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review 2019-08-05 17:19
Rising Strong! - self-help book




Rising Strong: How the Ability to Reset Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Brené Brown

Paperback: 352 pages

Publisher: Random House Trade Paperbacks; Reprint edition (April 4, 2017)

ISBN-10: 081298580X

ISBN-13: 978-0812985801




Reviewed by Dr. Wesley Britton


I was assigned this title as a monthly reading for a book club I belong to for widows and widowers going through the grief process. Is this a book helpful for readers like us? At first glance, no, not really. Brown's focus is how to get off the ground after you've fallen face down and need to admit your own vulnerability and shame to work through your recovery. Well, those going through the grief process already know about vulnerability and shame rarely applies to that situation.


I admit I felt like I should have liked the book much better after reading some glowing reviews at Amazon and Goodreads.  So clearly there is a very responsive audience for Brown's very academic and formulaic approach for working through the hard situations in life. I started to tune out a bit when Chapter Two kicked in and Brown talked about a pivotal moment in her marriage. During an unhappy swim, her husband didn't respond the way she wanted in a brief conversation. Not exactly a turning point for most people. It seemed like the sort of missed communication you can have countless times in a day.  That was the first of such small moments that inspired chapter after chapter where Brown, her colleagues, family and friends worked through usually rather small-scale crises. Well, not small-scale to them, of course.


Whatever setback or crisis you face, Brown has a three-part formula for you: The reckoning where you tell your story so you can understand it; the rumble where you face your challenge and take ownership of it; the revolution where you have a transformative experience and move on. Put another way, fall. Get Up. Try again.


Other teachings in the book include: Integrity is choosing courage over comfort; choosing what is right over what is fun, fast, or easy; and choosing to practice our values rather than simply professing them.


Hmm, now that I've written all this down, I think I need to rethink my introduction.  I still don't think the book is especially helpful for that suffering grief. The section on broken hearts is rather short and did disappoint me. That's what I most needed to explore. But the lessons do seem quite helpful in human and business relationships if you're willing to look at things in ways you hadn't before. For example, if you're willing to accept that most people are doing the best that they can.


So, while Rising Strong might not be the first self-help book you might want to pick up this year, or even the first Brené Brown title to read judging from descriptions of her earlier titles, it's still a tome full of nuggets and insights well worth the price of admission. It could very well be a transformative book in your life.

 This review first appeared at BookPleasures.com on Aug. 5:


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text 2019-06-12 10:09
Auto Insurance Leads according to your situation and budget

Car insurance companies these days take a number of factors into consideration before they come up with a policy for you. They also consider your credit score. This credit score is different from the credit score that you provide to your loan lending agencies. This credit score determines your chances of not meeting you’re an accident and thus helps the car insurance company decide whether you should have a cheaper policy or they should charge you more. In order to get the cheap auto insurance leads, you need to put in some effort to find out the cheapest possible option for you.



Look for full coverage auto insurance leads if you are a regular driver


When you are searching for auto insurance leads to make sure you try to look for a full coverage one. This helps you to get the best possible policy in times of an accident or any other unpleasant event. If you have a bad accident then you need not worry about the expenses if you have a full coverage insurance policy. If you are a regular driver or someone who uses his vehicle a lot then having a full coverage policy is a must for you. To get the cheapest full coverage policy look for wholesale auto insurance leads for the agency. These are mainly for the agencies but even you can try taking advantage of this.


Make sure your auto insurance is user-friendly when it comes to selling your vehicle


When choosing auto insurance, you have to consider that the policy you choose in ideal for reselling the vehicle.  Make sure your vehicle stays in the best condition and has basic insurance coverage at all times if not a full coverage policy. Thus, if you are looking for best auto insurance leads for sale then make sure you carry out your search the proper way and end up with a good policy that can help you out in the future.


