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text 2018-02-19 04:26
Reading progress update: I've read 132 out of 432 pages.
The Guilty (Will Robie) - David Baldacci

Will Robie had a job. And because of bad intelligence, he killed a child. Now he could not do his job any more.


So, he was ordered to have some time off. 


And there is something he had not do for a long time. Go home to a father he hadn't seen for a long time. So long that he married a woman his own age and had a boy that he never know exist before now.


Now he is in town because his father was accused of murder. His father was the local judge, but now accused of killing a local drunk after he spent a night with his young wife.


All is not good. But not feeling any feeling for the old man yet as Robie and his father is stranger right now. 


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text 2018-02-04 03:51
January 2018 Wrap up
The Escape - David Baldacci
A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon
Clark the Shark - Bruce Hale
The Midnight Line - Lee Child
The Last Mile - David Baldacci
No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein
The Thirst - Jo Nesbø,Neil Smith
The Fix - David Baldacci

For January 2018, some really good books and some disappointed ones. 


5 stars read


The Thirst - Jo Nesbø,Neil Smith The Thirst - Jo Nesbø,Neil Smith  


Harry is now teaching in police college and has been happily married for 3 years. 


Now a new killer is out and it is hard to catch. The chief of police now threatened Harry to get him back to the force to solve the case. 


The plots is interesting when the killer is clever and do not care about who he kills but only how he kills. That's make this killer hard to catch or predict.


So Harry is going after all the leads. And then tried to out the killer but setting a monkey trap. 


Really good story. Good writing and good translation. 


The Escape - David Baldacci  The Escape - David Baldacci  


A John Puller story about his brother Robert Puller escape from prison.


Robert was jailed for treason. A charge that John never really believed but wasn't sure about his innocence either. 


John was order to go after his brother. But in the meantime, find out more evidence that his brother is framed. 


His love and trust of his brother and the loyalty to his job is in direct conflict. And there is a possibility that if Robert resists arrest, he would let Robert kill him to get away. 


Strange. But like the innocent and stubbornness of John Puller. 


Of course, Robert is the clever one, and tried to find out more about who wants to kill him during his escape time. 


And who betrayed Robert. Must be someone high up. 


More dead bodies and a lot of attempt to kill John later, they solved the case. 


Happy endings. Good story. Lot of plot driven page turning. 


A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon  A Bad Case of Stripes - David Shannon  Clark the Shark - Bruce Hale  Clark the Shark - Bruce Hale  


Two good children books. 


A bad case of stripes is being different and being who you are. 


Clark the Shark is being big and having behaviors that bother other children. Shark didn't mean to and he changed his behavior after he is made aware of it. 


4.5 stars read


The Escape - David Baldacci  The Escape - David Baldacci 


An Amos Decker story about a ex-football player Melvin Mars in dead row. 


He was almost executed. 


Another person confused to the crime he was accused of. Then he was free from jail.


Then the twist came. The confession was a lie. He was paid to confess to this crime. 


More players in the background. A bit strange of their intention. 


Amos Decker got help from Melvin to solve this case. With a lot of conspiracy theory thrown into it. 


A free man now is free. Good ending.  




The Fix - David Baldacci  The Fix - David Baldacci  


A woman is murdered in from of the FBI headquater. 


Amos Decker is trying to find who kill the woman and why.


It is a mystery. And involved in old spies and spy habit for spying.


The only down side is it is a bit to far out. 


Amos Decker is also a new apartment, from Mars who he helped saved in his last book.


A story about how to catch old spy and found out their identity. 


The clue is a bit strange, but still interesting. 


Solid read. 


4 stars read 


Jack Reacher story about John got dumped and reacted strangely. 


So Jack got dumped. He drifted. Got to a pawn shop. Saw a West Point ring, woman size and wanted to find the owner.


The finding of this woman led him from the pawn shop to a criminal group that sell stolen items to a local drug distribution gang.


In the meantime, a PI was hired and looking for the same woman.


A lot of twists and turns later. 


He found her. But she is in another kind of trouble. Jack wants to help. 


Of course he did. A solid read overall. 


3 stars read 


No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein  No Is Not Enough - Naomi Klein  


This is really disappointing. 


She is repeating herself on what she had written in Shock Doctrine. 


The first two third of the book is like that with some updates.


The later one third of the book is about hope. But it failed to raise any hope. 


She has to know that the Trump supporters are not going to read her book or understand what is trying to say. With that large population of ignorant people that are known as Trump supporters in US. There is very little hope. 


Therefore, a 3 stars read. There is not enough good and solid information in this book to make it good. 




Not a bad month for reading. A lot of solid read. Slightly off from the plan as the new books came up. 


I like plot driven story. Airport read when one is not at an airport. David Baldacci is a good writer for that. 


Looking forward to more read in February. 


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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-01-30 14:24
John Puller and Robert Puller team-up
The Escape - David Baldacci

John Puller has a brother who is in prison for a crime of treason. 


The good brother Robert escape from prison. 


Originally, he was ordered by his CO to not investigate the escape. 


That John got a visit from 3 generals that ordered him to do just the opposite. He is order to investigate the escape. 


For John, this is a puzzling development 


He wanted to believe his brother's innocent. But the evidence is a against him.


So why an innocent person run? 


He is being paired up with Knox from another agency. And John did not trust her. But it is in his nature to tell the truth and be nice and up standing to another he is order to work with. So he shared information with Knox, only to find Knox has lied to him. 




A dead man was found in prison on the night of his brother escape. It is very likely that his brother killed him.


But why? Who is the person? 


The dead guy is not in any data base John has access to. So, it is very likely that he is a foreign agent. 


The more they investigated, the more persons died that are linked to the case. 


A general was found died in John's room. 


Then he found out the two witnesses in his brother court martial trail might be lying in court to frame his brother.


The more John investigate, the more convinced that he is of his brother innocent. And John regret not looked into this sooner. 


In the meantime, John got kidnapped and was warned off the case. 


Then he received a message to tell him not to trust Knox. 


Then his brother contacted him. The two brothers reunited again. To investigate and to find out why all the dead bodies. What is the game plan? 


Then the story take a turn to WMD investigation in the past and the current possible terrorist attack. 


How many plot twists could nicely fit into a 600+ pages book.


Knowing that they have to find the terrorist's plan is important. 


Putting a reason for treason, be it money or blackmail is also added elements. 


Then a completion with confrontation with the baddies. 


That's make pretty good story. Kind of satisfactory. Would make a good movie or mini series. 


5 stars read. 

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2018-01-30 09:26
Reading progress update: I've read 602 out of 671 pages.
The Escape - David Baldacci

I still don't like Knox.


They are much closer to find out who is the traitor. But still don't know who the traitor is working with.


And Knox seems to be working from a different angle. Make me like her even less. 



The brother Pullers are still in character. But a bit unprepared for the twist and turn of the events. 


The traitors now have their hands on some biological weapon. WMD indeed. 


Could they find the traitor and know the target soon enough to stop the plan? 


Only 80 pages to go and I would find out. 

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text SPOILER ALERT! 2018-01-29 02:24
Reading progress update: I've read 498 out of 671 pages.
The Escape - David Baldacci

John is now quite certain that his brother is innocent. 


Robert, his brother was threatened during trial that if he fight, his family would be harmed. 


After further investigation, the two witnesses against his brother were both dirty. 

And now, the other side is trying to kill of the witness. 

Knox was injured. Now the two brothers have to find who are killing off persons link to the case, and how they are connected. 

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