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text 2017-11-24 21:38
Amazon Cloud Drive Shutting Down Unlimited Storage: Outrage galore!

AND THEY WANT ME TO PAY 236 EUROS!! Outrage galore!
Nope. Not gonna happen.
Amazon offered "unlimited" storage to paying users then acted surprised when people started using it "creatively". They could have remedied that by implementing a 2TB limit or whatever for paying users and left everyone on the free tier with a 25GB limit, but they chose not to.
That's fine, it's their prerogative, but to make out that somehow Amazon hands were tied is somewhat misleading. Welcome to the world of money. Cloud storage was inevitably to hold its trusting customers to ransom one day...
People often say "you don't need to keep high res originals unless you're going to print large copies", but I think that's a bit misleading. Maybe I'm a geek, but there are times when I want to zoom in to, say, a street sign and work out where I took an old picture (non-GPS), or look at the time on someone's watch, or perhaps crop it to just a single face to print a portrait or use it as a profile image; and if I only have a low res copy, that can be difficult or impossible. I never know what use I might have for a photo in the future, so I always want to keep the full-size originals just in case. Having originals makes a big difference if you want to crop and edit photos. Also, screen resolutions are never going to go down. The days when your 640 x 480 pixel photo filled a screen have long gone....
I have paid great heed to Schofield's Law for many years: "It's not IF your hard drive fails, its WHEN...".




If you don't use clay tablets, please read this.


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text 2017-11-12 21:08

My drop-down menus returned.


I did absolutely nothing, mainly because I don't know how to do anything.


Yesterday, before I shut everything down for the night, I shut everything down and then rebooted, just to see if a complete restart would do anything.  It didn't.  I still had no bookmarked sites, no drop-down menus.  So I logged off, turned the computer off, and went to bed.


I was also angry because I had had to deal with yet another Stupid Person, so I wasn't in the mood to mess around with computer crap any more.  I read on my Kindle until about 11:30, then went to sleep.


This morning, I headed directly for the studio.  I did a little more sewing -- there's all that free fabric, you know -- and started another Angel Feather pendant.  It's one of those really weird shaped ones, so it wasn't fun, but I was forcing myself to be disciplined.


When I finally came back in the house and turned on the computer. . . . my drop-downs were back.


I give up.  I will never understand it and I'm no longer going to try.  At least I don't have to deal with the McAfee tech people.

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review 2017-11-07 17:46
Incompleteness: “Build Deeper - Deep Learning Beginner's Guide by Thimira Amaratunga
Build Deeper: Deep Learning Beginners' Guide - Thimira Amaratunga


“epsilon”: 1e-07,

“float”: “float32”,


“backend”: “tensorflow”



In “Build Deeper - Deep Learning Beginner's Guide by Thimira Amaratunga


This book confirms other predictive system results that I have seen, where it has often been found that we human as a species who fancy ourselves as psychics or using other la-di-da methodologies can at best achieve around an 80% accuracy rate, even with good regular practice and tuning. The more accustomed you are toward reaching ever higher accuracy & precision percentile targets the more the distance to the next little increase in goal horizon. Still it does bring into question the abilities of Science and machine systems designing new machine systems, often through excluding what are regarded as unrepeatable subjective methods in favour of repeatable objectiveness. Outliers and other non-obvious patterns & so on are pushing back the boundaries at the edge of our cultural belief systems.


I don't think that any computer scientist would dispute the point that modern AI or machine learning is nowhere near the threshold of 'consciousness' or even 'general intelligence'. But it's not uncommon for words to have a different meaning within a technical field compared to how they are used in everyday communication. In regular English 'chaos' means unpredictable, whereas in mathematics it refers to the tendency of sensitive nonlinear systems to exhibit emergent attraction basins that can potentially be extremely predictable. Those are arguably even antonyms. Another example would be terms 'deterministic/nondeterministic' in Computer Science, which also differ strongly from their meanings in regular English. The point is that if you feel the need to grandstand on these trivialities, you clearly don't understand the fundamentals of the subject matter under discussion.



If you're into Computer Science and Machine Learning in particular, read on.

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review 2017-11-03 16:58
Deep Learning Architectures: “Life 3.0 - Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Max Tegmark
Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence - Max Tegmark

“Life 3.0, which can design not only its software but also its hardware. In other words, Life 3.0 is the master of its own destiny, finally fully free from its evolutionary shackles.”


In “Life 3.0 - Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence” by Max Tegmark


See how good your PC is as it ages or you want to install a better graphics card, does the driver play nice with everything? Are you competent enough to sort it out or are you the sort of person who offloads that to IT? The guys in IT are like ducks or swans, all seems serene on the surface but underneath they are paddling hard to stay afloat. They are one badly written security update away from disaster. Do they install the latest security patch or wait for others to see what happens? Also, the more complex a system becomes the more subject it is to critical failures from minor changes, the more they become like having 100 spinning plates on the go at once. If your bank's computer goes belly up just as the proceeds from your house sale are sailing through the system from one solicitor to another is there enough of a data trail to prove it existed? Do you feel lucky? In this day and age, when the state-of-affairs is like the one I’m describing above, can we still talk about AI?




If you're into Computer Science, read on.

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review 2017-10-27 21:12
Cantorian Sets: "Beyond Infinity - An expedition to the outer limits of the mathematical universe" by Eugenia Cheng
Beyond Infinity: An Expedition to the Outer Limits of Mathematics - Eugenia Cheng
“If this be not that you look for, I have no more to say, but bid Bianca farewell for ever and a day.”
In “The Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare (quoted by Cheng in the book)
Eugenia Cheng starts by saying right at the beginning of the book, "Infinity is not a number," and I think it really helps to get that misconception out of the way at the start. As soon as we one gets past that hurdle the rest is just a piece of cake.
As pointed out numerous times by Cheng, Cantor is the accepted authority on this, but are there alternatives?

Cantor Infinities

Key Idea: You can put the even numbers in one-to-one correspondence with the whole numbers and say that this demonstrates they have the same cardinality.
This shows that the set of whole numbers is the same size as the set of even numbers.
This seems counter-intuitive - and it's usually a real challenge to anyone encountering it for the first time, but if you do accept this then all sorts of deep and interesting mathematics follow. The way I think about this is, it's not a natural property, it's not a statement about the world*; it's Cantor's definition of infinity, let's go along with it and see what happens.
If you're into Computer Science and Math in particular, read on.
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