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url 2020-12-04 12:05
Why do People opt for Gold Investments?

Gold as an investment performs reasonably well on three major factors namely safety, liquidity and returns. It provides a hedge against inflation.

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url 2020-11-02 11:55
Is Gold Still a Good Investment?

If you are thinking is gold still a good investment. Then you need to ponder over some factors.

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photo 2020-06-29 11:48
Get Cash For Your Gold in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida
  1. At 24Karat, We ensure you to offer the best possible value against your gold, silver or diamonds jewellery in the form of CASH, CHEQUE, NEFT or RTGs. When your priority is getting extra cash for your gold, 24KARAT is your one-stop-shop solution to meet your requirements.

    24KARAT provides the below-listed services –
  2. Cash Against Gold
    Cash for Silver
    Cash for Diamonds

    Our Outlets 7 Days Open 10 to 7 pm.
    Toll-Free: 1800-120-2888
Source: www.24karat.co.in
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text 2020-02-25 05:29
Cherish this Holi by gifting auspicious jewelry coins


'Auspeciousity' and 'serenity', these two words somehow are deeply connected to any pious ceremony. Although, the 'Holi' is a more romantic tradition than a complete reverential one, but the essence of holiness is still observed full-fledgily. Because of this, a lot of people arrange special worship ceremonies, cultural practices and other religious affairs.

So, if you also have a kind of same planning in the mind or even if you don't have then too, you can thinking about buying and gifting a couple of silver or gold coins with the print of any deity for your beloved one concerning more benevolence, more positive energies and more good deeds.

Hence, in this blog, we the Printland.in will discuss about our recently released silver and gold coins printed gift cards and silver coins. Ooh..I must be forgetting to introduce ourselves! We are one of India's largest online superstores and mainly specialized in customized products. Hence, as the Holi is coming next door, we have planned to supplying silver and gold coins along with other products.

So, let's have a quick read regarding the vibrant ranges of silver coins are provided by our store.

Personalized silver coin:

Let's say, you are going to organize an pious ceremony for the next Ganesha Chaturthi. And you want to invite all the family members. Hence, instead of sending ordinary invititation cards, you can send them personalized silver coins cards with the idol print of Ganesha. It will add extra elegance and aesthecity to the card.

Get a magnificent gold coin from famous P.C Jewelers:

Whenever we think about buying any gold jewelry, we just can't think about buying them from P. Chandra or Senco Jewelers. But, then the condition of pocket flashes into the mind and result....we automatically confined ourselves!

PC Jewelers also sell gold coins apart from jewelry. So, if you wish impress your wife in this Holi buy a romantic card designed with a Gold coin form PCJ (P.C jewelers) form our online store and give it to her. And just enjoy the aftershock.


Gifting gold coins apart from religious event:

These gift cards can be given to any other ceremony, like Diwali, Dasshera, Valentine's day, Anniversary etc.

Thus, I hope that, now you get pretty fairer idea about how to buy a gold coin or silver coin based on any particular event. Now, Check out our site detail in your spare time and buy a pair of gold and silver coins.


Source: www.printland.in
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text 2020-01-27 10:16
What Is Stable Coins ?


Stable coin is also a kind of cryptocurrency that offers a stable value. This makes the way out for the concept of stable coins. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoins, and others have an elevated fluctuation in the price value, which rarely supports or strenuous for monetary practices by people. 


When the price highly fluctuates people won't get the habit of spending and adapting to the digital currency, because in the event that they don't know of its buying power tomorrow.


For FIAT’s the value depends on the reserves and in case of extreme demand or other cases the central authority will make decisions and control the situations. But the crypto value is volatile and has high fluctuation to adapt. So to bridge between these stable coins is preferred. 


FIAT collateralized stable coins maintain a FIAT currency reserve like the US dollars or can be a commodity backed like gold or silver which is much suitable for the monetary values. 


Libra by Facebook has recently created a constructive wave and that could be an example for the Stable coins. 


If you are interested about the crypto fields and needs feel free to reach us at cryptocurrencyscript1@gmail.com or tap on our Zodeak website. We are the renowned Binance clone script / Crypto exchange script developers in the marketplace. 

Source: blog.cryptocurrencyscript.com/what-is-stable-coins
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