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text 2019-09-30 11:56
What do CEOs do & How to avail CEO Mailing Addresses that convert leads?

CEOs are the face of the company who decide the fate of the company. They also formulate and execute the administrative & management policies of the organization.

The demand for CEOs would rise to 6 percent on an average or even higher than it.

Occupational Outlook Handbook (Bureau of Labour statistics-2018-2028)

The demand has surged among the marketers to obtain an IT Industry CEO Email List. Rightly connecting with the CEOs can turnaround the turnover of your businesses. It also improves the chances of referral marketing, thereby conducting your promotional campaigns economically.


To build more conversions, working your way through the CEO Mailing list is the right choice.



CEO Email Database adds value to your sales and marketing campaigns. Here’s how having a CEO Contact list can benefit you.


  • Saves our time and cost in data management activities
  • Enables you to engage with your targeted prospects
  • Enhances your market reputation
  • Improve the efficiency in planning and execution of your campaigns
  • Creates new opportunities for lead generation and revenue generation


A question may gradually arise in your mind regarding where you can obtain the Email list of CEOs. Among the data vendors that provide C-Level Executives list, DataCaptiveTM would be the right fit for your campaigns. Their top-notch quality data highly benefit the marketing and sales professionals.


DataCaptiveTM has been working in data vending for the firms that conduct data-driven marketing campaigns. It is cost-effective to opt for a firm like DataCaptiveTM for running your sales and marketing campaigns. Also, it has partnered many firms in conducting their marketing and sales campaigns much effectively. There are various benefits of opting for DataCaptiveTM ’s.C-Level Executives Email List.


Benefits of using DataCaptive’sTM CEO Email Addresses


  • Reduces the length of the sales cycle
  • Minimizes the undeliverable emails and email bounces
  • Improves open rates and click-through rates of your email campaigns
  • Expands your sales opportunities and improves your customer engagement rates
  • Maximizes your ROI and brand recognition
  • Partners you in the execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • AI and human-verified lists
  • No generic email addresses. Email addresses that are highly-qualified and comprehensive
  • Zero hidden costs
  • A minimal instance of duplicate, redundant and outdated data


What contributes to DataCaptive’sTM data quality?


1. Data appending, data cleansing and data scrubbing- These measures eliminate outdated data, redundant data, and duplicate data


2. Data verification and Data validation- These processes verify the current data with the master database. Also, these measures update the collected customer list with the new customer details. These verification and validation processes deal with the data decays that reduce data reliability.


3. Data integration- Collects and organizes all-round customer data for a holistic customer view. This integration process unifies customer data eliminating data silos that threaten your campaigns.


Once the experts build the data, you get it in a downloadable Excel or CSV file. It would be easy for you to attach these lists in CRM and initiate your pitches.


DataCaptiveTM: Reduce all your data hassles


DataCaptive’sTM experts put customer data under rigorous data enhancement measures. These measures make USA CEO Email List credible for your sales and marketing campaigns. Also, they make sure that you obtain CRM-friendly lists within a committed time frame.


To enhance your market penetration and multiply your revenues,


Email us: connect@datacaptive.com

Contact us: 1-800-523-1387

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text 2019-09-26 07:41
Where can I find Veterinarian Email List to start a Successful Marketing Campaign?

DataCaptiveTM: Fetch high-value prospects with our Veterinarian Email list


A good beginning is half the victory attained. It is a good beginning if you have decided to run an impactful marketing campaign with Veterinarians Email List.


If you wish to sell your products to the top veterinarians, then the right alternative would be using a Veterinarian list.


Are you selling veterinary surgical equipment or apparels? Then a Veterinarian Email Database can benefit you ultimately.



There are numerous advantages of using a Veterinarian Mailing list. Here are a few of them.


  • Reduces your cost on scheduling marketing appointments and data management activities
  • Extends your audience base considerably
  • Saves your time in building your customer data
  • Enhances your brand recognition
  • Plan and execute your marketing strategies effectively


However, who can provide a validated Veterinarian Database?


The answer is obvious. DataCaptiveTM offers a comprehensive and research-driven database for your campaigns.


Here’s an insight into DataCaptive’sTM Veterinarians Mailing Database

DataCaptiveTM: Nurture your prospective leads without any data inconvenience

DataCaptiveTM is one of the top data vendors that supply campaign-ready customer list to its business clients. It has a rich experience in providing customer database to their clients’ experiences. Also, it has more than a decade of experience in assisting and partnering firms in data-driven marketing.


You may hold some doubts in your mind whether you need to purchase Healthcare Mailing List from DataCaptiveTM. The upcoming part would clarify that to you.


