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review 2017-05-19 11:22
Becoming Less Defined (Built Another World #1) by silver9mm
Becoming Less Defined - silver9mm

An entertaining fanfic in which Dean and omega Jensen switch universes. Dean is unable to convince Alpha Jared that he is not a psychotic Jensen and Dr Alistair provides the drugs to 'treat' him. Meanwhile Sam falls under the spell of omega Jensen in heat.

'Jensen latched onto him and would not let go. Arms around his waist, the kid held on with that incredible strength Sam encountered earlier and he was as good as trapped on the bed. The scent Jensen was giving off was dizzying—sweet, comforting, arousing—was tickling some part of his brain where he stored sin.'

Source: archiveofourown.org/works/2141112?view_full_work=true
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review 2017-03-31 20:15
Release Day ARC Review: My Dragon, My Knight by John Inman
My Dragon, My Knight - John Inman

First off, trigger warnings: Domestic Violence, physical, mental, and emotional abuse, and dubious consent.

This book is a lot darker than John Inman's usually sweet, funny, and somewhat fluffy romances. Sure, there's a bit of humor in this one too, and a sweet relationship as well, but there's a lot of darkness too. Quite a bit of suspense inside too, not in the usual whodunit sense, because it's clear from the start who the villain is, but I was on the edge of my seat for the last half of this book, because I knew, I just knew, that... well, you read this for yourself.

Danny Sims, one of the MCs, is in the above mentioned abusive relationship with his older boyfriend Joshua, asshole first class, and doesn't know how to escape the ever-tightening shackles he wears day in and day out. Having fallen into this trap, he now feels dependent on his abuser, without any friends or anyone to help him. My heart broke for him from the first chapter, and I hoped that he would find the courage to run.

Jay Holtsclaw is a bartender/owner of a bar not far from where Danny lives with his abuser, and takes a shining to the young man sitting at his bar with what is going to be quite a bruise on his jaw.

I liked Jay from the start. He was unassuming and kind, while at the same time only offering friendship to Danny, knowing that the younger man was in a relationship.

Danny's little dog is a thorn in the abuser's side, and when he goes after the dog one morning, Danny scoops up his pooch and runs.

Straight to Jay.

And Jay offers the safety of his arms and his home, and Danny learns to breathe again.

What develops next is a wonderful new relationship for these two as they make a home for Danny in Jay's mountain house. Their initial friendship slowly turns into more, and Danny learns that love is patient and kind and supportive and encouraging. Danny learns to trust.

The writing here is emotional and really tugged on my heartstrings. The more I found out about Danny's life with the abuser, the angrier I became, and the more I cried for this sweet young man trapped in such a loveless relationship, controlled by an abusive asshole who didn't know love at all. But I also smiled with Jay and Danny as they forged a new life together, rejoiced at Jay's tenderness and Danny's awe, and even giggled on occasion, though underneath all of those smiles and giggles, I feared. The author really kept me in suspense - again, not so much as to who was the villain, but as to what the hell he would come up with next. There was obviously the calm before the storm, then a few quick showers, and then all hell broke loose.

I cried hot tears for Ernie. Sweet, helpful Ernie who loved Jay so much and who gave it everything he had.

But when the storm finally came, I was also ready for the abuser to meet his well-deserved ending. Thank goodness for George.

Who's George? Well, you read and find out. I'll just say it was very fitting that George would be the one to deal the final blow.

So, yeah - darker than what I'm used to from this author, but oh so well plotted and written and oh so fantastic to read.

Get yourself a copy. It's available now from Dreamspinner Press.

** I received a free copy from the publisher. A positive review was not promised in return. **

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review 2017-03-22 18:36
Review: "Role Play" (Play, #1) by Morticia Knight
Role Play - Morticia Knight

"I love you, Phil, Sir, all of the yous."

Phil chuckled against the side of his neck then inhaled as if taking some of Terry inside of him. "I love all of the yous too."


Trigger warning: the title refers to a consensual rape scene between a master and his sub!


