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review 2019-01-07 04:57
Ice Blues (Donald Strachey #3)
Ice Blues - Richard Stevenson

I do love a snarky bastard, and Don Strachey is up there with the best of them. <3 He's not always easy to love - like when he's bemoaning his forced monogamy due to the AIDS crisis - but he keeps Detective Newman and the bad guys on their toes. Even when they think they have him where they want him, he's always one step ahead, if only just. Timmy is way too good for Donald. I honestly don't know why he puts up with half the stunts Don pulls in this one. He has way more patience than I would.


The case is kookier than ever, as Don finds himself unexpectedly neck deep in political intrigue, possible dope dealers and millions gone missing - all thanks to some dude he met once at a party. Which really is all the more reason not to go to parties and stay home with a good book, if you ask me. Poor Timmy is put through the wringer in this one, but I think I felt most sorry for the anonymous men and women at Don's call service. You know they gossip about him during their lunch hour! Watching Don scrambling to stay ahead of the game, and the ease with which he lies and schemes and snarks his way through one scene after another was a treat. 


There were a bit more typos than I could put up with, especially in the last third of the book where "he" and "be" were constantly mixed up. There was also some punctuation misuse and so on. 

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review 2018-12-20 08:13
25 Reasons to Outsource Video Editing

The rise in video content online has seen a huge increase in marketing gurus using the medium to promote products and services effectively across the web. In fact, it has been estimated, by inc.com, that 79% of all internet traffic will be video content in 2018. Video marketing is extremely popular at the moment and that popularity is only going to increase year on year, as we see video engagement rates grow massively and rapidly. The use of social media makes for the perfect platform to push videos to a wide audience, and today’s high-tech devices mean your audience can be reached anywhere and at any time.


Video content is effective because they are memorable and engaging, your audience will be able to better process and understand the information presented to them when it is in a visual form like video. Over half of social media marketers are now utilising video content in their campaigns, with many considering video marketing to be the most valuable content available. Whilst it is obvious how important it is to use video content as part of your marketing campaign, creating that video content is another question all together.


Businesses today take on a lot of varied work, and it is rare for any employee to be focused on one area alone, and this is even more so the case for marketers who are often taking on the role of IT experts, content writers, designers and much more. It is often the case that a business will have some video footage to promote their company, however they are less knowledgeable when it comes to editing this footage into a cohesive and high-quality video. Whilst some marketers might have a few basic video editing skills or be prepared to teach themselves the basics using online tutorials, video editing is a specialist field and if done to a poor quality your video will not give the desired results.


Professional video editors are trained and highly skilled in creating top quality and engaging video content and outsourcing your video editing needs is a great option for ensuring you have effective video content. There are loads of reasons for why businesses should outsource video editing:


  1. Experienced Professionals


Small businesses who only need to make video content to promote their products and services usually don’t have the required skills to effectively edit videos in house. The most common reason for outsourcing video editing requirements is to get your video content edited by experienced professionals. Professional video editors have a huge amount of experience and knowledge on creating videos that attract viewers and increase customer engagement.


  1. Quick Results


Professional video editors have the expertise, equipment and experience to complete an outsourced video editing project quickly and effectively. They will generally have a fast turnaround time, meaning you can start pushing your video content sooner rather than later. Many professionals who outsource video editing will specify the required time frame for the finished product.


  1. Professional Equipment


Companies that choose to edit their video footage in house will often purchase a free or fairly cheap video editing software that won’t give them the highest quality finish and results they are after. When you outsource video editing, you are working with professionals who will have the latest software and tools to complete the job effectively and to a professional quality.


  1. All-in-one Service


Many individuals with a lack of experience in video editing will consider it to be the process of cutting and trimming footage into a desired video length and order. However, there is a lot more to it than that, and a professional video editor will provide an all-in-one service including mixing the sound, adding effects and embellishing the clip as and when required.


  1. No Commitment


When you choose to outsource your video editing, you are giving yourself full flexibility on the services you require. There is no need to make any long-term commitment, if you need one video edited then you can place an order for just that. If you want to increase the frequency at which you create and publish videos online, you can scale up the amount of work you choose to do with a professional video editor.


  1. No Up-front Investment


If you decide to go down the route of editing videos in house, there will be an expensive up-front investment to be made, including equipment, software and training. As video editing is an area that is always evolving and changing, software and equipment can become outdated quickly and with little warning. When you choose to outsource video editing requirements to a professional, you are avoiding all of these upfront costs.


  1. Relevant and Updated Service


As mentioned above, video editing is always evolving, and the benefit of having a seasoned professional on your side is that they will be up to date and on top of the ever-changing market. Outsourced wedding video editors are focused only on the video editing market, so they will also be in front of the latest trends and new skills.


