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review 2014-08-19 11:59
The fuck???
Robopocalypse - Daniel H. Wilson



I think I've read thirty pages of this, put the book down, and said "never again". This is probably my personal record that I gave up on the book. I don't exactly know what it is. The premise sounds great, the title, the cover, everything is great, except from what's inside the book. In those thirty pages, there's just a lot of info-dumping and scientific facts and phrases I wasn't half assed to understand because it's written in such boring and uninteresting way I found myself falling asleep more times than not. It reads as if we need some knowledge about robots and robotics beforehand and that's not something I appreciate at all. Because I'm not a robotics fanatic who'll go research stuff about them before reading a book about robots. And I wasn't supposed to because a writer should be able to provide us the information the book needs.


I looked forward to reading this but, unfortunately, I ended up being disappointed. Eh, better luck for me next time.

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review 2014-06-16 17:07
I feel sick
Beautiful Disaster - Jamie McGuire

Times I hit my head with this book: I stopped counting after 15 and I didn't even get to the half way mark


I've never felt more relief after I'd finally put the book down. The usual scenario is that I don’t even want it to end or I just feel very meh or very pissed off. Right now? I’m mad, furious, feel disturbed and disgusted that I’ve even read this, and I feel slapped over and over again. I blame my curiosity for wanting to read this and my fucking pride for not putting it down when I felt like I’m going to throw up. This book is so problematic and disturbing in not a good way and I honestly, honestly do not understand its appeal or its popularity.


I almost never do this but I need to write this review in parts because I don’t want to miss anything out. Hopefully, two parts will be enough and I’ll manage to wrap everything up in a pretty, little bow just like this book did. Oh man, here we go…


Travis Maddox


He has everything, right? He’s a bad boy, he’s tattooed, he’s so hot that everyone is falling on their feet, there are also dimples, he has muscles, he’s so, so hot oh my god, he’s perfect, he’s charming, he’ll go absolutely crazy for the girl/woman he loves, and oh, did I mention that he’s so, so hot? Except that he’s also a possessive, obsessive, beating-the-shit-out-of-people, controlling, tempered and abusive motherfucking psycho that needs to end up in prison as soon as possible. This is not how a normal guy would and should behave. This is not your perfect boyfriend. He’s absolutely terrifying in his behaviour and in his ‘show of love’. He treats women like trash, he has no respect to any other human being and especially females, he beats up people whenever they look or say something wrong to his ‘precious’ Abby, he’s sexist, possessive and everything of the above. You know what? I don’t care how hot the guy is, or how hard his muscles are, or how big his dick is (I’m not even going to apologize), this behaviour is not fucking normal. This is crossing every single invisible line there is and it’s horrible, absolutely fucking horrible, that this is accepted.


My mother dated, even married, a guy similar to him. He was hot and he was the one every woman wanted. He got his high school sweetheart pregnant, just to break up with her afterwards. My mother didn’t care for any of that because he was HE and nothing else mattered. At the day of her wedding she was crying. She couldn’t leave the house because, deep down, she knew it wouldn’t end up well. But she still married him. And do you want to know how she ended up? Being beat up, every day, by him or by his father. And then, after he’d beat her up, he’d fall on his knees and start crying and telling her how much he loves her and how he didn’t mean it. Does this means it’s okay? Were all those bruises she had afterwards worth his ‘I love you’ and ‘I didn’t mean it’? Tell me please, because if you think that yes, it was, please go get some help.


When the war hit our country, he went to the other side and imprisoned and killed his friends and family and my mum barely got away with my brother without him taking him from her. Now, he can never get back to our country because he’d be imprisoned the moment he’d step into it. I’m not making this up. This is my life – the life of my family. Abusive psycho that beats everyone that has a wrong look is a problem. It’s a problem because no love, no woman can cure him. He’ll always stay the same and he can only get worse. I’m glad I’ve never met that man my mother was with and I never wish for anyone to have to deal with someone like that.


