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text 2018-08-16 09:16
The Ultimate Deal On ONLINE

Zhuorui Fu Collection of handmade leather bags nyc has debuted its classy and simple design through its online and social media store. The elegant haute-couture brand takes inspiration from the millennial ethics by Zhu and the Franco-Italiano making of Roberto.


The brand offers its primary line of 100% handmade classy leather handbags and accessories made in France. The products are made in vera pelle, Italian real leather in top quality.

Since the debut, the brand has attracted royal metropolitan following. Zhuorui Fu Collection branded its slogan on the curation of style, which is ‘the books one has read, the places one has been, and the people one has loved’. The multidimensional replay of fashion and style naturally circulates around a crowd of well-off casual cool intelligentsia customers.


Speaking of the origin of ZFC, the founder and creative director Zhu has accentuated that she meant to create a “style” line instead of a fashion line, which can be superficial and unethical. Former fashion journalist and a millennial banker, Zhu extended her IT girl taste to the impeccable French traditional production.


“(My maker partner) Roberto is paid well. We only use natural coloring made at home and the authentic leather‘vachette’, calfskin from the cattle that are used as meat.” Zhu told Behind the Scenes. The brand makes small-batch of premium sling bags at limited quantity, mostly created as the tailored taste of each individual customer. Drawing sharp contrast with the crocodile-skin Birkin bags alike, the reasonably-priced ZFC bags are the status symbol for the new elites, or more, the coolest IT girls and dudes of the era.


            Despite having 40 years of experience in making pure leather travel bags, the shy maker designer partner of Zhu, Roberto, has playfully blended his Franco-Italiano background with the NY-based globe-trotting stories of Zhu. “Being millennial does not mean we are not made of frivolous quality”, Zhu said, “Just as, being experienced and Franco-Italiano does not mean out-of-reach. It only means we are chic, for a long time.”


            When relating to her Chinese background, Zhu said she is very grateful and proud of her roots. Nevertheless, she spent her early life growing up in a city that has only 30 year of history, so she said she had proactively sought after traditions and cultures that were lacking in her earlier upbringing. Having attended the alma-mater of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Zhu has certainly taken the sophistication of cultures into quality modern designs.


 For more details Zhuoruifucollection.com

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text 2018-08-10 11:41
Story of Roberto and I, We All Have Story to Tell

We all have stories to tell. Some are permanent on the weight of history; some are ephemeral but carry their own grandeurs.


I guess Roberto’s life can be expressed of the latter. I found Roberto, out of coincidence, while I was studying in Nice for French in the winter. I lived above his atelier so I walked pass his shop every day. I also purchased his bracelets ceremonially, when I had an important friend visiting from London or before I departed to Iran for a solo journey. His authentic leather bracelets have seen my wild adventures in the tent of nomad on Christmas Eve and walked through my significant networks, such as my boyfriend, an old friend from London, and a friend I met in Iran.


Before I bought anything, which is all finely made, from his existing atelier, I had the concern that I would consume animal products. After Roberto and I discussed, I realized the skins are the calfskin remaining of cattle that are slaughtered for meat.


While I was contemplating over my video production and past fashion media career, I conceived the idea to do an elegant line. Like all classy leather handbags, the designs are classy and haute-couture. However, the ethics should be an essential element.



Wearing status symbol at the cost of environments has never communicated with my way of being. I naturally sought after Roberto, whose artisanal skills have taken nearly 4 decades to build and whose elegant products have only helped preserve the harmony of the Earth. I sent a helper to discuss with him. He kindly accepted our offer. We made business since then.


From communications, I began knowing him better. Like my family, who came from inner China to the young city Shenzhen for new opportunities, Roberto was also an immigrant entrepreneur. He was born in Rome, the centre of Renaissance. 40 years ago, he settled in Nice and debuted his French journey. Our full story has been recounted on Collection story here.


At first, he scrambled to make small pieces of purses from leathers other had tossed. One day, a customer asked him to make a bag. Later on, the girlfriend of a friend asked him if he could make sandals. Roberto took sketches out and began assembling these pieces. Inside of his atelier, he had drawings he modified on the wall to look up to. After many times of trying, the hustler Roberto made these Italian leather bags and accessories available.


Entrepreneurship is an experience. Only the person that has been through it understands the depth of its difficulty. Starting things is a discipline. I can relate when I sell our jointly curate haute couture handbags California and style cultivation online. Behind Roberto’s makings, it is the practice and refinement every day except for Sunday. Monday to Saturday, for decades, Roberto stayed in his atelier to create and perfect the products. Maybe he has found joy through persistence, yet I can attest, the joy came out of the bitterness and blandness of life. Every day means one chapter of stories.


Roberto has no ambitions like me to build a permanent establishment for elegance and call of culture cultivation. He is happy to a small artisan behind my imagery. He may not aspire to be a Napoleon, who came from Italiano-Franco Corsica, yet his spirit for starting things will always be here, seen apparent in our products, and keeping our entrepreneurial and quality production soul alive. Buy authentic designer bags online at my store.


For more details visit Zhuoruifucollection.com

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url 2018-08-02 03:15
Things you didn't know about my thriller, Gun Kiss
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url 2018-07-10 10:50
Find Surrogate Mother in California - Earthly Angels

Earthly Angels makes surrogacy the suitable, feasible and efficient approach for the people that dream of having their own babies. At EarthlyAngelsConsulting.com, we find you the appropriate surrogate mother from California, Mississippi, and Arkansas by taking care of the legal matter. So if you are seeking for the reliable surrogacy and adoption agencies, then do reach us out at 662.312.4487.

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review 2018-06-12 21:38
California Creatures by Clasman & Anthony
California Creatures - David Anthony,Charles David Clasman

Note: Even though this is Book #3 in the series, it works just fine as a stand alone.

This is another great collection of spooky tales for the whole family. I expected great things from this book since Frightening Florida was so wonderful and I was not disappointed. Some tales are based on local myths or legends while others have a more modern bend to them.

A few of the tales stood out for me. I loved the tale that have grandparents who claim to be monster hunters (The Boot). I didn’t know until the very end whether the grandparents were going to be heroes or villains. I also loved the opening tale (Tar Pit Terror) because who doesn’t love a scary story that features a skeleton and this skeleton comes out of a smelly, gooey pit. Toll to the Troll was also awesome. I will never look at Alcatraz the same way again.

This collection of tales has a good balance of humor and scary. For instance, The Man in the Gray Suit had me laughing over the corny surfer slang. Often the various characters, almost all of which are kids, tease each other adding a few chuckles to even the scariest stories.

California Creatures is great for all ages as any sad ending to the heroes is left off scene and merely implied in the ending. I liked that most tales left things open ended so I can imagine my favorite heroes escaping at the last second… or being eaten or such if I felt they needed a dramatic ending.

The collection is full of little surprises. A dragon!?! Some weird fountain of youth? A zoo for movie monsters? The authors’s imaginations are on full display with these tales. 5/5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book.

The Narration: Neil Holmes gave another great performance. I love his range of voices, from little girl to gruff grandma to questionable security guard to impatient troll – he has a different voice for them all. His female voices were feminine and his little kid voices were well done. I loved all his emotion too, especially for the scared surfers. I did notice a few small technical issues with the recording – a few times I think I heard paper rustling and once there was a line that partially overlayed another line. None of these small issues detracted from my enjoyment of the book. 4.5/5 stars.

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