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text 2018-01-31 19:44
Reading progress update: I've read 14%.
Recovery: Freedom from Our Addictions - Russell Brand

My American friends probably don't know Russell Brand (apart from Char who watched his video that I shared on FB and sighed his petition! Thank you for doing that.), but he's a stand-up comedian, actor, writer and social activist. The establishment like to treat him as a joke because he actually dares to advocate for a better, fairer society, one where we're all treated as equal. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. This book is about addiction, specifically recovery from addiction. Russell thoroughly advocates the 12 steps as they saved him from a heroin addiction. He's been clean for almost 15 years. Personally, I'm addicted to just about anything a person can be! He looks at addiction from the stand point of it being symptomatic of an increasingly impersonal culture where we're viewed as consumers, as opposed to actual human beings. So even though my addictions wouldn't be considered severe or life-threatening, I plan to read it all and follow the steps. 

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review 2018-01-30 20:34
What We All Long For
What We All Long For - Dionne Brand

What a puzzling book. I found it on a reading list recommending contemporary Canadian fiction - and while it is fairly contemporary (2005), at least compared to some of my other reads, and it is certainly Canadian, I am not sure why it received a lot of praise and recommendations. 


Some of the writing was beautiful and quite poetic, but I could not stand any of the main characters, who were a group of not-quite grown up early-twenty-somethings who all left their families to live in a shared house. 


I could understand some of their issues, I could even relate to some of them - after all I was an early-twenty-something in 2005 - but most of the time I just wanted to tell them to grow up. As for the other characters, the parents, the siblings, the friends, ... they too all seemed to be broken in some way. I'm not criticising the book for that. I get that this is part of the books message - that "we all long for something" as the title implies - but does every scene in the book have to be so dour? Is it not quite cliche enough for a Canadian literary novel to mention all sort of Toronto street names? Does it also have to be really slow-paced?


Don't get me wrong, there were some interesting aspects in the book, too, like what it means to grow up in a minority community or try and live on the fringes of society or what it is like to be a refugee or immigrant, but those aspects were not developed enough to make the book work for me.

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text 2018-01-30 08:18
Movie Theatres on Wheels!

Cinetransformers is a unique Event management agency which initiated its venture with mobile movie theatres. The concept behind this approach was to reach to the remote locations which did not had the facility of entertainment. The initiative of Cinetransformers kicking reeling buzz in the field of entertainment.


  • Mobile Movie Theatres

Cinetransformers is a patented 53 feet double expandable trailer that can be easily converted into a mobile movie theater. It hardly takes an hours’ time to erect and is fortified with modern amenities such as entrance and exit ramps, ticket booking counter, restrooms, popcorn vending machine and access for disabled and provision of AC climatizer. It is a replica of theater with seating arrangements of 91 people in one single show.


The possibility and avenues of mobile movie theater has undergone immense transformation. Now the services of Cinetransformer is been used at film festivals and it creates exciting impact on the audiences. Services of Cinetransformer has created source of income for the organizer and has proved to provide marketing and re marketing opportunities. The brand benefits from the personalized branding by customized Cinetransformers vehicles which is in transit from one location to another or at venue. The potential reach of the sponsors are enhanced by been promoted among the people and it reaches to social media channels.




With their unique approach, Cinetransformer have established themselves as prestigious brand activation agency among the list of the best event planning companies. The reputed brands have entered into collaboration with Cinetransformer to hire their exclusive services.

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