Unfortunately, this book romanticizes everything and everything Travis does is forgiven. Everything is made to make perfect sense and everything is valid. It’s sickening, to see that, absolutely sickening. Because this book would’ve worked if this was actually showed as legit, dysfunctional and problematic relationship. Instead, we’re shown – or told – that this is normal. That this relationship is the one that works perfectly and every problem is resolvable. Travis is never at fault because he had a hard home life without the mother and with all those brothers. No, his behaviour is completely forgiven because he doesn’t know better. Right.


Also, the way he treats every other woman but Abby is sickening, as well. They don’t deserve to be fucked in his bed because they’re just little sluts who don’t deserve any care whatsoever. They all just want a piece of Travis Maddox so they’re whores and bitches and are just dumb and stupid. Wow. What a gentleman.


I would never, ever wish for Travis Maddox to be my boyfriend. I would never, ever wish to meet him. And nothing could prove me that he’s anything more than disgusting. There are actual, nice guys out there, one of them being my best friend, and they’re all being overshadowed by this. Unbelievable.


Abby Abernathy


Abby is exactly the kind of a person I hate. She’s snobby, selfish, manipulative, batshit crazy, slut-shames all the girls right and left, thinks that having a boyfriend and break-up are the worst thing in the world, and doesn’t see the difference between a reality and a delusion. Most of the reviews mention Travis and his abnormal behaviour and, as said above, I absolutely agree, but can we talk about Abby for a minute? Because Abby Abernathy is just as bad. Abby is not a victim. Oh man, she’s as far from the victim as it gets. She’s the bitchiest heroine to the date, and not in a good way. She’s one manipulative person that will take and never give back. She’s also perfect and every fucking guy wants her. She has no shame. She plays with both guys at once, cheats on the one with the other and feels good about it. She doesn’t care about people’s feelings – except for Travis’ of course. She thinks her best friend is a bitch and a slut and the other way around, too. She slut-shames the girls who have sex, or any other girl for that matter. Everyone is a whore. Even the girl, Kara, she’s a roommates with, is a bitch and a dumb idiot. Not to only say that Kara is probably one of the only normal characters in this book, but she’s also done nothing wrong. I’d slap Abby a long time ago if I were Kara.


I’ve never felt any remorse for Abby. I did not care for her problems with her shitty father or her problems with Travis, when there were ones. Maybe this will sound harsh, but fuck it, she deserves what she got. She was always the one to leave everyone hanging when Travis were in question. She did not care for Parker’s feelings at all. All she cared about was Travis, sex, Travis, sex. If she hurt someone in the process, who the fuck cares? Because she’s always right and nobody else who tell her differently have a point. She loves Travis so fuck them all, right?


Her friends are also of no help. America (America, seriously??) is just there patting her on the back and saying she’s right every time or pushing her to get with Travis or whatever the hell. She’s as annoying as Abby, maybe even more. I’d never want her in my fucking life. Abby and she both come off as shallow and stupid – exactly the way they’re describing all the other girls. Reality check, you’re no better than them. Finch is just your stereotypical gay character who’s just there to be there. He’s as pointless as a statue.


All of the other characters are pretty fucking useless. They are there to be there and there’s no depth to them whatsoever. Actually, all of the characters lack any real depth and trying to connect to them was impossible.


Serious situations are also done badly. Like Abby and her past. There is not an actual mention of how dangerous the poker or Vegas, for that matter, is and that way it can actually affect the person’s life and things it can do to a person. It’s all just wrapped up in a nice little bow and Abby is even more perfect than she was before. I can’t take that seriously. I can’t take Travis lusting after her even more than before when he finds out who her father is. No, just no. That’s nothing to be lusting after and it’s absolutely disgusting. Abby and Travis… you’re just so fucked up it’s not even funny.


You know, the more I think about it, the more I think they’re perfect for each other. They’re both crazy and manipulative and controlling. Perfect couple, right?


I’ve already spent more than enough time on this book so I’m finishing up here. If I forgot something, I truly am sorry. I’m just really disturbed and really pissed off. I think I’ve learned a lesson from this though and that is – never read something just out of pure curiosity because it can end deadly. Almost.


I’m out.

