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text 2018-11-16 11:39
California Demon - Julie Kenner

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text 2018-10-02 13:10
18 Splendid Vacay Spots to Pack Your Bags For

10 years later, it won’t be exciting at all to brag about the hours you spent at the office! But it would absolutely be thrilling to talk about the sharks you saw while sailing through the oceans and the heights you first got scared off while you glanced the world from those sky-scraping mountains!

The world is soaring high with magnificent hues for you to get tinted in and unmask the magic of breathtaking rivers, cliffs, valleys, and forests. So give it a break, calm yourself down and sneak out from your bustling life making it standstill for a few days! Let me tell you about some spell-binding destinations that’d be perfect for you this year to set off to! Pick your favorites from the ones jotted below, find peace and reboot!

Istanbul, Turkey

This beautiful mélange of the East and the West will take you past some stupefying mosques, minarets, and palaces along with ferry rides over the Sea of Marmara.

Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most popular destinations it is with a bunch of old towns and castles taking you to the era of kingdoms and thrones!

San Francisco, California

Head towards this fog loaded city to witness the great Golden Gate Bridge, ride in the cable cars and take over some wine tours and tastings.

St. Lucia

This island country lets you relax on the warm sand along the beaches, glare into the clear skies beside waterfalls and dive into the depths of the oceans.

Costa Rica

Take a walk in the forests, see the smoke emitting volcanic mountains and get crazy selfies with the wildlife creatures in the finest parks here.

Santorini, Greece

It’s a stunning blend of the whites and the blues. You’ll be enthralled to wander in the streets amid the spectacularly built houses here.

Rome, Italy

The capital city of Italy has some fascinating masterpieces of architecture, art, and culture together with some captivating ancients and ruins.

Bilbao, Spain

The food lovers should definitely hit it as this city has some of the best restaurants in the entire world besides a rich culture and architecture.

Phuket, Thailand

It has all at one place! Oceans, mountains, rainforests and an amazing culture of Asia will unwind you for sure!

Lisbon, Portugal

Climb up this hilly city to visit its historical museums and pastel color coverings on the houses and buildings.

Budapest, Hungary

Get relaxed at this city of spas and baths and look on how the splendid Buda and Pest meets through the chain bridge here.

Vienna, Austria

Vacay on this largest city of Austria and see the astonishing work done by great artists on historic buildings here.

Chicago, Illinois

Ape up on the monstrous buildings and skyscrapers in Chicago and get to know how it all looks from above.

Bratislava, Slovakia

You get here some real peaceful moments around the old hamlets and fine vineyards with no crowds hovering over.

Petra, Jordan

Petra will make you take a ride on camels, show you forts and the mesmerizing stones of the Middle East.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Visit this bewitching city made of huge stone walls and limestone paved streets to hush your inner chaos. Top Vouchers Code, an online discount provider, has a massive collection of travel portals to feed your needs for an exotic holiday booking.

Valletta, Malta

This sunniest city will make your heart sing along the restored churches, enticing palazzos, and ancient constructions.


At this lively spot, you’ll be all yourself while stepping forward in streets surrounded by beautifully painted walls and vintage cars.



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text 2018-08-16 09:16
The Ultimate Deal On ONLINE

Zhuorui Fu Collection of handmade leather bags nyc has debuted its classy and simple design through its online and social media store. The elegant haute-couture brand takes inspiration from the millennial ethics by Zhu and the Franco-Italiano making of Roberto.


The brand offers its primary line of 100% handmade classy leather handbags and accessories made in France. The products are made in vera pelle, Italian real leather in top quality.

Since the debut, the brand has attracted royal metropolitan following. Zhuorui Fu Collection branded its slogan on the curation of style, which is ‘the books one has read, the places one has been, and the people one has loved’. The multidimensional replay of fashion and style naturally circulates around a crowd of well-off casual cool intelligentsia customers.


Speaking of the origin of ZFC, the founder and creative director Zhu has accentuated that she meant to create a “style” line instead of a fashion line, which can be superficial and unethical. Former fashion journalist and a millennial banker, Zhu extended her IT girl taste to the impeccable French traditional production.