  1. Complete Control


Even though you are not completing the work in-house, there is no reason why you shouldn’t still have full control when you outsource video editing requirements. Professionals will study your brand’s image and its market to ensure your video content fits perfectly with your existing company aesthetic.


  1. Guaranteed Talent


When choosing a professional video editor, you are guaranteed a level of talent and skill that simply isn’t available if you try to handle all video editing needs in house. You can relax knowing that the professionals have everything under control and have the relevant skillset and knowledge to produce a top quality finished video.


  1. Expert Resources


As well as having excellent talent available, and high-end technology and software, professional video editors will also have access to other expert resources you might not even have thought of. Perhaps your footage is missing something crucial and you need some decent stock footage to fill a gap, or your video could really benefit from having a voice-over. Outsourced video editors will have access to these types of resources and have them readily available to use on your projects.


  1. A New Perspective


It is one thing to have your own ideas and vision for a marketing video, but it can be extremely useful to have another point of view give their input as well. Professional video editors will have worked on thousands of projects over the years and will have a wealth of experience and are able to suggest new and fresh ideas that may have never crossed your mind.


  1. Save Time


If you choose to go down the route of editing all videos in house, it will take a substantial amount of time. Getting staff trained initially will be time-consuming, and then on an ongoing basis the time it takes to edit a video can be lengthy. Outsourcing to a professional will save a lot of your team’s valuable time to focus on what really matters to you and your business.


  1. Fully Scalable


Having a professional team available to outsource your video editing needs will provide you with a fully scalable service that can expand and relax as the video requirements do. If you are relying completely on an in-house team, there is a limit on how much can be done in any given time, whereas a professional video editor will not have this issue. You can produce as much video content as you need at any given time, one month you may need just one video edited, and the next you may need ten.


  1. Worthwhile Investment


The whole idea behind having video content and sharing it online is to build engagement and reach as many potential customers as possible. Whilst it may be cheaper to produce videos in-house, the quality will not be up to the same level as a professional video editor. Low quality videos simply do not perform as well online as high-quality videos, and so whilst the cost might be slightly higher, it is a worthwhile investment.


  1. Transform Poor Quality Footage


If you find yourself in a situation where you have some footage that isn’t great quality, you might think it is useless and avoid using it completely. Professional video editors can often transform low quality footage into a coherent and engaging video, a skill that amateur video editors will not likely have.


  1. An Unbiased Viewpoint


An outsourced video editing company will have a completely unbiased view of your footage and branding, whereas an in-house team might have their own preset opinions on how things should be. It is good to have a totally unbiased and fresh look at your footage, your marketing team might dislike something and not think it is worth using, but a professional video editor might have a completely different angle.


  1. A World of Talent


The beauty of the internet means that you can hire a professional video editor from anywhere in the world and they can work on your brand videos from exactly where they are. This opens up your options hugely, unlike with in-house solutions, there is no need to limit your choice to someone who is local to your business. If there is an amazing video editor based the other side of the ocean, you can still hire them as an outsourced video editor.


  1. Portfolios Available


Every online professional video editor will have a full portfolio online, so you can see their work and consider whether their skills are relevant to what you are looking for. This gives you the chance to view other videos they have edited and pick an outsourced service that you know can produce high quality work.


  1. Testimonials and Reviews


In the same way as you can view a professional video editor’s portfolio online, you can usually find some reviews and client testimonials as well. These will give you a great insight into how they work with their customers and if previous clients have been pleased with their final products.


  1. Freedom to Change


If you find a video editing professional and work with them on a new video for your company, only to decide you don’t like the way they work or aren’t pleased with the final product, you have complete freedom to never use them again and find a new company to outsource too.


  1. Effective Storytelling


Sometimes it can be tricky to effectively tell a story using video footage, and an inexperienced video editor often won’t have the skills or knowledge to tell your story in the best possible way. A professional video editor will have a range of skills and ideas to tell your brand or products story effectively.


  1. Experience of the Process


A professional video editor will have a wealth of experience on how the video editing process works, that an in-house team or amateur may not have. They will know all about working with clients and making revisions to produce a final high-quality video. Many in-house marketers who decide to have a go at video editing themselves will not be aware of the process, or even the best place to start.


  1. Manageable Budgets


Using an outsourced video editing service might be slightly more costly than in-house video editing, however you will always be fully aware of the costs involved, making managing your budgets easier. You can properly manage your cashflow and budgeting as you will know exactly how much you need to spend on video editing.


  1. Build Long Term Relationships


One of the great things about working with a video editor on an outsourced basis, is that you can build long-term client relationships, and they will feel like part of the team.