Finding the cheapest insurance leads if insurance is just a formality for you


The cheapest insurance leads are those that can give you just a mere insurance coverage so that you bring your car on road legally. This covers a very basic level of liability and is definitely not the best policies on the market especially for those who use their vehicle a lot. But if you are someone who uses your vehicle just to travel around the city or go to your office then you need not invest money on a full coverage policy. You can just search for the best low-cost auto insurance leads so that you can bring your car legally on road. These policies exist as it is not legal to drive a car without auto insurance in most parts to the world.


Thus, depending on the nature of your lifestyle choose auto insurance leads that suit you the best and make sure you protect yourself accordingly. Having a good insurance policy is an absolute must for regular drivers.

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text 2019-02-22 13:38
Why to Hire Amazon Marketplace Management Experts?

Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce marketplaces and reaching sales goal for any business in such a competitive platform is quite a daunting task. If not done with the proper marketing strategy, it is not easy to convert sales on this giant retail world. As the selling of product on Amazon is complex, so it is always good to hire Amazon marketplace management experts USA.


amazon seller central consulting canada & USA


Amazon consultant helps businesses to understand the correct strategy for selling products or services on Amazon. From writing product copy, making it visually appealing to finding the correct search terms according to the Amazon algorithm, an amazon consultant works strategically to help you achieve higher sales for your business. If you have set up the account for your business on Amazon but not getting any results, then it's high time to hire Amazon seller central consulting USA.


Like other search engines, Amazon search engine also works on certain algorithm and keywords are the major ranking factor. Amazon SEO requires proper keyword optimization strategy and unique content to reach the potential audience. With the years of experience, amazon consultant understands the importance of choosing the right keyword to increase visibility to the product. They work accordingly to achieve a higher rank and convert profit. There might be a situation comes when your account gets suspended and you need help to recover it. Then, an Amazon expert will analyze the issue and consult with the Amazon support to retrieve your selling privileges. Amazon is a great platform to reach your potential audience and provide many benefits to sellers. So hiring Amazon seller central consulting Canada helps your product reach as many people as possible and generate higher sales.


This content has been taken from: https://bit.ly/2IEwAY2

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review 2018-12-20 16:31
Aliens and Nazis – The Best Seller by Dina Rae @HalooftheDamned
The Best Seller - Dina Rae

The Best Seller

Amazon  /  Goodreads




Maya Smock has so many questions…does her inspiration come from her muse, is she channeling her writing, who are her parents, where does she come from…It’s downright terrifying the things she goes through as she heads to Area 51 for answers and I was totally engrossed in the story, unwilling to put the book down until the last page was read.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of The Best Seller by Dina Rae.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars




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Source: www.fundinmental.com/aliens-and-nazis-the-best-seller-by-dina-rae-haloofthedamned
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review 2018-08-20 19:04
The Gun Seller / Hugh Laurie
The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie

Cold-blooded murder just isn't Thomas Lang's cup of tea. Offered a bundle to assassinate an American industrialist, he opts to warn the intended victim instead — a good deed that soon takes a bad turn. Quicker than he can down a shot of his favorite whiskey, Lang is bashing heads with a Buddha statue, matching wits with evil billionaires, and putting his life (among other things) in the hands of a bevy of femmes fatales. Up against rogue CIA agents, wannabe terrorists, and an arms dealer looking to make a high-tech killing, Lang's out to save the leggy lady he has come to love...and prevent an international bloodbath to boot.



***2018 Summer of Spies***

May I say that I am pleasantly surprised at the quality of Mr. Laurie’s novel? One hopes that a famous name doesn’t get a mediocre book published. Laurie may be well known from his stint on TV as Dr. House, but this book was published on its own merit.

The author takes the spy genre and turns it inside out. Neither a tough guy nor a super-smart guy, the hero is an everyman with persistence and a sense of humour. Like Bond, he can fall in love with a woman with one meeting of the eyes, but he is much more realistic about his chances of her returning the feeling.

Laurie’s love of Wooster and Jeeves shines through the narrative. As an actor, he has a great ear for dialog and excellent comic timing. A very enjoyable read.

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