“(My maker partner) Roberto is paid well. We only use natural coloring made at home and the authentic leather‘vachette’, calfskin from the cattle that are used as meat.” Zhu told Behind the Scenes. The brand makes small-batch of premium sling bags at limited quantity, mostly created as the tailored taste of each individual customer. Drawing sharp contrast with the crocodile-skin Birkin bags alike, the reasonably-priced ZFC bags are the status symbol for the new elites, or more, the coolest IT girls and dudes of the era.


            Despite having 40 years of experience in making pure leather travel bags, the shy maker designer partner of Zhu, Roberto, has playfully blended his Franco-Italiano background with the NY-based globe-trotting stories of Zhu. “Being millennial does not mean we are not made of frivolous quality”, Zhu said, “Just as, being experienced and Franco-Italiano does not mean out-of-reach. It only means we are chic, for a long time.”


            When relating to her Chinese background, Zhu said she is very grateful and proud of her roots. Nevertheless, she spent her early life growing up in a city that has only 30 year of history, so she said she had proactively sought after traditions and cultures that were lacking in her earlier upbringing. Having attended the alma-mater of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Zhu has certainly taken the sophistication of cultures into quality modern designs.


 For more details Zhuoruifucollection.com

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text 2018-08-10 11:41
Story of Roberto and I, We All Have Story to Tell

We all have stories to tell. Some are permanent on the weight of history; some are ephemeral but carry their own grandeurs.


I guess Roberto’s life can be expressed of the latter. I found Roberto, out of coincidence, while I was studying in Nice for French in the winter. I lived above his atelier so I walked pass his shop every day. I also purchased his bracelets ceremonially, when I had an important friend visiting from London or before I departed to Iran for a solo journey. His authentic leather bracelets have seen my wild adventures in the tent of nomad on Christmas Eve and walked through my significant networks, such as my boyfriend, an old friend from London, and a friend I met in Iran.


Before I bought anything, which is all finely made, from his existing atelier, I had the concern that I would consume animal products. After Roberto and I discussed, I realized the skins are the calfskin remaining of cattle that are slaughtered for meat.


While I was contemplating over my video production and past fashion media career, I conceived the idea to do an elegant line. Like all classy leather handbags, the designs are classy and haute-couture. However, the ethics should be an essential element.



Wearing status symbol at the cost of environments has never communicated with my way of being. I naturally sought after Roberto, whose artisanal skills have taken nearly 4 decades to build and whose elegant products have only helped preserve the harmony of the Earth. I sent a helper to discuss with him. He kindly accepted our offer. We made business since then.


From communications, I began knowing him better. Like my family, who came from inner China to the young city Shenzhen for new opportunities, Roberto was also an immigrant entrepreneur. He was born in Rome, the centre of Renaissance. 40 years ago, he settled in Nice and debuted his French journey. Our full story has been recounted on Collection story here.


At first, he scrambled to make small pieces of purses from leathers other had tossed. One day, a customer asked him to make a bag. Later on, the girlfriend of a friend asked him if he could make sandals. Roberto took sketches out and began assembling these pieces. Inside of his atelier, he had drawings he modified on the wall to look up to. After many times of trying, the hustler Roberto made these Italian leather bags and accessories available.


Entrepreneurship is an experience. Only the person that has been through it understands the depth of its difficulty. Starting things is a discipline. I can relate when I sell our jointly curate haute couture handbags California and style cultivation online. Behind Roberto’s makings, it is the practice and refinement every day except for Sunday. Monday to Saturday, for decades, Roberto stayed in his atelier to create and perfect the products. Maybe he has found joy through persistence, yet I can attest, the joy came out of the bitterness and blandness of life. Every day means one chapter of stories.


Roberto has no ambitions like me to build a permanent establishment for elegance and call of culture cultivation. He is happy to a small artisan behind my imagery. He may not aspire to be a Napoleon, who came from Italiano-Franco Corsica, yet his spirit for starting things will always be here, seen apparent in our products, and keeping our entrepreneurial and quality production soul alive. Buy authentic designer bags online at my store.


For more details visit Zhuoruifucollection.com

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url 2018-08-02 03:15
Things you didn't know about my thriller, Gun Kiss
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