  1. No Breakdown Costs


One of the biggest downfalls to completed video editing work in house is the initial cost of purchasing the relevant equipment and software, but even once this is done there is still the constant worry of something going wrong. If the equipment fails, you will have those initial costs all over again. When outsourcing to a professional video editor, you don’t need to worry about upkeep of pricey equipment.



Source: www.smultitechnologies.com
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review 2018-12-08 04:20
Reading progress update: I've read 7%. And I can't read any more
Taming A Duke's Reckless Heart: Victorian Historical Romance - Tammy Andresen

(Prior reports linked at the end.)


I really tried.  I kept telling myself there would be a story, a romance, that I could read and review.  Somehow I would be able to set aside the problems and read the book.  But it's not going to happen.


Piper and her mother are set upon by thieves/kidnappers, but they are rescued by our caped hero, who turns out to be the Barrett Maddox, 6th Duke of Manchester.  What he's doing in Boston we don't know yet.


He rescues Piper, almost kisses her, then discovers she is with her mother.  He suggests/invites them to join him sailing to New York.


Here's where things about the writing just got really, really bad.


First, we don't know what an English Duke is doing in Boston.  Dukes have responsibilities that they can't just up and leave for extended periods of time.


Second, we learn that Piper's mother used to be "Lady Carolyn Vesser," but not how that title applied to her.  Is she an earl's daughter?  Why would she have left England and married an American in the 1830s?


Third, the original implication is that the duke is sailing on the same ship, the Maria, as Piper and her mother.  When Piper asks him where he is taking them,


“To the Maria.” He paused as his eyes drank her in again. “Although it’s an awful ship. I am travelling to New York as well, and you could both travel with me. You would, most assuredly, be safer.”

Andresen, Tammy. Taming A Duke's Reckless Heart: Taming the Duke's Heart (Taming the Heart Book 1) (p. 9). Kindle Edition.


A few pages later, however, we learn that he has led them -- distance not described -- to his own "boat."


“Lady Vesser, why don’t I send a note to the Maria that you will be travelling with us tonight? My boat is right here and I am sure you will be more comfortable.”

Andresen, Tammy. Taming A Duke's Reckless Heart: Taming the Duke's Heart (Taming the Heart Book 1) (p. 10). Kindle Edition.


Fourth, there are a couple references to Piper's cleavage.  She tries to cover it and Maddox's eyes travel to it.  I'm just not comfortable thinking that a well-bred young woman traveling from Boston to New York in 1854 would be wearing something that bares her bosom.  Even though it's May, the weather in the evening might be cool, and it almost certainly will be once they're at sea, so shouldn't she have some kind of cloak or cape or other covering?


Fifth, there is the matter of their luggage.  These two women are essentially moving to New York, so they have trunks.  TRUNKS.  Only one apiece?  Or more?  Oh, who knows?  The author isn't specific, and she just has the driver of the carriage pick up both trunks and carry them to the bottom of the gangplank to Maddox's "boat." 


Sixth, we get this nonsense about peerage titles, something that drives me up the ever-loving wall.


Piper and her mother are going to New York to visit (or live with?) Piper's cousin Sybil, who has already been referred to as "Lady Fairfield."


But now, in the company of the duke, Mrs. Baker says:


". . . Piper, I was girlhood friends with Mr. Maddox’s mother, Lady Priscilla Fairfield Maddox. Now the Duchess, of course."

Andresen, Tammy. Taming A Duke's Reckless Heart: Taming the Duke's Heart (Taming the Heart Book 1) (pp. 11-12). Kindle Edition.


I thought I had misread something, but later on that same page, Piper replies to a question about having family in England:


“Yes, of course,” she replied. “Actually my cousin, Lady Sybil Fairfield, Viscountess of Abberforth, is waiting for us in New York.”

Andresen, Tammy. Taming A Duke's Reckless Heart: Taming the Duke's Heart (Taming the Heart Book 1) (p. 12). Kindle Edition.


The same family name????  And a viscount is never "of" something.  Viscount Abberforth would be the correct form.


Okay, that's bad enough.  But how is Sybil a viscountess?  She's already been described as being in desperate need of a husband, so we know she's not married to the viscount.  If she's the daughter of the viscount Abberforth, we know he's dead because that's already been established, too.


Her cousin, Sybil, also needed to marry but had yet to choose a suitor. A sigh escaped her lips to think of her cousin. Beautiful and titled, she supposed most women would be jealous of Sybil, but Piper knew the truth. After the death of her parents, Sybil felt weighed down with responsibility. She was having difficulty running the estate.

Andresen, Tammy. Taming A Duke's Reckless Heart: Taming the Duke's Heart (Taming the Heart Book 1) (p. 2). Kindle Edition.