Benefits of using DataCaptive’sTM Veterinarian Mail Addresses


  • Improve your email deliverability rates up to 90 percent
  • Reduce the length of your sales cycle by closing your deals quicker
  • Aids in performing multi-channel marketing campaigns seamlessly across all communication channels.
  • Enhanced accuracy rates up to 96 percent
  • Zero occurrences of generic email addresses
  • Reduce the appearance of email bounces or undeliverable emails
  • Increases your market penetration effectively
  • Increase ROI and brand visibility from your campaigns
  • CRM-Friendly lists that can enable to run error-free campaigns


What makes DataCaptive’sTM Veterinarian Mailing Database reliable?


Experts from DataCaptiveTM practice higher data quality standards to build a list. Also, they follow a systematic procedure from ordering your list to supplying it to you. Here are those steps.


  • As you place your order, experts from DataCaptiveTM start building Veterinarian Database. These experts collect customer data from a variety of approved online and offline sources.
  • Once the experts collect the list, they put it to appending, cleansing, and scrubbing. These processes eliminate missing, duplicate and redundant data.
  • Also, the experts put the list to verification and validation processes to update the list. They conduct verification and validation every quarter.
  • Finally, they send the lists in an Excel or CSV File format. Once you receive the list, you can attach it to your CRM and start your campaigns.

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Break your B2B myths with DataCaptive’sTM Veterinarian List


DataCaptive’sTM Veterinarian Mailing List helps to break all your B2B myths. Its data team undertakes rigorous data enhancement measures that partners you in running credible marketing campaigns.


To work with high-value prospects from the healthcare industry,


Email us: connect@datacaptive.com

Contact us: 1-800-523-1387

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text 2019-09-20 06:06
Reach Country-wise Targeted C-Level Executives with the CTO Email Address

Chief Technology Officers manage the technological and scientific tasks of the organization. They play a significant role in the evangelism and business strategy, apart from the technological policy.


Do you know?


Job openings for CTOs would increase between 2012 and 2022. The rapid growth in the usage of cloud computing, mobile device, and new business solutions have led to an increase in demand for CTO professionals.



Are you willing to get in touch with these most advanced and demanded tech professionals? A country-wise targeted CTO Email List would help you build meaningful communication with these highly-demanded professionals.


Building a CTO Email Database would consume more time for you to reach the IT decision-makers. The best alternative for it is to buy a CTO Email address that would multiply your revenues and response rates.


Uses of purchasing a CTO Mailing list

  • Saves your resources and time involved in data management activities
  • Reduces the cost to reach out and schedule appointments with the top decision-makers
  • Create new avenues for lead generation and interaction with high-value customers
  • Extend your market coverage and build an authentic connection with your targeted customers


DataCaptive-A B2B campaign tool to accelerate conversions


DataCaptive has been partnering the most successful companies for over a decade. They also helped numerous companies to achieve record conversions from scratch. If you are looking out to build your marketing communications with the reputed and highly-demanded IT decision-makers, then you are at the right spot.


How does DataCaptive’s CTO list benefit your campaigns?

  • Improvement in Email deliverability rates up to 90 percent
  • Speed up your sales process and close your deals quick
  • Execute your multi-channel communications seamlessly across all channels
  • Accuracy rates up to 96 percent
  • Facilitate rapid movement of prospects to sales leads
  • Expand your customer base by tapping the unexplored markets
  • Increase your ROI and brand recognition by a large margin
  • Eliminates data silos and data decays
  • Easy to track and monitor the lead movement of your prospects
  • Zero hidden costs and Minimum bounce rates


CTO List- A list that improves your operational efficiency


A CRM-Friendly C-Level Executives List from DataCaptive enables you to plan your marketing strategies and execute it. Data team from DataCaptive ensures that there are no generic email addresses in it. Also, it is worth investing for your B2B Marketing and sales campaigns.


For improving long-term business relations with your customers,


Email us: connect@datacaptive.com

Contact us: 1-800-523-1387

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text 2019-09-11 07:57
9 Reasons Why B2B Marketers have the benefit of Purchasing SAP Users Mailing List

Expand your market presence globally with SAP Users Email list


A large number of users daily are becoming loyal customers of SAP products worldwide. Most of Fortune 500 companies use SAP software for various functions such as HR, ERP, and CRM.

If you wish to expand your global market presence and build your loyal customer base, then SAP Users Email List is the right tool for it.

Also, reaching out to the top decision-makers who use SAP software requires prior planning. This requires a highly verified list.


