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text 2019-04-24 11:23
Expert Guide To Develop A Delivery App For Your Retail Business


This article talks about the ingenious tips to keep in mind if you seek to make a mobile app for your retail store to offer the service of on-demand delivery.


Apps have not just shoved people into different kinds of entertainment like gaming, live music and video streaming, but have also been offering lots of convenience in their day to day living styles. On-demand delivery services are one of them! Right at their fingertips, they can now order food from a popular restaurant, hire a cab, buy groceries, get laundry services, appoint housemaids/petsitters/babysitters, get laundry services and what not! While the key purpose behind many entrepreneurs in bringing on-demand services or delivery apps is to amplify their market reach without expanding their stores. App developers in Australia and other parts of the world have also agreed to the hyper-demand for instant delivery apps in all kinds of businesses because they are built with features that helped their sales customer base to grow remarkably.

Well, here this complete guide will help you to get started with such a delivery app development for your established retail business with an expert app development company.



Choose the category of your app

You need to decide if the app will be a B2P (business to person) or B2B (business to business) delivery app. This, of course, depends on the type of customers you target as a retail merchandiser, i.e. whether you will deliver products to individual customers at their doorstep or to small retail shops or distributors. This decision is necessary at first because the features of the app will depend on that.


Knowing well how the delivery process works

A delivery app has to be built considering 3 key agents, the retailer (the service giver), delivery agent (intermediary) and customers (the service receiver). The process of delivery accompanying these agents takes through these steps:


Consider the elementary features of the app

This is the most essential part of the guide as the features decide the fate of the app or how far it can benefit your targeted customers. Missing any one of them is not affordable.


  • Hassle-free Registration: Customers should be able to register in the with easy ways, through their existing emails and social accounts.
  • Sleek process for placing orders:  Easier process of placing orders should be provided features of quick product search, filtering in menus, re-ordering, wish list addition, real-time chat or call.
  • Order tracking: The app shall help provide minute details of order delivery, i.e. from the allocation of a delivery executive to the route taken for delivery and time needed.
  • Push notifications: It is essential to keep customers informed about the new things you’re offering, even if they are not using it for some time.
  • Mobile payments: With the world going for cashless transactions, make sure to integrate mobile or ePayments options in your app with integrations like PayPal, Amazon Pay or Google Pay.
  • Incentives or rewards: Give bonus offers, discount coupons or reward points for every purchase to keep the interests of customers hooked.
  • Feedback or ratings: Give your customers the option to give genuine feedback, rate your products or delivery services.


While the use of on-demand delivery service app has surged so much for their ease of use, easy payment options, timely deliveries and trustworthiness, it's time you consider one for your retail business.


Johan Smith is one of the expert App developers in Australia working at GetAProgrammer, who has mastered the latest app development tools and technologies to create incredible apps for businesses. GetAProgrammer is a premier mobile app development company in Sydney that strives to help businesses go mobile with intuitive and user-friendly apps.

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text 2019-04-24 11:22
Crucial Tips to Ensure Security of Your Magento-Built Online Store

With technology becoming more advanced, the number of profile security breaches are also increasing over the years. This has further led online customers to act more consciously while dealing with their online data. Any type of security breach leads the eCommerce store to suffer from huge loss of consumer trust. Thus, it’s of paramount significance to protect consumer data for an online retailer. Being one of the most efficient eCommerce platforms, it hosts a set of high-end security features. However, there are certain simple tips which you can follow to improve the security of your Magento store including the use of the platform’s own security patches. (Click to Tweet)

Thus, to boost confidence in your store’s shoppers, hire expert Magento developers in Australia who know about the latest security measures and trick get them right for your store.



Upgrading the store as per the latest updates


Upgrades to the eCommerce software certainly help in maintaining a safe environment as it provides bug fixes, feature upgrades and different types of critical security updates. All these updates are being developed to help online merchants fight against the latest cyber attacks and exploits. Thus, it’s in their best interest to regularly update their online stores for ensuring their security and protecting customers’ confidential data.


Making use of encrypted connections


Strong Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) authentication for data and web protection is quite crucial to gain customers’ trust. SSL certificates aid in authenticating your business’s identity thereby, encrypting the in-transit data. Lack of these certificates might help the hackers to steal customers’ sensitive information.

Making use of two-factor authentication


While considering the recent times, you can’t just rely only on passwords. Two-factor authentication has become the new standard when concerned to cybersecurity and is developed for mitigating various kinds of password-related risks as well.

Building custom path for the admin panel


It’s better to create a custom path which, will lead to your admin panel such that it becomes harder for the hackers to locate it. Thus, change your administrator panel’s link a bit more obscure and lengthy.

Making changes cautiously


One of the most valuable features of Magento is the extent of limitless customisation along with thousands of themes and extensions. However, if used without any type of proper audit, then these themes and extensions might give a chance to the attackers for backdoor access and they will be able to exploit your online store. Furthermore, regular backup scheduling and automation might also prove to be not much effective while fighting against the security lapses and data losses.

Being a responsible online retailer, your task doesn’t end with building a user-friendly online store. To gain customer trust and ensure the long-term success of your business, it is important to ensure the security of customer’s credentials as well. Thus, if you are in search of a Magento eCommerce development company in Australia to build, monitor, secure and upgrade your store, then PHPProgrammers can be your right choice to rely on. Contact us now.  


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Source : www.phpprogrammers.com.au

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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text 2019-04-23 13:15
Key eCommerce Trends to Know for Improving Your Magento Store

Magento has always been the spearhead in the world of eCommerce platforms and the saga keeps to continue in 2017 as well. Being the owner of a Magento-built online store, you must have thought of improving the standards of your store and fetch for maximizing the sales figures this year. The most ideal way to craft the most revenue-driving strategy is to have an overview of emerging eCommerce trends to rule the industry.


