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text 2018-08-14 07:31
Get the Promising Products for Your Baby

The pure relationship in the world is the one between the mother and the baby. Nothing can be equalized with the mother's care and love. There is a secret bond between them which cannot understand and explain through words. Because of such care and love, every mother in the world wants to offer her baby safety and protective environment. The products which one choose to use for the babies should be secured and the branded one because the babies are really sensitive. They can get easily affected by, even if a small thing goes wrong. Every parent in this world needs to be attentive in selecting the brands and the products for their babies.


Here we are to introduce accompany that has the motive of strengthening the bond between a mother and the child through a standardized baby care products. Mummybebe is one of the leading companies in Singapore with a variety of brands and with innovative baby products. We work from every nook and corner of the world keeping a single thought of fulfilling the need of the mother and the baby. With this motif, we are proud to introduce the most useful product that is the foldable bathtub. It is designed in such a way to remove all your worries regarding the place and comfort you need not be worried about arranging a new bathtub when you make a visit to your relative's home. It is easy to carry anywhere. Your baby will feel more comfortable in this bathtub.




It is highly safe for the baby's skin. All our products are clinically tested and proven good and safety on the babies. All our baby products help the mother and the baby to celebrate the journey of motherhood and the childhood. While nurturing the baby it is really a happy thing to keep the baby healthy. This is made possible with all our products. We carefully select these things and brands to help the new mother and the baby. Apart from pampering it is the important thing to give the baby the most secure life. Isn't it? Every mother has this innate feeling and we help them to put that emotion into practice with our products.

Source: mummy-bebe.webnode.com/l/buy-optimal-quality-products-for-kids-online-in-singapore-at-website-of-mummybebe
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review 2015-07-19 08:21
A HORRIBLE Book with a TERRIBLE message for women!!!
From Scratch - Rachel S Goodman

NO STARS! Coming out on July 20 - I suggest you avoid it at ALL costs.

For me, I always wonder what’s worse: an emotional betrayal or a physical betrayal? That’s a really tough call. – Hilarie Burton

Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise, and trading on your integrity and not having dignity in life. That’s really where failure comes. – Tom Cochrane

It’s particularly hard to take being stabbed in the back close to home. There’s always a feeling of betrayal when people of your own group oppose you. – Catharine MacKinnon

I have begun to notice a disturbing trend in romance novels lately. For example, let us examine the case of Lillie and Nick. Totally devoted to one another since Lillie was six. Friends, playmates, companions. Then high school lovers. Then totally devoted live-in fiancées. Then, thing turn bad.


Every night, after her own day of university classes and working long hours on her feet in her family café, she waits for his return from his residency shift at Baylor Medical, only to be met with cold indifference.

“Maybe that’s the danger in loving someone too much: you’re so blinded by it that you can’t see what’s already over until one side of the bed is empty and cold.”

Constant cold, sifting into her body, leaching away her soul. Her beloved friend, confidant, companion, lover, despises her. The man she knew no longer lives in this body. No longer talks with her.

“Everything’s fine." Or, "If I wanted to talk about it, I’d say so." Or his personal favorite, "Leave it alone, Lillie."

And then one day, she learns something terrible. Something heartbreaking and devastating about her family. He adores her father, Jackson, who took the place of the father he never had. Surely he will talk with her, be once again the friend and devoted companion she has known all those years. They can find a way to work through this, right? Right? But he doesn’t come home, not until the wee small hours, long after his shift is done.


Where has he been? "Out." The age-old response of the cheat, the drunk – or the person who doesn’t love you enough to want to come home any longer, and just doesn’t have the guts to tell you it’s over.

But still, she tries to reach out to him, to draw him back to her. But.

“I don’t have the energy to do this right now.” “Save it … You spend your days serving pie to people in a diner, so excuse me if I don’t see why this conversation can’t wait…”

He grabbed the plate off the coffee table and threw it against the wall.

Great. The introduction to physical violence, as well as emotional.

Devastated, scorned by the man she loves with her whole heart, by her own family and those she thought to be friends, she packs. Packs, and leaves for the airport. She takes the first plane out, Chicago, just because, “they are boarding now, you can make it if you hurry.” For five years, she has no one to lean on, no one to hold her when she cries, to help her through her pain or help her to find her laughter again. Finally, she is successful, on a partner track with her firm, and has found a kind, considerate, gentle lover. He isn’t Nick, but he is loving, open, kind – and he is safe. Safe from the pain, the upheaval, the not knowing what is in his heart and mind, what cruelty will pour from his mouth at any moment. No icy silences. No nights of returning long hours after his shift is done with no explanation, no words. She is content. Maybe not blissfully, passionately happy. But content. Something she hasn’t been in a very long time.