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review 2014-05-21 17:15
Well... it's better than the movie, that's for sure
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare

3 stars because of this being entertaining as hell, potential Magnus and Alec (like, I need more of them okay?) and these random funny moments that made me laugh out loud till tomorrow. All the other things, the characterisation, the MC (I went nuts with her), the love interest, ridiculous similes and plot holes are just a big fat no.


You know, I had this book since 2010 and I still haven't read it until now. And I've a translated version to my native language from the library. I don't know why but whenever I'd start it before, I'd put it down - the latest being glaring grammar errors and my unableness to get into the story. But, now as I borrowed the two next books from the library, too (and that's as far as I'm going with this series), I'm reading it all in one go.


So yeah, I don't have much to say about this. I have no idea if this is plagiarised, I wouldn't be surprised if it was (it was one of the reasons I was avoiding this book like a plague), and if it is, then Cassandra Clare, I don't like you at all. But I tried to forget the disturbing story I've read about this situation before, and get into the book. I guess I succeeded, which definitely doesn't mean I should like the author. Because I don't. Oh wait, does this go against GR policy? Oops. Well, Booklikes is cooler. You guys rock!


Anyway, I'll continue with this till the book 4 and hopefully will finish it in a week's time. Gah, I'm too busy these days.


P. S. The movie was so bad I was cringing the whole way on the train whilst watching it. Like, why? They even had a decent cast! People I've seen acting before and they were real fucking good! It's such a shame. Sigh.

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review 2014-05-03 19:53
Mean Girls 3.0
Just Sing - René Gilley

This book... What do I say about this book? I've felt like I was reading a bad book remake of Mean Girls, only far less enjoyable and fun. This book tries really hard. It tries really hard to show real life morals, what's right and what's wrong, the right to follow your dreams, importance of a family and acceptance... and it fails in almost every aspect. Instead of topics mentioned above being a main focus of a book, we get our main characters Lily pining half of a time over her hot new neighbour and thinking about how hot he is and how she reaaaaaally wants him to kiss her, and the other half of the time reminding us how her ex-best friend Melanie is a bitch and a slut for wearing tops and shorts and... yeah, no. Look, Mean Girls makes it fun and funny and mate, I laughed every time I watched that movie but I'd never taken it seriously and was always looking at it as a hilarious (but even a true) way of portraying high school. But this book doesn't even try to make it hilarious. Okay, yes, I know Lily's dealing with family issues, her career issues (um yeah) and a hot boy, but maaaaaaaate, you don't have to slut-shame right and left and make sure to point out how you are better than every other girl and how much of a bitch Melanie isssssss. This book didn't want to be funny, I get it, but you shouldn't have thrown Mean Girls vibe into the mix then.


I don't even know what writing here was, to be honest. It was, at the same time, overly repetitive, and was lacking some much-needed descriptions. Reading a "he said this, she said that" and "I did this, he did that" over and over again gets boring. It's always telling, no showing. I couldn't connect with characters in any possible way because there was no emotion whatsoever behind any of it.


Another major issue I've had with writing particularly, was dialogue. It was so awkward and out of the place 99% of a time and every other sentence, characters seemed to drop the bombshells on each other (and on us, readers), that I'd stop reading and ask myself "Where the hell did that come from?" For example:


Dr. Cohen gestured to some chairs by Jack's desk. "Let's all have a seat." His serene demeanor was soothing, and I started to calm a bit. We all sat, but I couldn't keep my eyes off Dad.

"Lily, I screwed up. I've hit rock bottom. I'm going to rehab."


The hell? Where the fuck did that come from? Give me some intro, some guiding in this bombshell you're dropping. But better yet, Lily isn't even surprised! She's just happy! Like she had expected it all along, even though her dad never seemed to want to recover or whatever.


Then we have this fucked up, confusing writing that seems to go on in almost every YA novel. Like, using words that make no sense, or making impossible things possible.


His jaw muscles twitched and his eyes looked stormy.


How the fuck did his eyes look stormy?Somebody, please, explain, because I've never seen the storm in anyone's eyes. Not even my mother's, and she can be an angry, angry woman.


My heart still hurt like hell.