Well, wasn't this a nice little find. Of course, the premise was more than a little silly: three years ago, Phil abruptly left Terry because of a job. He basically dumped him without a proper explanation or good-bye. Now, Phil is back and tries to rekindle things with Terry. They agree to go out for lunch, where Phil confesses to Terry that during his absence he discovered that he's a Dom and into the BDSM lifestyle. And while Terry had never wasted much thought on BDSM at all, he immediately jumps head first into the role of Phil's sub only a few hours later. Um, sure. Ok. Whatevs.



But once I accepted that premise (or better: once I've put on my pink glasses) and decided to just roll with the story, it turned out to be actually really good.



The writing was more than just a little decent, it was actually surprisingly good and fresh. That and the author did a really nice job explaining the BDSM 101 basics.


The final chapter, which culminates in the title's role play scene, was really well explained and executed. While Terry's dark rape fantasy didn't bother me (probably because I saw how much effort Phil has put into it to make it satisfying for both Terry AND himself), it might still be a little too much for some readers, maybe even upsetting. So mind my trigger warning!


I recommend this book to people who never read a BDSM story before and want to dip their toes into this genre. You'll be rewarded with two flawed, but likable MCs, a respectful D/s relationship, and a second chance story with a lot of love. Oh, and did I mention that it was also HAWT?


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review 2017-02-04 11:19
twinsanity!verse by hellhoundsprey
twinsanity!verse - hellhoundsprey

4.5 stars. A series of linked fanfics cleverly utilising characters Dean and Sam and their real life counterparts, Jared and Jensen.

18 year old twins Dean and Jensen Winchester set out to seduce their 41 year old neighbour Jared Padalecki. Then when their dysfunctional father moves them away, the twins turn their attention to 15 year old Sam Wesson.

This series is by turns disturbing, explicit and moving.

'Yes, this is happening. Yes - and please stop holding on to this sensation of being scandalized, it's pathetic, really - it fits. It just fits. They are like this. You don't get it, of course you don't, but, fuck, this is the most beautiful car crash you've ever seen.' - Sam Wesson

Source: archiveofourown.org/series/291800
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review 2017-01-15 18:39
Review: "Violated" by Jamie Fessenden
Violated - Jamie Fessenden

"I like you, Russ. A lot. You’re a great guy, and you deserve to be with somebody who can hold you and make love to you—"

Russ held up a hand to quiet him. "Sorry. I think I got some dog hair clogging up my ear or something. That whole last sentence was just ‘blah, blah, blah.’ I didn’t hear anything after ‘I like you, Russ. A lot.’"

Derek stared at him for a long moment. Then a shy smile slowly crept across his face. "That’s okay. I didn’t really say anything after that."


Trigger warning: on-page sexual abuse & male rape!


Judging from the serious topic and the blurb, I was prepared to be left with my heart crushed when I finished this book. And I'm not gonna lie, this was NOT an easy read. Far from it.


But even though Derek's sufferings made me angry, raging, feeling frustrated and outraged most of the time, I've never once felt actually depressed or hopeless.


And that's because of two things:




Sweet, patient, supporting and comforting Russ. Russ, who was just desperately looking for love and a serious relationship, for "a nice guy who likes dogs and cuddling". Russ, who couldn't have stepped into Derek's life at a more convenient time. Russ, who took my heart by storm and instantly became one of my all-time favorite characters ever.



2. Jamie Fessenden's writing


The writing was very strong, and it handled the difficult subject of male rape and its fallout very well, with a lot of respect and dignity. There was just the right balance between the "hurt" and the "comfort" parts of the story. It was a satisfying and great read overall. Well done, Mr. Fessenden. Very well done, indeed.



So if you're mentally prepared for a tough and challenging read with a sensitive subject, you should give this book a chance. The author handled the heavy topic of male rape realistically and respectfully, but there were also enough sweet, tender and romantic moments between Derek and Russ to make your heart still go all "Awwww!".


This is an outstanding book. An important book. A book that will be staying with me for a long time. It gets a million stars from me.



Highly, highly recommended!


Thanks to Julie for the BR!

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