Following here is a list of the eCommerce trends of 2019. (Click to Tweet)


Low price isn’t enough anymore


A good customer experience is the most important to consider while running an online store. While considering the fast-paced world, you need to consider that people might get attracted towards your store because of reasonable prices of the products but, offering them a poor user experience can certainly drive them off. So, work on enhancing the customer experience apart from offering products at a low price. Some of the tips to improve the site are:

  • Speeding up the Magento store.
  • Nurturing leads with informative and engaging posts, blogs and other forms of content.
  • Enabling an easy checkout process.
  • Increasing interaction among users.

Social commerce will emerge as a bigger role-player


Social media platforms have already changed our lives to a great extent. It allows the entrepreneurs to directly connect with the prospects across the world. Popular social networking platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter work as the perfect platform for your business to have a global appearance. Public notifications related to discounts and special offers featured on these platforms will certainly drive customers towards your brand. Some of the tips to ensure so are:

  • Feature appealing promos
  • Use celebrity endorsement and testimonials
  • Give attention to social marketing
  • Integrate the powerful Magento extensions for content sharing on social media

Personal online shopping experience will rule


To gain an edge in the highly competitive eCommerce marketplace, every other online merchant is finding a way out to grab attention of customers. Some of the way to do so are:

  • Use analytics and big data
  • Provide useful information to users

Having these trends in 2017, you must consult with expert Magento developers of PHPProgrammers, a leading software development company of Australia that is dedicated to deliver the best solution to their clients. Being of the eminent names in their domain, they boast highly qualified professionals who have the perfect blend of skill set and knowledge to develop innovative eCommerce solutions that come with extensive functionality.


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Source : www.phpprogrammers.com.au

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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text 2019-04-18 13:44
Best Custom Web Design Albuquerque

Choosing the Right Albuquerque Website Design Service


Knowing what specializations to look for in a website design company can be overwhelming and misleading at times. Although many Albuquerque based website design companies have great experience with website design, a crucial question is: Do they have the experience performing website design services in your industry and more specifically in your sub-industry?



Further explanations for industry and sub-industry would be as follows… “Restaurant/food & beverages” would be the industry. “Mexican restaurants” would be the sub-industry.  Another variation would be “general contractor” as the industry and “roofing contractor” as the sub-industry.


These qualifications and deep experience levels, or the lack of, will be the crucial difference between you as a business owner spending the minimum amount of time, versus several hours and many days corresponding with your website developer or website Design Company.


Qualifying Your Custom Website Designer


Before choosing the right and Best custom website design company in Albuquerque, take simple and practical steps that will save you time, money, and frustration in the long run. In fact, when choosing the right website designer and graphic designer, the first time is so important that a wrong choice will cost you immediate sales and revenue in addition to losing existing revenue.  That’s a double income loss.



Allow me to explain how you would lose immediate sales and revenue. Many clients, especially of the age of 40 and below, judge the core competence of your company based off of your online performance, which includes not only a simplified and easy-to-design website but also customer reviews, social media, citation (business listings), presence, and ranking.


This is especially true if the potential customer or client is new to your city and has no referral base for your company, despite your business acclimation and decades of experience. There is always a competitor that’s younger and as hungry as you are, if not more so. You will have competitors who are willing to spend the time and money on website design and online presence. Then suddenly, boom! You lose your 10k catering job, or 15k roofing sale, and any referrals that may have ensued from that existing client, even if you were the most qualified business professional. Now do you feel that burn? Because the fact of the matter is it’s already happened to you whether you believe it or not.


Website Design with Real-Time Solutions


So let’s move forward with your decision-making. Finding a tech company with real-time solutions means making the right choice with a website developer that is a multi-service provider that is able to provide multiple marketing tools rather than just one or two. Working with an individual website developer who also has a day job and works on website design part-time may not be your best option because of availability options. However, a small startup website company would also greatly reduce your cost.


List of Most Relevant Marketing Tools to Complement Your Website Design



In Conclusion of Finding the Best Web Design Companies in New Mexico



Although there are many factors listed above, synergy is highly important. Making sure you and your website developer and/or marketing firm have good communication flow and dialogue is important. Certain industries are extremely demanding. Medical and spa companies have always been a nightmare for me and my team. And if I had the choice of working with this particular industry, there are a lot of factors I would consider before taking on the task


Finding a website developer or marketing firm that has vast experience in your industry or sub-industry would be a requirement that you want to be placed at the top of your list. Also, speak with multiple industry colleagues. Who built their websites specifically and what was their experience with that website developer?


Was the website developer timely and accessible?
Did the web developer have proper knowledge of the industry?
Does he or she offer any other marketing services that your company may need?

We appreciate you taking the time to read our article.


Michael Nazhekiah – Director of Marketing   




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text 2019-04-16 12:58
Best Magento Developers of Australia - PHPProgrammers

We at PHPProgrammers, are one of the best Magento Developers of Australia driven to develop customised and highly scalable eCommerce solutions. Our high-end solutions are a perfect amalgam of extensibility, stability and flexibility which, cater businesses of all sizes. Some of our service highlights are:

  • Magento Customisation
  • Magento Theme Integration
  • Magento Installation & Setup
  • Magento Extension Development
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
  • Magento Template Development
  • Magento Extension Development

We ensure our clients to build solutions at par with the best industrial practices and drive ultimate conversion. Thus, for online merchants with an eCommerce development project in mind, we are here to help you. Contact us now.

Contact details

Suite 2,

38-46 Albany St,

St Leonards.NSW - 2065,


Ph No: +1300 858 289
Website address: http://www.phpprogrammers.com.au

Source: phpprogrammers00@gmail.com
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