Um, I think you should get that checked because, you know, I would get worried if my heart hurt like hell for so long. Maybe your heartache isn't a heartache because, um, heart isn't really broken and it can't really hurt from it. I mean, seriously?


The amount of unrealistic situations in this book also worries me. From the way Lily gets to the singing school, to the way her family issues get easily solved, from loving/unloving mother, from probably-cheating-somehow-boyfriend-but-you-won't-find-that-out-until-the-book-two crisis, to girls' war. Look, I get it, this book was going for an inspirational card, but let's be honest, if you want your dreams come true, it won't always be easy, it won't always go smooth. And maybe some would argue that this book shows that because Lily doesn't make her dreams come true from the first try, but the bumps that she meets along the road are barely there, and she dwells on them from about half a second before going back to thinking about Aiden. And after all, she gets everything done just like that and it pisses me off to no end. I'm quite sure that my family wouldn't be all "Yes! Yes! Go, go! Follow your dreams! Sing, just sing!" if I asked them to study in private school made for singing or whatever, just after I've done my share of "Please, please, pweasseeee! I'll pay for everything!!" To make things even better, Lily unbashfully shames all the singing competitions even though they make half of a music industry, doesn't own a phone, or has any of the social sites, and doesn't know that "that TV show with that high school choir" is called Glee even after actually watching it. It makes me wonder how the hell she would even make it in music industry with being as asocial and, well, as oblivious to the today's music industry as she is.


Then there are also her issues with apparently, shorts-wearing, top-wearing girls, and basically every fucking girl she comes in touch with. Because, you know, she's better than anyone and she's going to be a singer one day so who the fuck cares, right? And every girl who even looks at her Aiden is a slut, and Lily has every right to get jealous when he kisses another girl, even though they're not dating. She gets to act like an idiot, and Aiden always has to apologise no matter that they are not dating, that they're just friends. I don't even know why Aiden puts up with her. Of course, I could not know that when all I know is that he's hot and has daddy issues. Oh, he also has dimples (mentioned at least 34829423 times). Basically, none of the characters were built in any way. Mean girl is a mean girl, love interest is a love interest, and MC is perfect. Side characters are barely there. They're mentioned here and there, when the author remembers them, and they're just there to have some plotline.


This book lacks depth and actual emotions. We are always told how the character feels but I never got to feel whatever emotion the character was feeling. It was annoying, unrealistic, and unpalatable read. I won't pick up the next book in the series, no matter that there are one million cliffhangers at the end because I'm just not interested.


Now, excuse me while I do my I'm-sick dance along with Ed Sheeran's "Sing". I need fun in my life.

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review 2014-04-02 20:55
Throwaway Girl - Kristine Scarrow
Throwaway Girl - Kristine Scarrow

Okay, so, this book is really hard to rate, especially when I felt like I was reading two books. So, what I'm going to do now is that I'm going to spill this book in two parts - the present and the past, as the book was going back and forth between those two. I will find it much easier to review like this so here it goes.




Rating: 2/5 stars


I didn't enjoy the present part of this story much. Some things were way too rushed, it was lacking a real emotion, and some things were just so different than the others that I've felt as if I was reading two books at once (this is only the present and if you count the past, too, it is actually three books). The first chapter has nothing to with the rest of a book - writing wise. When I started reading, I've felt like I was reading some angst-y teenage diary, with slut-shaming and everything else that some teenager can think of writing (I'm still a teenager, I would know). You could probably imagine my reaction. Now, we have the rest of a story and it's a completely different story. It is like some other person has written the rest. I don't get it. We have girls in tight skirts and acting really bitchy and we have drinking and drugs and, can you imagine - MC (or Andy) didn't shame any of them. In fact, she becomes best friends with slutty girl and she participates in other activities. My surprise was bigger than the Eiffel Tower.


Andy is like completely different girl. She is sweet, she helps the others, she is fragile and, guess what, she's not perfect. She doesn't act like she is superior over the others. She doesn't let her friends down. She's not a bitch. So, in conclusion, the first chapter is very misleading. And it seriously needs to be changed.


