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review 2016-02-22 00:00
Day 21
Day 21 - Kass Morgan I'm becoming more interested in this series. I'm planning to check out the tv show soon. Day 21 just like the previous book, follows several characters in different locations and switches from past to present continuously. With so much going on, I think it will be more gripping to actually watch it play out on screen. This series focuses heavily on the relationships, and in this book, several secrets came out.
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text 2015-06-22 11:42
June Mini Reviews
Static - Tawny Stokes
An Ember in the Ashes - Sabaa Tahir
The Start of Me and You - Emery Lord
Black Iris - Leah Raeder
Even in Paradise - Chelsey Philpot
Day 21 - Kass Morgan
These Broken Stars - Amie Kaufman,Meagan Spooner

Mini review for the June books I've read and didn't feel like doing reviews for. 


Static - Tawny Stokes - 3 Stars. YA paranormal romance. One of the many freebies I've had on my kindle for ages, started reading in the hairdressers one Saturday morning, turned out to be pretty good. About a girl who's obsessed with a heavy metal band and gets backstage, only things don't turn out the way she hopes and she winds up waking up in a dumpster the following morning, but finds herself changing in really freaky ways. She teams up with one of the band's roadies who has the same abilities she does and they sent out to destroy the evil band.  Likable heroine, fairly decent world building revolving around succubi and inccubi. Though the mythology did get rather silly towards the end. It was okay, a reasonably enjoyable quick read. 


An Ember in the Ashes Sabaa Tahir - 5 Stars. I just loved this one. A lot of fantasy seems to have a middle ages or Grecian based structure, I found the romaneque city really interesting. While I was fairly apprehensive about this one since there were a fair number of negative reviews, I found myself utterly captivated by it. There was a definite lack of world building and sense of description, but I really liked the mythology. Brutal at times, though not the worst I've read. I loved the characters, how everything twisted and fit together. I NEED THE NEXT ONE!!. 


The Start of Me And You - Emery Lord - 5 Stars. Emery Lord is an automatic must buy for me. While I did really like her debut Open Road Summer I got very annoyed at  the girl-hate by the main character for any girl who wasn't her squeaky clean best friend. This book had none of that girl-hate. Everything about the friendships in the book were heartfelt and delightfully uplifting. Fairly predictable in the plot, but enjoyable all the same. Deep and moving in parts.


Black Iris - Leah Raeder - 5 Stars. Jesus, this is one hugely fucked up book. Chocked full of sex and drugs and horrible, horrible characters. I very nearly DNFed this several times. The writing was just genius, lyrical and pretentious, but almost like a punch to the gut, and very blunt at times. It became a compulsion to finish because I knew if I didn't I wouldn't pick it up again. Its a revenge against the sociopathic bully story, a potential love triangle boy/girl/girl which actually turns into a three-way (YES!!). Ridiculously hot sex scenes, though the constant sex got rather tiring and the drug use was just obscene. All the characters were pretty self destructive and deplorable. It became a pretty much love to hate it. I've never read anything like it.


Day 21 (The 100 2) Kass Morgan - 3 Stars. Nothing much to say about this one. I liked it. No surprises really, though I did find I liked the character development a lot more in this. Still trying to wrap my head around how different the books are from the TV series. One of the weird ones, where I then both in their own way, despite how different they are. Not a whole lot happens in this second installment until towards the end. Still looking forward to the next one though. 


These Broken Stars - Megan Sponner and Amie Kauffman - 3.5 Stars. I don't read much sci fi, often can't get my head around the sciencey side of things. I did find myself really liking this one, I had it in my head was sort of like 'Titanic' in space. But its not like that at all really. Easy story to follow, and I really liked how the relationship between Tarver and Lilac developed slowly, the character growth was pretty incredible. I liked the world building, the spacey stuff was very well written and easy to follow and picture. 


Even In Paradise - Chelsea Philpot - 4 Stars. Technically I read this one last month, but forgot to review it. Very predictable story, with incredibly annoying characters. In spite of that, I found myself really liking it. The rich kids in the story are ostentatious in the worst way but a lot of fun all the same, and I can totally see how the main character became totally engaged with Julia and her family drama. I figured out the twist about the accident as soon as it was mentioned. Still, by the end it was kind of bittersweet and poignant. Very enjoyable. 