DataCaptive- Build authentic connections with high-value customers


DataCaptive has been partnering numerous companies towards their successful B2B marketing campaigns. Also, it has been guiding different companies that started B2B marketing from scratch.



Here are the nine reasons why you should use purchased SAP Users Email List from DataCaptive


Get closer to your target audience and meet the right decision-makers


With so much privacy concerns in the business circle, reaching out to decision-makers has become a difficult task. DataCaptive’s SAP Users Mailing list enables you to reach out to the high-valued decision-makers who use SAP software. It is CAN-SPAM and GDPR-compliant so that you don’t get into privacy complaints.


Facilitate multi-channel marketing campaigns


Customers are using online chat, phone, and emails for different stages of engaging with marketers. DataCaptive’s comprehensive SAP Users Mailing List enables you to build effective and seamless marketing communication across multiple channels. It increases the chances of getting higher response rates from your campaigns.


Explore unexplored markets


SAP Users Database provides new opportunities to conduct your marketing campaigns in unexplored global markets. It creates an online presence in those global markets where you have not exposed yourself.


Reduce the time and length of your sales cycle


SAP Users Mailing Database contains a list of targeted prospects that can generate more number of qualified leads. You can push these qualified leads conveniently to the next stage of the sales process. It would reduce the time taken to close your deal, also multiplying your sales conversion rates.


Save time and resources to schedule your marketing appointments


DataCaptive’s SAP Users list would reduce the time taken to schedule your marketing appointments by convincing your gatekeepers.


Enhance your ROI and brand recognition


DataCaptive’s SAP Users Mailing list enables you to execute your sales and marketing campaigns economically. It, therefore, enhances your ROI and brand recognition considerably.


Highly deliverable Email marketing campaigns


DataCaptive’s Technology Users Email List is permission-based. It would ensure that all your emails get delivered to the inbox of your targeted prospects. It would also reduce the chances of receiving undelivered emails or email bounces.


Plan your marketing strategies execute it at ease


SAP Users Mailing Database helps you plan your marketing strategies prior and execute it effectively.


Customizable to your requirements


SAP Users Email list is customizable to your needs based on your geography, company size, or industry you can get your targeted list.


To create enhanced brand visibility and improve your response rates,


Email us: connect@datacaptive.com

Contact us: 1-800-523-1387

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text 2019-08-29 05:00
Is Purchasing CEO Email List from a B2B Database Provider Any Good? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain



Availing CEO Email List from a well-known B2B database provider assures you high ROI and success. Several organizations in the market provide CEO Email list. You need to select the company very smartly from whom you will purchase the targeted prospect list. One of the best CEO Mailing list providers in the USA is DataCaptive. They are known for offering authentic and accurate database.


Data team from DataCaptive helps you get in touch with the decision-makers directly without any hassles. They verify the information thoroughly and ensure that there are no gaps in it. They connect you with the reputed Chief Executives Officers across the globe. DataCaptive’s experts update the data every 60-80 days. Their data management practices remove outdated data and replace it with current information.



Five ways to be sure about B2B data providers

  1. Segmented and personalized database


DataCaptive offers segmented CEO contact database for each category to avoid confusion. They help you save time and resources. Their data team provides customized mailing lists to help you select the list that suits your requirements.

  1. Verified and validated database


DataCaptive’s data team collect their data from dependable sources to maintain brand loyalty. They make sure that the collected data is up-to-date and error-free. Their collected dataset undergoes severe data enhancement tests like Data Cleansing, Data Integration, and Data Validation that helps you generate more quality leads.


  1. Enhanced ROI


DataCaptive assures you higher response rates and higher sales conversion rate. Chief Executive Officer Email database from DataCaptive helps the businesses to contact their targeted customers wherever they may be, with the use of their intelligent databases.

  1. Help run a successful B2B campaign


Experts from DataCaptive not only help you deal with the data but also assist you in planning effective marketing strategies. Their comprehensive and updated data help you run successful B2B marketing campaigns.


  1. High deliverability


DataCaptive guarantees high deliverability, because their C-Level Executives List are permission-based. Their lists would make sure that your marketing messages reach the inbox of your targeted prospects. Also, these lists help you execute multi-channel marketing campaigns and establish long-lasting relationships with your customers.


DataCaptive enables you to improve your brand visibility. Therefore, if you are awaiting to developing your business globally, opt for DataCaptive’s CEO mailing list and data services.


To avail the most updated CEO Mailing Addresses, reach us at DataCaptive.


Phone: 1-800-523-1387
Email ID: connect@datacaptive.com

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