Although, I wish the rest of the story was going the way the first part did. We have Andy in group home, Haywood House, and we follow her life there a bit. We get to see how's the girls' live there, how they act and how they function. They are very close-knit and they all keep together. Then the new girl comes and she is different. She doesn't want to hang out with anybody, she thinks she is better than anybody else and she doesn't want to be accepted because she thinks she is going to get out of there soon. After one event though, she breaks down and becomes best friends with Andy.


This character's development, Trina's, is amazing. We see her like someone who's pissed at the world, angry and sad, and we see her grow in this happy person who hopes for her happy ending and we see her fall again. If you ask me, she is much more developed than a main character and I would have liked if she took that role because she is more interesting and more complicated than Andy. I found myself enjoying her. She has grown onto me throughout the book, even more than Andy, and I really wished I could have read her story and only hers.


Unfortunately, after Andy leaves a group home, plot starts to go downfall. So many events happen in a short amount of time, we have a love interest that doesn't make much sense, surplus events and an ending I didn't like at all.


Let me get to the love interest. There is not development going on in the area at all. A guy almost hits Andy with a car and soon after, they are dating. What? Seriously, it all left me so damn confused. He gives her a ride home the day he almost hit her and soon they are hanging out, talking and kissing. It is almost described that way. They love each other two chapters (of a present) after and moving together also two chapters after.


This story could have gone easy without a romance. It had a good plot, good idea and it would have been so much better if the love interest wasn't involved in the story at all. It only made me more annoyed and make this book more unbearable.

Luckily, the next part saved it.





Rating: 3.5/5 stars


The past is so, so much better than the present part of this story. It has the emotions the other part was lacking of, Andy is much more developed as a character (though that I can transcribe to the course of the years this was happening) and it deals with a lot of heavy subjects. It is more slow-paced than the present and I have found myself waiting for the past to kick off again.


First off, I enjoyed the narration more. It is not much different but I guess the emotions and the naiveness of a main character gave something special to it. We follow Andy through the course of the years she has spent before coming to Haywood House. This part deals heavily with abuse, alcoholism, cutting and rape. It is hard to get through sometimes and there is a lot of to take in, in a small amount of time. Although some parts weren't near perfect, it was better than the present.


Andy, or Beatrice, is this small, naive but happy child that suffers from abuse from her mother. Her mother is a drunk and she is never satisfied with her. Andy's only escape is school where she gets to spend time with her favourite teacher she soon starts to think of as a mother. Soon though, her teacher notices there is something wrong with her and a social worker is called. Andy confesses everything and she is taken away from her abusive mother.


She is put in a foster home with people that literally give her everything she wants and needs. They were going to adopt her but something happens and she is put in another foster home. There are two other kids already who introduce her with alcohol and drugs.


There, she also meets a guy named Marcus. He is a lot older than her and soon, she replaces a simple crush with love. She becomes naive and believes him blindly. She doesn't trust anyone who tells her he is not right for her, even if something weird is definitely happening.


You don't find this in YA literature often. More times than not, this kind of situation would be a main love story. No matter that a guy is creepy. No matter that a girl clearly doesn't want to have sex. No matter that there surely is some funny business going on. It is all fine if he is hot. Finally, we have a realistic situation. We have rape that is taken as rape, not as something that the main character 'wanted' after awhile. Instead, we have her leaving everything and being homeless. We have her finding release in cutting and making herself worse. It is realistic. It is something that meeds to be handled in YA literature more. Because young girls need to know that it's not okay if a guy pushes you onto the couch and you don't have any way to escape so it is okay because he is hot and you are fragile. Only for this alone, I could easily give this book 5 stars and trust me, if only past was in this book, with just a little more development, it could have easily ended up being that way.


Don't let me fool you, the writing isn't anything special. But some parts of the plot and characters made me look past it. It isn't bad, it isn't perfect, grammar still needs work but I enjoyed this book. I would be lying if I said differently.


All in all, I liked the past more. It would work better if we only had it involved, along with some parts of a present. Love interest was  unnecessary and some parts were too rushed. But it was still better than the most YA books these days so there is that too.



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