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review 2020-01-14 11:08






THE GALAXY BRITAIN BUILT: The British Talent Behind Star Wars

David Whiteley

Foreword By Robert Watts: Star Wars Production Supervisor And Producer

Publisher: BearManor Media
Release date: December 11, 2019




David Whiteley's exploration into the behind-the-scenes British talent involved with the Star Wars franchise was first made public in a 1917 60-minute documentary broadcast over BBC television. Google the title The Galaxy Britain Built, and you'll hit on the YouTube and BBC trailers, videos, and interviews conducted by David Whiteley promoting the film throughout 2017 and especially 2018.


If you explore any of Whiteley's online videos or his new BearManor Media book, you'll quickly learn how proud he is to have been born on May 4, 1977, known to fans as Star Wars day. So, in his opinion, he grew up with the franchise and became devoted to investigating how so much Star Wars work took place in Elstree Studios in North London. Why London and not Hollywood? Costs. The studios didn't want to invest too heavily in a science-fiction film as sci-fi hadn't been big box office for them.


As it turned out, the British talent who worked on the films on the smallest of budgets and the tightest of schedules were just what the project needed, especially in terms of costumes, props, and sets. The results were so outstanding that lucas returned to Elstreet again and again, using as much of the original talent as he could retain.



Whiteley's book chronicles to beginnings of the British work in the hot summer of 1976 through undreamed of sequels produced decades later. The stories are built on interviews with participants even the most devoted Star Wars aficionados might not have heard of: These include Robert Watts, Les Dilley, Nick Maley, Roger Christian, Peter Beale, Gareth Edwards, Colin Goudie and Louise Mollo.


All of those involved contribute so many anecdotes about how the Star Wars mythos came to be. For example, Roger Christian tells us, "We called it the laser sword because we were British! I knew the lightsaber was the Excalibur of this film! I

knew it would be the iconic image . . . I went to Brunnings on Great Marlborough Street in London, whom we rented all our film equipment from: photography, anything we needed, and I’d buy equipment there. I just said to the owner, ‘Do you have anything here

that’s unusual, or stuff that might be interesting?’ He pointed me over to the side of the room. He said, ‘There’s a load of boxes under there, I haven’t

looked at those for years, go and have a rummage through.’ And it was the first box, it literally was covered in dust. It hadn’t been out for, I don’t

know, fifteen or twenty years. I pulled it out, opened the lid and there was tissue paper and then when I pulled it open . . . out came a Graflex handle from a 1940s press camera. I just took it and I went ‘There it is! This is the Holy Grail.’"


The Galaxy Britain Built is page-after-page of such nuggets and revelations. I imagine many diehard Star Wars fans will have heard many of these stories before. But I doubt all of them


Without question, you got to be a serious Star Wars fan to one degree or another to want to dive into this book, no matter how much you think you already know about the production history of the saga. It's a fast read as we get one short chunk of one interview, then another, then another, and so on. I definitely had a feeling I was taken behind the sets and scripts and actors to see how a galaxy far away had been built with a deepened sense of just how collaborative moviemaking is. If that sort of stuff is your cuppa tea, then David Whiteley's book is just for you.


This review first appeared at BookPleasures.com on Sun. Jan. 12, 2020:



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url 2020-01-08 09:56
Enjoy Outdoor Dining Comfort with Wicker Patio Dining Sets

Find a wide range of Wicker Patio Dining Sets here at Home Furniture and Patio. Wicker patio furniture and wicker patio dining sets come in many decor styles. All weather wicker dining sets and an outdoor wicker dining set are UV resistant.

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url 2020-01-03 06:25
Layla Sleep | Waking up in the middle of the night

Are you struggling to stay asleep throughout the night on a regular basis? you are not alone. According to the American Sleep Association, up to 70 million adults in the United States have sleep disorders. Read the whole blog for reasons and remedies.

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text 2019-12-30 07:54
Benefits of bamboo sheets for health - Layla Sleep Products

As Bamboo is naturally known to resistant pests and fungi infestation so things made of bamboo can how much good for your health, you can imagine. It adds extraordinary value to your healthy life. Bamboo bed sheets are hypoallergenic and antibacterial. 


Being a hypoallergenic material, bamboo sheets reduce your allergies by discouraging dust mites and bacteria growth from living in your bed. Bamboo bed sheets are antibacterial because they are good for reducing moisture from your bed.




Soft and Silky bamboo bed sheets with numerous health benefits while you sleep:


  • Softer, more eco-friendly (good for your health as well as for environment)



  • It improves your skin’s health:


     -Bamboo sheets reduce acne breakouts.

   -Bamboo sheets prevent dry skin. It helps to properly hydrate your skin.   

    -Bamboo sheets are so smooth that they soothe your skin.


  • A naturally cooler temperature (Bamboo sheets keep you at the right temperature, either its talk to keep you cold or stay warm)


  • Breathability: Breathability comes because of bamboo fabrics, Naturally. It keeps your body free  from sweat while you sleep



The bamboo bed sheet is eco-friendly so its not only good for your health but also good for the earth. It's incredibly soft and comfortable, the feel of the fabric is so good. Bamboo Fiber Bed Sheets made of thick fiber which gives the fabric an almost smooth and luxurious feel. 


Buy cooling supportive bamboo sheets that help to keep you at the right temperature. It is good for both cases, either it is talking about to keep you warm or stay cool. The reason to keep you warm because of their thick fibers are perfect for insulating heat and to keep you cool because bamboo is astonishingly breathable.

Note: Bamboo sheets are a wonderful option for those with sensitive skin as it's hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and antibacterial, especially for children or senior citizens.

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url 2019-12-27 06:22
Ideas For Getting to Sleep Earlier | sleep products

Do you want a plan for going to bed early? Here at Layla Sleep, we have some ideas for getting to sleep earlier. Choose the best bedding sets at Layla Sleep for good night sleep. Order your sleep products now!

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