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review 2017-09-21 02:00
Strike was investigating a mystery of a woman's leg sent to his office
Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith

Reading this for Terrifying women. 


And it is better than I thought. 


A leg was sent to Strike' office and was addressed to Robin, his assistant. 


Who would send a leg to him? And is the leg's owner still alive?


25% finished and it is not even close to getting to who he is.


But the threat is there, and it is following Robin.


Not much is happening yet. A lot of talking and meeting and information gathering. With the sideline story of Robin preparing for her wedding.


Liking it so far. 


Robin turned out to be quite capable. Strike is sort of capable but not really good at expressing himself.


Still a pretty decent story. 

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review 2017-09-18 04:51
Camel Combat Ace: The Great War Flying Career of Edwin Swale CBE OBE DFC* - Barry M Marsden

"CAMEL COMBAT ACE" is a fine, well-written book about a singularly remarkable man, Edwin Swale. Hailing from a middle-class background in Northern England, Swale joined the Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) in October 1917. He completed his flight and gunnery training by early March 1918. Shortly thereafter, he was shipped to France and was assigned to No. 10 Squadron, RNAS, which soon became caught up in trying to stem the German offensive. 

Later that spring, with the creation of the Royal Air Force (RAF) from the amalgamation of the RNAS and the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), No. 10 Squadron RNAS - now redesignated No. 210 Squadron RAF - was very active along the front. Swale was involved in a lot of dangerous, low level attack missions against German troops in the field and other military installations behind the lines. The book provides considerable detail on Swale's combat service, which - aside from one spell of leave in Britain - lasted through October 1918, by which time he had shot down 17 German planes in aerial combat, survived a number of close calls, and had been promoted to Captain and placed in command of a flight of Sopwith Camels. 

After the war, Swale would marry, have a family, and assume responsibility for the family business. The book shows, with the insertion of some excerpts from Swale's autobiography, that he was a restless man with considerable energies and interests. With the outbreak of the Second World War, he rejoined the RAF and spent the war working in intelligence. 

This book was both interesting and easy to read. Plus it has lots of photos showing Swale (at various periods of his life) and his family.

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text 2017-08-12 14:35
Why Your Resume Didn’t Get You An Interview in UAE
The resume writer's handbook: A manual f... The resume writer's handbook: A manual for writing resumes - Michael Holley Smith

Companies receive many hundreds of resumes. Out of these, nine out of ten of the resumes get ignored and rejected. If you think that your resume could have been the reason that you did not get called in for an interview, then this could be why:


  • Your resume was not viewed by a human. Many companies send their resumes into a resume database that causes it to get neglected. They are then difficult to find because they could have had the incorrect format, had unwanted content, did not have the right keywords or were sent to the wrong place. If they are not able to search your resume then they cannot find it either.
  • Your resume did not get through the first scan. The initial scan of a resume lasts for around two to three seconds. The resume was probably attached to a particular role and was sent through for a review. This is usually done by a Sourcer or a Recruiter who keeps an eye out for the basic needs of the job, called a BFOQ which stands for bona fide occupational qualification. This means a degree or experience level of the minimum that is required for a specific job. If you do not fit the description and do not have that particular achievement then you will not be considered. This is why it is important to make your educational and work details accessible on your resume.   
  • Your resume did not go through the second scan. If a resume survives the first three second long then it has to go through a second scan that is around thirty seconds long. In this scan, your key sections such as your objective, education and experience details will be scanned and then read so that it can be decided whether you will be qualified or not.
  • You did not appeal to the hiring manager. The Sourcer and Recruiter will usually send the top resumes out of the pile to the hiring manager. If your resume is not as good as the others, then they will beat you to the mark.
  • Your resume just wasn’t good enough. A brutally honest fact, but one you must come to terms with. No matter how qualified or experienced you are, if your resume does not show that properly, then it could be the reason why you were not called for the interview.


Remember, your resume could be the key to landing the job or losing it.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-08-02 23:57
Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career
Miss Grimsley's Oxford Career - Carla Kelly

3 stars but barely made it. This one definitely won't go down as one of my favorites. TBH, I was bored for the most part but it was mainly because I didn't care for our "beautiful and brilliant" heroine. To me, she was every bit silly and clueless as her dumb family. I don't even know what James saw in her, apart from her affinity towards the Bard's work (and her beauty?). She may have wrote some good papers on the Bard but I was bored through and through with her real self.

On the contrary, I LOVED our hero, who I thought deserved a better, and dare I say, more matured woman in his life. Even as I slogged through where Ellen shows her dumb self over and over again, by being a pushover for the half of the story, I lost my patience when she turned down James's marriage proposal for the umpteenth time, reason unknown. I mean for no valid reason at all! After all that he'd done for her, she still couldn't bring herself to come to a decision about his utmost devotion to her. :o I mean, was that part even up for debate? A young, handsome, brilliant, RICH Marquess wants to marry me, who also encourages my interest in Shakespeare, Geography and other things society won't let any gentle lady take part in. Who comes running if he thinks I'm in danger and would do anything to help me and my family so he's also extremely kind. Who already said he loves me... I like him too, but not enough to decide whether I should marry him. Oh geez! From her monologue, all I can say is that she was unquestionably dumb.

It took James's decision to not pursue her any longer (he at least had some reasons, not to retaliate in any way) for Ellen's brain to start working, and finally realizing what an idiot she'd been and how unfairly she'd treated him. Too late Ellen, you've already ruined my fun. -_- *yawn*

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review 2017-06-01 06:19
Podcast #50 is up!
Radicalism and Reputation: The Career of Bronterre O'Brien - Michael J. Turner

My latest podcast is up on the New Books Network website! In it I interview Michael J. Turner ot his new biography of James Bronterre O'Brien, the 19th English radical writer who was a key figure in the Chartist movement. Enjoy!

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