youngest and jokester and wild one of the three brothers. Aly hates the spotlight. But Aly is an athlete and excels at soccer/futball. Then three years ago Aly found she had feelings for Aidan and Ollie and that caused problems between the brothers so Aly ran off to America. The press dug up a lot of stuff some true and some untrue but  Aly didn’t want to tarnish the Royal Family.  But it also showed Aly she did actually love one of the brothers. Aly had made some poor choices while she was gone. Her reputation is now tarnished and she is no good for the brothers. Aly had failed out of college, had an affair with a professor that she didn’t know was married. Ollie had been Aly’s best friend. Freddie is getting married so Aly must return to England. Aly plans on going to the wedding, spend some time with her dad and leave again. Ollie didn’t mind giving the press something to talk about. Ollie has felt lost in the three years Aly has been gone. Even as a friend - a best friend Ollie wants Aly back. Aly was the only woman Ollie had ever loved.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the plot as well as the pace a lot. I did choke up at times while reading this. I like the flashback shown so we understand why Aly left. I don't usually like going between the past and the present but it worked fine in this book. It also showed how feelings had grown and I loved that. I liked how the author made Ollie the love interest instead of Aidan the next in line to be king. I didn’t want to put this down. I loved ollie’s love and loyalty to Aly. I also really liked that there were some twists. I just loved Aly and Ollie together. I loved the characters and the twists in the book and I recommend.

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review 2017-09-16 16:52
Book Review: Royal Attraction
Royal Attraction - Tiffany Truitt

Damn book made me cry!

*ARC received from Entangled Publishing, LLC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

Once again, I'm reminded that I'm an only child and I still long for an older brother.


"I'll pretend that seeing you here doesn't drive me wild. I'll ignore all the things my body wants to do to yours. I'll forget the fact that you leaving without a good-bye wrecked me." 

I swear I picked up this book because it has modern princes, and it's set in a palace, the palace.

The story was really fascinating. They're three British royal brothers and an American girl who grew up together. They even have their own hangout place outside the palace just to feel normal once in a while. But truly the story points back to Aly who doesn't believe in herself. She thinks all she does is break things, she never does the right things, and she wants to be perfect for the perfect image that the press wants from her. But its's not just Aly who has problems, all four of them do. They're forced to give up a part of their soul for the crown and pretend to be people who they're not. That's always the main problem when one has responsibilities on their shoulder and a role to play. There was a lot of conflict and issues all throughout but the resolution for this book was more than what I could have expected.

England, looking down at me, begging me to help mend his son's relationship when I was the one to shatter it. 

Each of the main characters are well created with certain personalities that make them different from each other yet they have some points in common. My favorite character is Oliver (Ollie) Dudley, and not just because he's smoking hot and utterly sexy but he does things for a purpose. He may seem reckless but they are actually well calculated actions. Compared to Aly who's almost like a little whimp and all she knows is how to run away. 

A lot of things have changed, but some never will. 

I love how this book is written in one person's point of view but it is divided between the past and the present. Also it is labeled at what age, month, and day it happened and there are also the early morning events where it's labeled are 'barely' it makes me laugh sometimes. Shifting from past to present are one of the types of writing style I adore because then it'd be very thrilling when they meet and tie in the end. The writing is also light and easy to read, though sometimes I look up a couple of words. It does uses a lot of British slang that I do not know the meaning off but that doesn't bother me at all.

"Life is incredibly, mercilessly short. There are so many things that come for us that we won't be able to fight. Save your fear for them. But all those pesky other things, the things that nearly destroy us but don't, we always manage to get back up. Always. Our fear is wasted on them." 

I would recommend this to those who enjoy reading about princes, or book set in a royal palace and if one is curious about what goes on behind closed doors. If you want your heart to be crumpled a bit, and perhaps a little sweet fun then this is for you. It does have a bit of sexual activities here and there but nothing major since this is a romance and not an erotica.

Be human. Be honest. Be you. 

Best advice ever.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/2110296773?book_show_action=false
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text 2017-09-14 11:57
Royal Attraction reading progress update: I've read 8%.
Royal Attraction - Tiffany Truitt
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review 2017-09-12 14:25
Animal Attraction (Hot in Hollywood) by Katee Robert
Animal Attraction (Hot in Hollywood Book 2) - Katee Robert


The Hot in Hollywood series exposes a lighter side to author Katee Robert.  Never has her sense of comedic timing been more evident than Animal Attraction, book 2 of this hilarious serious.  Desperation and good intentions collide to make for an attraction that is as magnetic as it is funny.  Who knew a dog could play matchmaker for two unsuspecting souls.  Brooklyn and Levi are cinematic gold in this audacious romance. 


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review 2017-09-09 10:57
Take me
Animal Attraction - Heidi Betts,Lori Foster,Jules Bennett,Maisey Yates

This book is an anthology that includes Buckhorn Brothers series book #5.5.  This is a story that can be read alone.  For complete understanding of the series, I recommend reading it in order.  For purposes of this review, we will concentrate on this story, Buckhorn Ever After.


Nadine has known Shohn all her life.  They grew up together.  To suddenly have his interest is quite exciting.  She does not want, however, to just be a notch on a bedpost for him.  Yet the attraction is still there.


Shohn has just realized all that Nadine brings to his life.  She is good friends with his cousin, who he is also close to.  She is helpful, and a great community member as well.  Now, he is interested in her as a woman.  Can he convince her to take him seriously?  


This was an amazing book.  I loved all the stories inside.  This story in particular, was so breathtaking.  I enjoyed reading about them falling for one another.  The laughter, the tears, and that was just me while reading.  Such great banter.  Love this series so much.  I give this story a 4/5 Kitty's Paws UP!

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