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text 2015-02-08 21:50
#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: February 6

Hello FitReaders! I totally forgot to post an update last week. But honestly, there wasn't much to post. My foot is still on the mend. Plantar Fascitis is no joke. I've been wearing a compression sleeve, icing my foot and rolling it on a tennis ball. So far the combination of the 3 has helped a lot.


My goal for February is to get my foot back to 100% and get back on the half-marathon training. I won't be running the 13.1 in the Rock-n-Roll DC next month. I'm sad. But I'm going to change my distance to 5k and will still participate but a shorter distance.


Because I haven't been as active due to my foot issues, I have put on a couple of pounds. It is so hard to diet without exercise. I don't see how some people do it. I need those exercise calories so that I don't feel like I'm starving myself. It's nice having that safety net.


Here's to a healthy and less painful February.

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text 2015-01-27 01:18
#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: January 23

This week sucked. Plain and simple. Wednesday evening, I was at the gym, getting ready to do my cardio assignment. My trainer designed a program to help increase my endurance. I'm walking at 3.0 mph - warming up - when a I feel a sharp pain in the arch of my left foot. The pain went away and I kept walking. When I increased the speed the pain was off and on for about 5 minutes and then it was constant. It would not be ignored. I ended up hobbling off the treadmill (I completed my 20 minutes first. Probably not a good idea). By the time I got home, I was dragging my left foot because I could not put any pressure on it.


I texted my trainer Thursday morning. She told me to freeze a water bottle and roll my arch over it for 30 seconds. Then she wanted me to walk on my heels for 12 steps and then walk on my toes for 12 steps. When I walked on my toes I literally screamed. So. Much. Pain.


Anyway the pain finally eased up on Friday. I was able to attend my Saturday training session. My cardio consisted of the recumbent bike (boring!) 


I now have to ease back into things which totally sucks. I hate setbacks but I know that returning to my normal routine too fast will cause more problems.


No C25k training. No running group. No 10 miles in a week. Not even getting close to 10k steps. Nada.


So yeah....this week sucked.

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text 2015-01-22 00:34
#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: January 16

Better late than never!


This week was SO much better. I trained with a new trainer, Shea. Shea kicks my ass. She specializes in TRX which is using your body weight and straps (suspension) to strength train. It's tough and yet it's easy to cheat but just maneuvering your body a certain way. But with a trainer standing right there, she won't let me. 


I logged in a little over 5 miles. My goal is to double it. We'll see how that goes.



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text 2015-01-10 01:05
#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: January 9



That's the sound of my frustration. So it was super, duper cold this week. It was awful, terrible, and I hate winter. Along with the frigid weather, work had me cancelling one of my training appointments. A scheduling conflict canceled my Saturday training appointment and it's still pretty cold so I'm not meeting with my running group Saturday morning.




I hate the world. Not really. But I'm so freaking frustrated!!!!!


Since my Saturday plans are in the toilet, I still plan on hitting the gym after I run my errands. My FitBit Charge arrived today and I'm ready to give it a whirl. My Fitbit Flex was on it's way out. The Charge arrived just in time. The main thing I like about it....the screen. I can see how many steps/floors I've walked. With the Flex, you had to do math and count the dots or if your phone is nearby, sync your Flex with your phone and get your data that way via the app. That gets kinda frustrating after awhile. Even when I'm on the treadmill, I have my phone in an armband, strapped on my arm. I don't have time to take it off my arm so that I can sync while I'm getting my walk/jog on.


Anyway...I need to get back on track. Neither work nor weather will get in my way. 


Here's hoping for a better week.



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text 2015-01-04 18:31
#FitReaders Weekly Check-in: January 2

I went to the gym on New Year's day. It was a struggle which is why I didn't make it to the gym until 7pm. LOL! But I did it. 2 miles on the treadmill. Friday was a bust thanks to my job. I need to not let work get in the way of my fitness goals. Saturday I walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill. Woo hoo!!! 


My 2015 Goals:

1. I signed up to run a half-marathon on March 15th. I haven't been consistently training so I'm thinking I may end up changing my distance from 13.1 to 5k. And push back my goal of running a half marathon to the Fall of 2015.


2. I want to run a 5k every month. Even in the brittle cold weather. Brrrrr!!! 


3. By summer, I want to run my first 10k.


4. Run a half-marathon by Fall 2015 (around September/October)


5. I want to be able to crow. It's a yoga position. Requires balance and strength. I'm halfway there. I can lift my big toe, one at a time.


6. Keep working out with my trainer. Maggie is awesome and working with her gets me in the gym 3 times a week with no excuses.


7. Increase my cardio. I need to shock my body into weight loss. It's gotten too complacent. 


8. My first weight loss goal is to get out of the 200s. If I can get to 199 by the time we go to Vegas at the end of March, I will be one happy person. 28lbs and counting!


9. Meal prep. Meal prep. Meal prep. This will help me make better food choices.


10. Make better food choices! I stray so easily from my healthy eating plan. I have to eat healthy cause my metabolism is on a permanent vacation. Maybe once I get this weight loss going, I can go back to having cheat meals and then cheat days.


So those are my goals for 2015. I have a bunch more but these are the major ones.


Oops. 1 more goal: to actually get in 10k steps a day. I average between 6k-8k. I don't walk much when I'm at work so I either need to walk more at work, take breaks and get away from my desk and walk longer distances when I'm on the treadmill. 2 miles is too easy anyway.



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