Then, her father, Jackson, sends a text message, and she finds herself back in Dallas, terrified for his health and safety. But, funny old thing that. The text was a lie – a lie designed to bring her back to Dallas, to her old life, no matter her career, her coming promotion to partner in the most prestigious firm in Chicago, her life, her new relationship – no matter the agony of coming back to friends and acquaintances who blame her for leaving. Blame her for “giving up.” Well, of course. When one leaves, the other can act in any manner, say anything, and the one who left? Well.

Lillie comes back to disdain and blame. To cruelty and lies, betrayal and poisoned tongues couched in “Why Suuugar… we know what’s best for you, Bless Your Heart!," and a constant chorus of, “It’s your fault” “What did you do to fix it?” “You gave up on him, he didn’t give up on you.” REALLY??? Where they in the room all those nights he went out of his way to hurt her, when he wasn't simply ignoring her?


You weren’t patient enough. You weren’t giving enough. You weren’t understanding enough. You weren’t you weren’t you weren’t… And of course, “It’s about you, your life, the choices you’re making. Jackson (and everyone else, supposedly) only wants what’s best for you.”

Well, what everyone ELSE thinks is “best for you.”

Back to the land where women like Sullivan Grace Hasell reside – “better known as Ms. Bless Your Heart for her uncanny ability to insult the sin out of someone but mask it as a compliment swathed in a little southern flair.” And a whole lot of bullying, demeaning, snarky remarks, and lies on top of lies. For her own good, of course. . .

It’s. All. Her. Fault. She left. She didn’t try hard enough. She wasn’t forgiving enough. She wasn’t patient enough. She wasn’t she wasn’t she wasn’t – SHE is to blame, it is all on her, all her fault, and 'Poooor little Nick suffered oh, so much after she so cruelly walked out on him without a backwards glance and made herself a new life, and sin of sins, learned to be happy!

Well, Bless Your Heart!

And thus, the crux. All. Her. Fault. Her very soul was being sucked from her body by a man who showed her every day, and in every way, he cared nothing about her, considered her a burden, a lesser being, a horrible mistake made by a child that a man realizes is just that – a mistake – one he doesn’t even care about enough to tell to run back home to her father as he doesn’t want her any more. Was she supposed to reside forever upon this black and endless plain of existence, devoid of love, of kindness, of warmth? Was she supposed to stay, until and after the thrown crockery became thrown punches?

Lillie was one of the bravest people I have read when shee stood up, pulled up her big girl panties, and took her broken heart and shattered life and became someone completely new – someone who would not ever let herself be hurt like that again.Well, supposedly. But she still returns to find that SHE is the one to blame for “Poor Nick – your betrayal, your running away, your cowardice, broke the man, Bless Your Heart!” And the worst part? She starts to believe it. To believe that she is everything that the people who should love and support her say she is. They rip away at her self-esteem, her self-respect, her very sense of self, browbeating her, saying incredibly cruel, vicious things to her, and calling it "friendship" - Bless your little ol' pea-pickin' heart!


And that is just Wrong.

Things happened while she was gone – but instead of open, honest interaction she is faced on every side by lies, both outright and by omission. While everyone "claims" to care for her, no one is willing to give her respect, to accept that there was not only one side to the story. That just possibly, Lillie had to save herself when she could no longer save "them".

Give me a fucking break. In the words of mighty Hamlet, “therein lies the rub.” It is the woman’s fault – no matter the situation. No matter if she can no longer see the way across the night dark plains, the light has faded, and the beasts are upon her. It. Is. Her. Fault.


Parts of From Scratch are funny, touching, and positive. But the overall feel of encouraging women to return to a 1950’s mindset where emotional and physical abuse are not only commonplace but normal, where women are expected to conform to a backward society’s mores, no matter the pain to herself, is terrifying.

I received this book in return for a realistic review. I wouldn’t normally be so brutal, but this book sends terrible, horrible, very not good messages about a woman’s place in society and in personal relationships – about how it is acceptable to blame women for wrongs brought on by their partners, their families, their friends. About how said family and friends are perfectly justified in blaming, lying, belittling, withholding life and death information. About punishing the victim. This could have been a funny, wise, thoughtful book – instead, it comes across as a call to returning women to the dark ages of a lack of social justice and emotional disregard.


In other words? THIS. BOOK. SUCKED.



