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text 2019-11-11 09:30
Top Boating safety Tips - Safe Boating Certificates Online Course

You must have heard “Precaution is better than cure”. Yes, just following a few simple precautions and education of safe boating courses can prevent you from boat accident injuries. Read the given essential boating safety tips to help you stay safe on the water.

Follow the Essential Boating Safety Tips:


Education is a must, educate your passengers: Before planning an outing, plan to educate your passenger, provide them the information about Safe Boating courses. Tell them what is this and what are the benefits of taking these courses. Boating courses include Environmental Protection, Emergency Procedures, Equipment, Navigation. You can go to this link to signup for a Safe Boating License.



Don’t forget to have a full inspection of your boat: Check out all boat belongings before boarding. Confirm boat is well equipped, make sure the tank is full and is highly maintained with all lights, boat parts are working properly, check your engine for any leaks or issues.


Stay high alert for weather changes: Unpredictable weather may be dangerous or unpleasant. Try not to go out if thunderstorms, fog, or high winds are a possibility in the forecast. As quickly and safely as possible return to shore if the weather changes for the worse while boating.


Wear non-slip shoes: In order to prevent slipping or falling, you should wear non-slip shoes and footwear.


Always wear a life jacket: Since safety is very important, we recommend to wear a life jacket. Be suited with a lifejacket or keep a personal floatation device before you leave the shore.


Forget to take a drink while boating: In every state and for every size of the boat, it is illegal to operate a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Better be safe than sorry.


Boat insurance: Insurance could protect you in any sort of damage or theft of a boat or a liability claim so make sure you have Watercraft Insurance before going for an outing.


I hope these boating safety tips must be worth knowing. Following these tips will ensure that you are boating safely and can enjoy your vacation with your friends and family without any boat accident.

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text 2019-08-29 11:52
Importance of Safe Boating Education Course | Safe Boating License Online


We should not only know the rules of the road but also know the importance of learning to boat properly. Boating properly and safely is vital for your health, for your boat and family as well.


Boating is a fun and exciting way to spend your time with your family. If you are not doing this means you are missing something important in your life.


To become a better boater, joining safe boating courses really help you, It doesn’t matter if it is online or offline, you will get a wide variety of chances to learn. This gives you a safer boating experience. After joining the safe boating courses you will learn many more things like how to handle overboard situations, make you stable in high waves, how to identify approaching or leaving boats in the dark and many more.


If you are inexperienced in boating or want to expand knowledge then nothing could be better than joining safety boating courses or safe boating certificates. Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC is one of the safe boating courses providing company wherein boating safety courses are approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administration (NASBLA).



These are some points on the importance of safe boating courses that you must know if you are planning to join the boat safety courses.


  • Boating safety courses make things easier, faster and smoother.
  • It reduces personal injury and property damage.
  • It makes you a better, safer boater.
  • Safety boat courses can save lives.



These courses are mandatory in many states. It increases your knowledge needed to obtain a safe boating license or a safe boating certificate.


Getting your boater safety education will keep you updated with the law and qualified out on the water. 

Source: www.connecticutboatingcertificates.com
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text 2019-07-12 08:45
Benefits of Boating Safety Courses and Boating Education Course

Before the boating season comes, you must decide whether or not you want to have a Safe Boating License. For instance, if you are a new person in this boating field, you must have a boating license. This article is mainly targeted towards the experienced boaters who are thinking of getting a boat safety course before the boating season starts.


No doubt you might be a very talented and experienced boater but there are always some loopholes where you can go wrong. Or there might be some areas where you never knew you had a scope of improvement. 



The major benefits of boating safety courses include:-


1. Environmental Protection-

It is your moral responsibility to keep the area around your lake, stream or river clean, not as a boater but also as a human being. You must contribute towards preventing pollution, awareness programs and more. These are all small steps from your end that will ensure that the environment around your boating location is properly taken care of. A Connecticut Boating license will improve your knowledge on how you can contribute towards having a positive impact on the environment safety.


2. Be prepared for any emergency-

Emergencies never come announced. And if you have not been in such a situation before, you may not have the exact expertise in tackling such situations. You must know how to handle any emergency condition of fire, dangerous weather and more. A safety boating license class will teach you how to handle such emergency situations.


3. Equipment-

While boating, there are many tools and equipment that you will have to use for safe boating. With the help of this, you can make sure that your vessel is working properly. The classes for Connecticut Boating Certificates will tell in details about all the equipment and how to use them properly.


4. Navigation-

You can go along with your family to these Private Family Boating Classes and learn how to prepare yourself for all your future boating endeavors.


Connecticut boating certificates offer 2 packages for boating licenses.

This course runs at multiple locations. The rates are $75 for each student. When you sign up for this course, you get a colored course booklet of 80 pages and access to the helm.

The training for this course is given to your house or place of work. When you book this course in a group of more than 10 students, you get to pay only $70 for each student.


Call us at +1 (800) 832–7191 to book your course or email at info@connecticutboatingcertificates.com.

Source: www.connecticutboatingcertificates.com
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text 2019-06-26 08:49
Safe Boating License Online Courses by Connecticut Boating Certificates

If you have ever owned a boat, even if it was just 1, you might know that there are many boaters in the country who do not have the basic skills or any Boating Education Course. Not many have the required skills to ride the boat safely.

As a matter of fact, anyone who has a good amount of money can buy a boat and go to any scenic location with a map in their hand. But this is not the case in Connecticut. The state requires Connecticut Boating Certificate that can be earned from Connecticut Boating Course.


Age restrictions

Each state has different age restrictions for getting boating certificates. For example, in Texas, it is required that you are at least 13 years of age or more then you can pass the boating certificate course. Similarly, for Connecticut, anybody who is under 16 can operate a vessel without any certification under the supervision of someone 18 years of age or more who has obtained his CT boating License course for at least 2 years.


Always have it with you

Just like your driving license, you must carry your boating license in Connecticut wherever you are using the vessel. You will not want to be caught by an inspecting officer.


Be a responsible Boat driver

Always remember that just like your driver license may get suspended in some cases. Similar is the case with your Connecticut Boating Certificates and license. If it is found that you are boating in an irresponsible manner, your boating license may be canceled. Some conditions for your license cancellation can be not reporting any accident or boating while drunk.



Connecticut Boating Certificates is among the finest brand that can get you Safe Boating Certificates Online. Our Boating Education Course is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and the State of Connecticut. Our signup options are-


1-Day Public course– You will get a Colored booklet of 80 pages along with the access to the helm. The course fees are $75 per student.

1-Day Private course- Make a smarter choice with our Connecticut safe Boating classes and book for 10 students and get the package for $70 for each student.


Source: www.connecticutboatingcertificates.com
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