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text 2017-09-10 16:06
Darf in einer Küche nicht fehlen
Meine DIY-Küche: 44 x selbstgemacht von ... Meine DIY-Küche: 44 x selbstgemacht von Granola bis Kimchi | Gesunde Rezepte | Von Stiftung Warentest - Agnes Prus

Bei diesem Buch handelt es ich um ein "Do It Yourself" Kochbuch - insbesondere Rezepte für Produkte die man doch eher kauft und nicht selber macht, sind in diesem Buch enthalten (beispielsweise Macarons, Croissants, Ketchup, Sushi usw.).

Inhaltsangabe und Leseprobe des Buches fand ich ansprechend - ich muss aber sagen, das Buch selber ist viel besser, wie es in Leseprobe und Inhaltsangabe angepriesen wird.
Ich bin von diesem Buch absolut begeistert - es ist absolut überzeugend. Die Auswahl der Rezepte finde ich grandios, die Aufbereitung der Rezepte (Anleitung und Bilder) ist absolut toll und überzeugend gelungen. Dass es zu jedem Rezept noch kurze zusätzliche Infos und Tipps gibt, macht das Buch noch einmal zu etwas Besonderem.

Die Einleitung trifft absolut auf das Buch zu - wenn man einmal einen Freien Nachmittag hat, ist dieses Buch absolut perfekt, ein bisschen Kreativität in der Küche auszuleben. Und die Rezepte eignen sich auch perfekt für Geschenke.

Was mir besonders gut gefallen hat, sind die Zeit-Angabe bei jedem Rezept sowie der Hinweis welcher Schwierigkeitsgrad das Rezept hat.
Die einfachen Rezepte sind meiner Meinung nach auch für Anfänger absolut geeignet.
Auch die Auswahl der Zutaten für die Rezepte finde ich gut - denn sie sind nicht so außergewöhnlich, dass man für die Besorgung eine "Weltreise" machen muss.

Mein Fazit:
Das Buch gehört in jede Küche - es ist absolut empfehlenswert und bietet eine tolle Auswahl an Rezepten.
Achtung: Beim Durchblättern bekommt man Hunger ;)

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url 2017-05-30 03:49
Free craft books in booklikes daily deals
Quirk Books D.I.Y. Gift Guide - Quirk Books
Welcome to Our Home - Knit and Crochet Ideas from Red Heart - Editors of FaveCrafts

Look in nonfiction section of daily deals (http://booklikes.com/dailydeals/free/13/non-fiction?page=1 ) then click there to go to Amazon.

Source: booklikes.com/dailydeals/free/13/non-fiction?page=1
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text 2017-05-29 01:35
House Cleaning Projects that Professionals Do Best

When it comes to cleaning homes, most people have to choose between DIY cleaning and hiring a professional cleaning company in Sydney. Both these have certain pros and cons which must be considered before making a choice. The choice depends on your unique requirements as well as the type of cleaning you are looking for. While some cleaning projects can be tackled without professional help, there are some that are best left to a professional. If you are dealing with some of the cleaning projects mentioned below, hiring professionals is the best option:



  • Carpets: Carpets are one such element of your interior design that accumulates the most amounts of dust, dirt, and small particles of waste. Apart from these, carpets can also get easily stained. If the carpets are not cleaned regularly, they give an untidy look to the entire room and are also result in health problems. With the amount of dust and allergens that carpets accumulate, only a professional service can properly evaluate and perform proper carpet cleaning.


  • Windows: You must be thinking that windows are pretty easy to clean and do not have to be tackled by professionals. However, while windows can be simply wiped down every now and then, ceiling to floor length windows or the upper windows must not be cleaned by anyone other than a professional cleaner. They have the right equipment to ensure safe window cleaning and do a better job than a DIY cleaner.


  • Drapes or Blinds: Even though you feather dust your drapes and blinds regularly, window dressings accumulate great amounts of dirt over time. Hence, they must be given a professional deep clean every now and then. A professional service will make sure that the blinds or drapes are removed properly and delivered back to you when the cleaning is complete. It is impossible to wash whole drapes at home, dry and iron them and then hang them back.


  • Upholstery: Your upholstery does much more than make your home look good. It also protects your furniture and increases its longevity. The fabric of the upholstery can get easily stained and accumulate dirt over a period of time. Therefore, it must be given a nice professional cleaning every once in a while. This will remove odors and even get rid of pollutants that can become health hazards for you and your family.


A cleaning company Sydney may offer customized service options according to the personal requirements of the customer. You can hire such services to deal with bigger cleaning jobs while you handle the smaller, easier ones. There are some services that work around the clock and the timings can be scheduled according to your convenience.


When hiring a professional, it is a good idea to calculate approximately how much time will be taken to tackle the project and the exact type of service you are looking for. Also, make sure that your budget is fixed before you approach a cleaning service. While you must leave some wiggle room in the approximate budget, make sure that you choose a cleaning deal which costs significantly more than what you had envisioned.

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review 2017-04-20 16:20
Photo Backdrop Secrets - DIY! (On Target Photo Training Book 12) - Dan Eitreim

Photo Backdrop Secrets - DIY!  
Have read many other booklets by the author and have not only learned new things but found them interesting.
Free bonus books linked in this book.
Lots of techniques are discussed and what each will produce in the way of the photo.
Lots of photos so you can see for yourself the differences. So much information about lights be sure to re read this book a few times.
Love the exercises along the way to try for yourself and how to do them and the results.

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text 2016-05-06 12:25
IndieLove Magazine



IndieLove Magazine is a new publication showcasing Indie Everything!!! From Independent Authors, Musicians, Film makers, Actors, Art, Etsy Crafters. With Bonus features such as content articles, recipes, DIY, not for profit and travel.


Website / FB / Twitter / Instagram


Artist Sarah Sculley – IndieLove Magazine Article


NYT bestselling Author Nashoda Rose Interview with IndieLove Magazine


When was it that you decided that being an artist was your calling?


Yesterday. True!


I graduated from the Queensland College of Art in 2002 as one of many fresh-faced graphic designers. As the years went on, the briefs came in, the changes, and changes, and late nights, and more changes, and the all-nighters, more changes and then having my creative ideas smooshed,


I decided that maybe being a graphic designer was a bit soul destroying. So I painted and created as an outlet. I showed my work when I lived in China and had sell-out shows. When I moved home to Brisbane I thought I had to become a grown-up. Buy a house, settle down, procreate - all those picket-fence, 2.5 kids ideals. Silly me. I worked my tail off as a designer for a company that ended up making me redundant, one week before I was due back from maternity leave. It was an amazing blessing. It gave me the time, creativity and freedom to put everything I had into a solo show at Jugglers earlier this year. In my eyes, it was a massive success. I am entirely proud.


Since that show I’ve had so many opportunities become available for me to truly do what I believe is my calling - art. Yesterday was the first spare second I’ve had to sit down and think ‘oh my, everything is falling into place. I’m entirely happy, grateful and I feel like the real me. The universe is working with me and right here and now is where I am meant to be.’ This is that happiness that everyone has been talking about! Huh!


Enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway to win a $10 Amazon or B&N gift card.



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