Source: soireadthisbooktoday.com
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review 2014-10-07 09:51
The Bumper Book of Simon's Cat - Simon Tofield

I decided to read this after I have seen multiple animated videos about Simon's Cat.

It was an adorable book, however I felt with most of the comics that it would have been better had it been made in an animation. Most of the jokes were still funny but lacked the punch that the animation has.

However I did enjoy seeing the 2 cats again. They are so adorable, smart and fun. Especially the older one, though the smaller one also takes his/her revenge on the older cat.
Though, I also felt annoyance for the little one. I know I had the same feeling with Garfield, and when they introduced that small little cat. At times they were good together, but most of the time it didn't work out, and you can see that happening here to. Seems older cats + newer cats = a bad combination.

Then we have Simon, the owner of the cats (and it seems he has a whole lot more in real life). I really liked to read about his adventures with his cats, at times I felt sorry for him, though at other times I was snickering and thinking: "He deserves that." or "He had that coming!"
Never reject a cat when he has a present for you, he might just take revenge. Oh and a big one: "Never try to bathe a cat, it will end in a bloodbath."

A plus-point to the "How-To-Draw" section that was located at the end of this book.

All in all, I would still recommend this book, but I would also recommend people to watch the animations that are out in the world.

Review first posted at http://twirlingbookprincess.com/

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review 2014-06-17 00:00
1980s Bumper Activity Book: 52 Grown-Up Projects that Look Back to the Future
1980s Bumper Activity Book: 52 Grown-Up Projects that Look Back to the Future - Mel Elliott Bwahahahaha!
Ok, I didn't exactly take this seriously but that doesn't make it any less radical than it is. Also, it is wicked. And awesome.

There are 4 paper dolls you can make - Magnum PI (ok, Tom Sellek complete with fuzzy legs, arms, and chest, though the chest is way less fuzzy than you'd expect. Also this is drawn-on fuzz, not flocking though you could totally add the flocking yourself), no, you know what? I'm going to share the ToC (comments in parentheses are mine, not part of ToC):

1. Colour in '80s toys
2. Post-it note mural (8 bit Space Invaders! Thank god for colorful Post-its)
3. Colour in a VW Golf GTI (um, my brother still has one)
4. Magnum P.I. paper doll
5. Fancy dress costume (WTF? 99 Red Balloons for 2 people, 50 on one person, 49 on the other??)
6. 3-D paper Deloreon (I will probably make this because I can and it's cool. I mean RAD. It's rad)
7. Daniel-san headband
8. Micro cross-stitch Super Mario
9. Colour in Arnold from "Diff'rent Strokes"
10. Mega yummy Pacman cake
11. Slogan t'shirt
12. Print your skinny tie (yes, you read that correctly)
13. Easy guitar, Shaky!
14. Colour in "Risky Business"
15. '80s pop collage
16. LEGO protest picture (you have to use the old colors and bricks, not this newfandangled crap)
17. '80s commemorative plate
18. Eightify your shades and Mallet's mallet
19. Painting-by-numbers: Ferris Bueller (anyone?)
20. Band t-shirts
21. Pong duvet cover
22. Temporary tattoos (including one of Pat Benatar's face because why the hell not?)
23. Madonna wall stencil (oddly, this looks incredibly contemporary)
24. Draw like an Etch-A-Sketch! (I already do, thanks!)
25. Lamborghini wall stencil
26. Make a skinny tie (which should come before printing said tie in chapter 12 but doesn't)
27. Hard recorder: theme from "Fall Guy"
28. Wham! glove puppets
29. Stop-motion animation
30. Alexis Carrington paper doll
31. Colour in Run DMC & Aerosmith
32. More temporary tattoos
33. Tote bag transfer
34. 3-D paper yuppie toy (guess what it is! Guess! Guess! <--that's not a clue, btw. It's not something by Guess. I really want you to try to suss out what the yuppie toy is)<br/>35. '80s dinner party (um...no. Or dinner parties were vastly different in the '80s over in LondonTown)
36. Debbie Gibson paper doll
37. Colour in Neighbors (if you haven't figured it out already, this is not an American publication. It's from England. You figure this out much more quickly when you see the top hits of the charts at the bottom of each activity. I was all, "Who the HELL is THAT band? That never made it to the charts here!" However, this is probably the first really Britishy activity. Thank god for PBS or else I'd have no idea what this was all about)(ok, I would now but I wouldn't have prior to the set being released in America on DVD...or showing up on Netflix. Oh, and also if I didn't have English friends)(good grief, moving on)
38. Sequinned top
39. Guess the hair game! (Limahl is in this! OH. MY. GAWD, who remembers that pretty, pretty boy?)
40. Paper Pet Shop Boys
41. Draw your own 3-D picture
42. Make your own 3-D glasses (well done, putting these two items in order this time)
43. Finger-knit a snood (why? why is this an 80's thing? This seems way more 70's, doesn't it? I don't remember finger knitting anything except my hair and that was accidental)
44. Stitchin' by numbers
46. Michael J. Fox paper doll
47. Cassette greetings card
48. Slogan t-shirt: "Jim didn't fix it for me" (and this one is unfamiliar. British?)
49. Pop-up Valentine's card
50. Painting-by-numbers: Debbie Harry (my favorite activity in the book)
51: Colour in "Yes we know it's Christmas!"
52: End of the decade quiz
--The history bit
--What to buy, where to buy it
--Guess the hair game answers
--End of decade quiz answers
--Dedication's what you need
--About Mel