If her father the viscount died without a male heir, the title would have gone to another male such as a nephew.  In the absence of a direct male heir, the title would have gone in abeyance or reverted to the crown.  The idea of Sybil, a young woman in America, being given a title in her own right is utterly implausible. 


And what is this business of running an estate?  In New York?  Rural New York, perhaps, but the implication is New York City, since Piper is counting on Sybil's ability to introduce her to New York society.


Furthermore, while Mrs. Baker may have given up her own title when she married an American, she would not not NOT have referred to His Grace the Duke of Manchester as "Mr. Maddox." Never, never, never.  If there is an explanation for this, it needs to come at the spot the event happens, not more pages into the book.


Once again, the point is to make the pages disappear so the reader is lost in the story, not wondering why there are all these unexplained anomalies.


Eighth -- the overall effect.


The pacing is completely off.  The opening scene does nothing to set the plot in motion; all it really does is raise questions.  When Piper and her mother go to the docks to board their ship, there's still not enough explanation.  And there's no description at all!  I don't know what Piper looks like.  I don't know what kind of night it is.  Warm?  Breezy?  How does the air smell in the harbor area?  We get some of Piper's reactions to being touched by the duke, but it's kind of silly description.  Her heart is pounding.  Something happens to her nerves.  It's beyond clichéd.


This is one of those books that might have a decent romance plot buried in the garbage, but it desperately needs competent editing.  It needs to be fleshed out with good description, reasonable background development, and for the love of Queen Victoria, some historical research!


DNF, because I refuse to waste any more time on this piece of crap.












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url 2018-11-22 13:37
Photo Editing Services UK

Outsource your all photo editing requirements to us and save your time and money.


Photo editing services UK, like image clipping path, image background removal, photo retouching, image masking, multiple masking etc.


We offer trial service up to 1-5 images. You need to send an Email to info@imageeditingservices.co.uk to take your free trial. Take your free trial now.

Source: www.imageeditingservices.co.uk
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text 2018-11-19 13:50
Image Clipping Path process in Photoshop

Photoshop without any type of question as well as a problem develops fantastic change for the business websites. Various other software applications are the choice of Photoshop, which is made use of when there is no accessibility to Photoshop. Automatic functions can be additionally done by Photoshop yet not that much, it is really difficult to do and also has no great outcome.

Well in Photoshop there is a device called Pen device, it is made use of to attract a blue line around the subject or the item (we desire to maintain), this chooses the subject as well as removes the Background. Retouching- all kinds of retouching (Beauty Retouching Service, Architecture Retouching Service, Wedding Retouching Service, Product Retouching Service) requires Clipping Path Service or Multi Clipping Path prior to various other editing and enhancing, it reduces off the unneeded things existing in the picture.

They are utilized primarily on the industrial objective as well as likewise for the various other editing and enhancing solutions like-.
Retouching- all kinds of retouching (Beauty Retouching Service, Architecture Retouching Service, Wedding Retouching Service, Product Retouching Service) requires Clipping Path Service or Multi Clipping Path prior to various other editing and enhancing, it reduces off the unneeded items existing in the picture. Retouching is generally utilized for E-commerce functions and also typically it takes various other changing like turning, resizing as well as additionally developing which is under the picture improvement.

History Removal Service- This is the factor we do Clipping Path primarily, usually the Background the digital photographers usages are not the most effective selection, therefore it requires to be altered. History needs to be connected according to the subject need, what I indicate is if the topic is strong and also really elegant after that either your Background must be of a solitary simple shade or it needs to be clear. This, in fact, makes the based on remain in the emphasis instead of making the Background.

If you are not competent sufficient on changing pictures after that it is best to pick outsourcing. There are a whole lot of contracting out consultants and also firms, that are experienced on editing and enhancing all kinds of pictures like- Clipping Path, Image Masking, Neck Joint, Retouching, E-Commerce Product Service as well as my even more. They both are safeguarded to function with however firms have much fewer prices after that the consultant as well as also have discount rates, which minimize your price and also offer you high common photos.

Various other software applications are the option of Photoshop, which is made use of when there is no accessibility to Photoshop. Automatic functions can be additionally done by Photoshop yet not that much, it is extremely difficult to do as well as has no great outcome.

What is Deep-etching solution?

Clipping Path, as well as Deep-Etching Service, are the very same solutions that give the exact same solution. Prior to making use of the Pen Tool, the picture layer need to be opened and also after that the editing and enhancing must be done.

Why deep- etching solutions is crucial?

Well in Photoshop there is a device called Pen device, it is made use of to attract a blue line around the subject or the item (we desire to maintain), this chooses the subject as well as removes the Background. This enables the Photoshop to divide both and also make private. After the separating the picture obtains a clear Background, which can be changed to any type of various other Background (it can be a white, black, grey, formed or ordinary), it depends on the topic.

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