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text 2016-01-01 18:50
Join us on Goodreads!! We are off to a roaring start in '16.
Wolf Land - Jonathan Janz

Happy New Year, fellow readers!!

In January, Jonathan Janz will be joining us Horror Aficionados at Goodreads, for a group read of Wolf Land!! He will be available for questions, sharing tidbits with us and just generally being the awesome author that he is. We hope you can join us!



Special thanks go out to Ken McKinley for helping HA put this all together. You can find his blog here:

Into the Macabre.



Thanks, Ken!!


Feel free to do the same!!

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review 2015-10-26 14:16
Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe - My Review
Blood and Rain - Glenn Rolfe



The light of a full moon reveals many secrets.


Gilson Creek, Maine. A safe, rural community. Summer is here. School is out and the warm waters of Emerson Lake await. But one man’s terrible secret will unleash a nightmare straight off the silver screen.


Under the full moon, a night of terror and death re-awakens horrors long sleeping. Sheriff Joe Fischer, a man fighting for the safety of his daughter, his sanity and his community, must confront the sins of his past. Can Sheriff Fischer set Gilson Creek free from the beast hiding in its shadows, or will a small town die under a curse it can’t even comprehend?


One night can—and will—change everything.


My review:


The witching season is upon us. The ghosts and monsters are close and the veil is pretty thin this time of year. Werewolves howl and Glenn Rolfe has written a damn near lycanthropic masterpiece. 
I generally touch on three things in reviews. Character development, atmosphere, and my overall entertainment with a title.


If Glenn Rolfe never writes another book, he can consider his resume quite filled with this one.


The monster is scary and almost as threatening in human form as he is transformed. Let's face it!! In Blood and Rain, the werewolf is the star. But, Glenn did a fantastic job of creating a great supporting cast for his werewolf yarn. (Joe Fischer, the small town sheriff,  is particularly well crafted and very fleshed out. The reader can totally feel his regret about past actions.) The characters as a whole create the feel Glenn was obviously aiming for - small town life, where every one knows your business and life quietly goes unnoticed behind white picket fences. Characters who this reader actually felt pretty bad to witness as werewolf fodder. 
The atmosphere written into Blood and Rain is something you can cut with a knife. Maine is a big forest and genuinely creepy in this story and the deserted back roads, back roads just like every small town has, make for a most terrifying setting for the carnage that takes place throughout this story. I can actually hear the crickets and feel the warm breath on my neck from the furry death that creeps in the shadows, death that will rend your flesh and remove your appendages.


As far as entertainment, your could do far worse than THIS werewolf story as Halloween approaches. Just the perfect amount of blood and guts, mixed with fear. Add a dash of silver and the perfect Halloween creature feature for your spooky nights sits ready for your indulgence. Glenn Rolfe has created a monster. Two, if you count the werewolf. 

Make sure your doors are locked when you sit down to read Blood and Rain. As solid of a werewolf read as you will find. Happy Halloween from Reaper's Harvest Horror!!!

You can find this excellent title here.

You can follow Glenn or check out some of his other work by following this link to his Amazon author page here.

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photo 2015-10-25 23:19
Blood and Rain - Glenn Rolfe

Reaper's Harvest Horror has been largely inactive for some time now. Life as a whole is pretty busy for me and for those of you who have missed it, I do apologize. I have barely had time to read, let alone review. But then I happened across Blood and Rain by Glenn Rolfe. Admittedly, I'm a big fan of werewolves, but not so much werewolf fiction. (Matter of fact, the last werewolf title I truly enjoyed was Cycle of the Werewolf by the one and only Stephen King.) But Glenn Rolfe is a really cool guy and I thought I would give his new book a shot.

Tomorrow, I will be resurrecting the blog to pay homage to the book that gave me a new appreciation for werewolf fiction - Blood and Rain!! 

Stay tuned for the review of that title. 

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text 2015-09-06 15:18
A Conversation with Mark Allan Gunnells
Asylum - Mark Allan Gunnells
The Summer of Winters - Mark Allan Gunnells
The Quarry - Mark Allan Gunnells
Dark Treats - Mark Allan Gunnells
October Roses - Mark Allan Gunnells

Mark Allan Gunnells loves to tell stories. He has since he was a kid, penning one-page tales that were Twilight Zone knockoffs. He likes to think he has gotten a little better since then. He has been lucky enough to work with some wonderful publishers such as Apex Publishing, Bad Moon Books, Journalstone, Evil Jester Press, Etopia, Sideshow Press, and Gallows Press. He loves reader feedback, and above all he loves telling stories. He lives in Greer, SC, with his fiance Craig A. Metcalf.

I was lucky enough to informally meet Mark Allan Gunnells recently and he was kind enough to spend some time talking books, writing, and dream gigs with me.

Reaper's Harvest Horror: How long have you been writing? 


Mark Allan Gunnells: I wrote my first story at ten.


RHH: Any of your work that you feel shines above the rest?


MAG: That's like asking a parent to pick a favorite, but I'm particularly proud of my short fiction collections.


RHH: I know difficult question.


MAG: Short fiction is my passion so it's very gratifying to have multiple collections out.


RHH: Have you ever written a character who closely resembles you?


MAG: There are bits and pieces of me in several stories, but my coming of age novel THE SUMMER OF WINTERS contains a lot of my actual childhood in it.


RHH: If you could coauthor a book with an author (a dream project), who would you want to write it with?


MAG: Well I've been lucky to work with some wonderful people already--James Newman, Benjamin Kane Ethridge, Aaron Dries.  I don't have a list I'm checking off, but I'm always open to working with any authors out there.


RHH: So, no name dropping? Lol. C'mon, Mark, this will be seen by at least 10 people.


MAG: I would never say no to Lansdale or King, but those are just daydreams.


RHH: I knew I could get a name out of you. We have ways of making you talk.


Any advice for someone just starting out as a writer?


MAG: Have fun!! Take it seriously, work at getting better, seek out quality publishers--but above all, have fun.


RHH: Alright, as a writer just starting out, I know I will take that advice to heart. Thanks, Mark.


One last question for you today, Mark.
Do you have any upcoming projects that you would like to reveal?


MAG: I have a few things on the burner.  First up will be a Halloween collection called HALLOWEEN HOUSE OF HORRORS with Great Old Ones.  Also a short story collection called FLOWERS IN A DUMPSTER with Crystal Lake.  I've placed two pieces with Sinister Grin, a novella entitled FORT and another collection called COMPANIONS IN RUIN.  I have also recently sold a few other books, but I can't discuss those just yet.


RHH: Sounds like you've been pretty busy, so I really wanted to thank you for your time and this interview today.


MAG: Thank you, I enjoyed it.

If you are interested,  you can find Mark's books on his Amazon page here.

Shortly, I will be reviewing Immure Spirits. This short story collection was an amazing collection of shorts. It was really more than a book for me. I hope you would consider picking it up and seeing for yourself the magic within its words.

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text 2015-05-12 13:55
Featured on The Following

I think I'm the only person I know watching this show. Now that Joe is gone, two things keep bringing me back. 

1) Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon is so good in this series).

2) this show features some amazing music.

This song haunts:


Artist: Zander Hawley

Song: Hid in the Little Things

YouTube link

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