That pretty much sums up the book.

It is delightful, hilarious to oldsters like me, probably a wet-dream come true for hipster, and high recommended for rainy day crafts or for 80's themed parties.
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url 2013-09-15 05:26
Bumper loan year for Hong Kong by Cruse and Associates



Loan market activity in Hong Kong is poised to surpass the 2011 record as more China-based companies look offshore for funding.


Hong Kong loan volumes have reached US$44bn year to date, on track to beat the US$46.42bn raised in 2011. It is also rivalling Australia’s US$46.55bn tally as 2013’s busiest loan market in the Asia Pacific, excluding Japan.


The bulk of the growth is attributable to Chinese borrowers, which are stepping up their search for overseas funds with PRC authorities tightening credit onshore.


“The increased activity is a result of a number of factors, including tighter liquidity conditions onshore that is pushing borrowers offshore, greater aspirations of Chinese companies to build an international profile and firms having grown in size and scale such that relying only on a handful of onshore lenders for funding is no longer practical,” said Amit Lakhwani, head of loan syndicate and distribution, Asia, at Standard Chartered.


Until the end of July, some US$33.72bn involving 62 transactions in Hong Kong, including those in the pipeline, came from Chinese borrowers. Nearly two-thirds of those were privately owned enterprises, accounting for US$20.5bn in the first seven months of 2013 – close to the US$20.7bn all Chinese entities raised in Hong Kong in 2012.


A slew of big-ticket M&A financings such as the US$8bn loan for e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and the US$1.075bn leveraged buyout financing for Focus Media Holding, among others, have contributed to the flow. Whereas Chinese companies may have preferred to fund their overseas expansion with local loans in the past, more are turning to the international markets.


That move is adding new depth to the Hong Kong loan market, traditionally better known for tightly-priced club deals for local blue-chip property developers. Offshore China loans syndicated in Hong Kong have come from a wide variety of credits, including mid-tier and first-time borrowers, which have gained acceptance in the international lending community.


“A greater level of maturity has developed among Chinese borrowers and foreign lenders are more sanguine about these credits because of increasing structuring and discipline. The responses to Alibaba and the recent Huawei Technologies financing a couple of months back are proof of the appetite among foreign lenders,” said Boey Yin Chong, head of syndicated finance at DBS Bank.


New lenders


Also helping Hong Kong’s cause is the push from the many smaller Chinese banks that have set up operations in Hong Kong and are increasingly making their presence felt with big-ticket commitments. Their participation injects more liquidity to the already deep pool of funds from Taiwanese lenders, which have also increased exposure to China and Hong Kong names.


“The Hong Kong and China loan markets have converged, with a mix of HK blue chips, HK-listed PRC companies and other Chinese borrowers, both state owned and privately owned corporates, now making up the borrower client base,” said Lakhwani.


“Offshore China issuance now accounts for a significant proportion of Hong Kong loan market volumes and has been supported by growing international bank appetite and Chinese banks outside the Big Four establishing branches in Hong Kong in the last one to two years.”


Not to be outdone by their PRC peers, Hong Kong’s blue-chip borrowers have also returned to borrow in the loan markets after having flocked to bonds in the past couple of years.


Names like Hutchison Port Holdings, Wheelock Group, Henderson Land Development and Fortune REIT are among the blue-chip borrowers currently in the market with deals of over US$5bn. (See News.)


Offsetting the tight pricing that the Hong Kong blue chips typically command are the Chinese borrowers, which offer decent pricing. If liquidity tightening sets in, as many expect, it would mean pricing compression could stall.


“The cost of funds has increased across the board for all banks since July due to the volatility. As a result, the threshold pricing for syndicated deals will start to move up,” said Boey.

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