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review 2014-12-02 08:50
Day 21
Day 21 - Kass Morgan

Day 21 is the second book in the The Hundred series. You can also read my review of the first book The 100.


--May contain spoilers for the first book--


Three weeks have passed since the hundred first set foot on Earth and it has been three weeks with quite a lot of surprises (for as much a government lying to its people in a Dystopian novel can still be called surprising). Things aboard the space ship aren't really any better any more as they are suddenly running out of oxygen (after 300 years?! Did they hid an iceberg or something?)


What I liked better about this second book is mostly that it seemed to have more of a story. The first book really felt like an introduction of a few of the hundred characters (and one that stays behind so we can get to know what's happening there). Filled with flashbacks it was as if there wasn't really any story yet. Things are different however in Day 21, as it seems there has been enough introduction and the story really starts, both on earth and in space.


Some things however have not improved. People are still only getting names pages before they get killed. The vast majority of teens on earth are still nameless (which I assume is great for them). These selected people were criminals so it might just be interesting to get to know what some people were confined for, I guess.

And I still thought some of the characters where still too whiny for my liking. When you're trying to stay alive, maybe you should complain about everything!


But it was an enjoyable read, and it made me curious to read the third book sometime.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2014-11-01 01:45
Day 21 - Kass Morgan

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you for the opportunity to read this book!

I've had so much trouble putting this review into words for some reason, but two Windows corruptions later, here it is!

Once I finished reading The 100, I moved on to Day 21. I wasn't a fan of the first book, but having already requested the second one, I figured I would read it next to get it out of the way. Thankfully, Day 21 was a significant improvement over its predecessor. Going into the book knowing it focused a lot more on the romance then on the science fiction aspect helped a lot too, I suspect. :)

A bunch of new characters are introduced in this one, some of them from the original hundred. I liked that we got to know more of them, but it felt like since the narrators were already semi-familiar with them, the reader never got a real introduction to them. It felt like some new names were just thrown in, and that left me feeling really confused for a while. I kept wondering if I should remember the characters from the first book, haha. But it was really nice to be introduced to more of the hundred, especially because I was hoping they'd be more likable than the main characters.

Day 21 has the same structure as The 100, with three POVs on Earth and one on the Colony. While I still felt like this was too many, at least the reader knows the characters now, and in Day 21, we finally get some of the much-longed-for character development that was more or less absent in the first book, due to the fact that the reader gets very little time with each character. I still didn't really care for the main characters much, but it was still a pretty big improvement!

In terms of world-building, there is a bit of an improvement versus what readers got in the first book, at least on Earth, though I will still disappointed on the "savage Earth" front. One entire section of the ship still remains unexplored, though, so that was pretty underwhelming.

I honestly wasn't too enthralled with this book, but about 2/3 of the way through, things picked up quite a bit, to the point that I'm interested in checking out the third installment in the series at some point. I still haven't seen any of the TV show, but I'm considering it, since I've heard it's better than the books. Day 21was, despite its faults, a solid improvement over The 100, and I am happy that I am looking forward to learning where it's all going in book three.

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review 2014-10-05 10:53
Review: Day 21 (Hundred #2) by Kass Morgan
Day 21 - Kass Morgan

I received a copy of this eBook from the publisher, via netgalley, in return for an honest review.


I decided to read Day 21 immediately after finishing The 100 as I was eager to find out what was going on with Clarke, Glass, Bellamy, Luke and the other characters I'd meet in the first book. Day 21 picks up where book one finishes, as the hundred approach their 21st day on Earth; a day that has great significance.


This second book is every bit as good as the first. Plenty of action and suspense and a little romance. More is revealed about what had happened with the four main characters prior to their arrival on Earth, which gives more insight into each character's personality and humanity.


The Hundred series is fast becoming a fantastic series that will appeal to a much wider audience than just the young adults it is intended for. 4/5

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