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text 2020-10-29 02:19
The world will just have two types of


Khanna further said that the workforce needs to be equipped with multiple skill sets and even multiple career transitions if need be.New Delhi: The workspace is changing drastically and very soon there will be just two types of people – employable in the augmented workplace and unemployable, a senior official at tech giant Oracle said. It highlighted the impact of globalisation, demographics, and exponential technologies on job landscape by 2022.About 7 lakh low-skilled workers in IT and BPO industry are likely to lose jobs to automation and artificial intelligence by 2022, a report by US-based research firm said last year. Employees who are not upskilling themselves are facing the brunt of the situation. "Employees nee-d to be more intuitive, irrespective of organisation fun-ction, more creative in the work they are doing," Sha-akun Khanna, head of HCM Applications, Asia Pacific, at Oracle told PTI.He further said that Oracle has an annual R&D (research and development) spend of USD 6 billion and integrates modern technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, internet of things and so on in all its enterprise applications.

"The world will just have two types of people – employable in the augmented workplace and unemployable," he added.On the other hand, tech experts maintain that though this trend is yet to take off in India, high speed chenille embroidery machine artificial intelligence has started featuring dominantly in HR (human resource) conversations and while terms like AI, chatbots and machine learning may sound intimidating, these technologies will not remove humans from the workplace.To keep its staff relevant in this transitioning world Oracle has moved all its enterprise applications to the cloud to provide unparalleled employee experience, he said.While automation will eliminate some jobs, it will also create some jobs that will support the "automation economy". "This allows our people to learn new skills, collaborate in newer ways and most importantly stay relevant in the ever-changing world of work", he said.According to FICCI-Nasscom & EY report by 2022, 9 per cent of the country’s 600 million estimated workforce would be deployed in new jobs that do not even exist today, while 37 per cent will be in jobs, which have radically cha-nged skill sets.


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text 2020-10-22 01:50
Honda has now declared that it is going to


Examples of potential side-effects range from stimulation of the nervous system to constricting blood vessels, to suppressing immunity.. However, there is always a risk of an individual coming in contact with this when he accidentally wanders into these areas. Individuals suffering from HIV, diabetes, under-nutrition and vitamin deficiencies, and end-stage kidney failure are at a higher risk for developing tuberculosis. While being shifted on a wheelchair or trolley, care must be taken to prevent the patient slipping off the wheelchair of trolley at these areas and causing more injury.Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)Staphylococcus aureus (S aureus) is a human pathogen, causing a wide range of infections from mild skin and soft tissue infections to severe blood infection.In acute illness, it causes fever and jaundice and, rarely, acute liver failure.

ASIMO is a 4feet 3inch tall robot which moves with the help of internal controllers and motors fitted on several of its parts.(Source). Its ability to climb stairs had grasped humungous attention from techies the world over. However, the Honda ASIMO is close to what we picturise when thinking about robots which, unfortunately, wont see any further development now. The last full-fledged upgrade was seen in 2011. Now that ASIMO wont be worked upon by Honda, the technology its based on will be utilised by other projects such as autonomous vehicles. The reason for its hype is down to its abilities to execute human-like tasks which includes walking, running, and jumping. The first version was represented forth high speed chenille embroidery machine the world in 2000 post which we got to see several version of it with periodic development.

Any machine which can perform certain tasks without human inputs could be termed as robots. In fact, YouTube is filled with clips of ASIMOs sensible acts which have gained a lot of attention.Honda has now declared that it is going to retire the ASIMO robot, which is one of the most popular across the world. It was supposed to represent its skills of climbing stairs when suddenly, due to a malfunction, ASIMO tumbled down the stairs after climbing two steps. But Honda managed to correct the potential failures and the humanoid robot was again seen climbing stairs perfectly in several videos.However, ASIMO also made Honda let down a bit during an event in 2006. It also performs tasks when commanded by human and talks back.When we think about robots, we get a picture in mind of a machine model with human-like hands, legs and face but not all of them are like that.


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text 2020-09-26 01:49
To do that they need new


That’s our goal and that’s why we are taking all of the steps we just outlined. Over the past year, we’ve gotten increasingly better at finding and disabling fake accounts.Here’s how it works:We use signals, including feedback from people on Facebook, to predict potentially false stories for fact-checkers to review. We’re starting in France with the AFP and will be scaling to more countries and partners soon.Internationally, we have fact-checking partners in six countries and we’re working to expand to more.At the end of the day, we’re trying to develop a systematic and comprehensive approach to tackle these challenges, and then to map that approach to the needs of each country or election. So we’re working hard to stop the spread of false news. We reduce their distribution and remove their ability to advertise and monetize – stopping them from reaching, growing, or profiting from their audience.

ON, one of Germany’s largest energy companies, struck a deal last week with San Francisco-based start-up Sight Machine to offer software that uses machine learning to improve manufacturing processes and lower energy costs. AI could be used heating, lighting and other household appliances to help them adapt to the daily habits of consumers and use energy more efficiently, Roland Berger said.European utilities could achieve efficiency gains of up to a fifth over the computerized embroidery machines Wholesalers next five years using such technology, it said, adding that less than a quarter of firms had a strategy to do this."Companies need to respond to this change and come up with new business models," Torsten Henzelmann, a partner at Roland Berger, said."To do that they need new technologies such as artificial intelligence.

Utilities can increase their efficiency by using more artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as software to predict demand swings in the power grid or to control home appliances, consultancy Roland Berger said."The rise of renewables, such as solar and wind that provide intermittent supply, has increased the need for intelligent IT systems to balance demand and supply swings as companies seek to meet energy and carbon emissions targets, the consultancy said.E.Utilities have started ploughing tens of billions of euros in investments into their grids, sparking a wave of merger and acquisition (M&A) deals and collaborations in the energy sector, with AI technology being one focus area. Power firms across Europe, which previously depended on coal or gas-fired power plants, are having to adapt to the expanding use of renewable power sources and facing a profit squeeze as wholesale electricity prices have fallen.


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text 2020-09-21 02:03
A uniform 5 per cent tax will


Furniture, mattress, bedding and similar furnishingTrunk, suitcase, vanity cases, brief cases, travelling bags and other hand bags, casesPrimary cell and primary batteriesSanitary ware and parts thereof of all kindArticles of plastic, floor covering, baths, shower, sinks, washbasins, seats, sanitary ware of plasticSlabs and goods of marbles and granite, ceramic tiles of all kindsMiscellaneous articles such as vacuum flasks, lighters,Wrist watches, clocks, watch movement, watch cases, straps, partsArticles of apparel and clothing accessories of leather, guts, furskin, artificial fur and other articles such as saddlery and harness for any animalArticles of cutlery, stoves, cookers and similar non electric domestic appliancesRazor and razor bladesMulti-functional printers, cartridgesOffice or desk equipmentDoor, windows and frames of aluminium.A uniform 5 per cent tax will now be levied on all kinds of food served in both AC and non AC restaurants.Mumbai: After months of bitterness over the high GST rate on food in restaurants, eating out is finally going to taste better from Wednesday!Reason?

The 18 per cent GST you paid all this while on food served in restaurants has been brought down to 5 per cent by the GST Council last week.Articles of plaster such as board, sheet,Articles of cement or concrete or stone and artificial stone,Articles of asphalt or slate,Articles of micaCeramic flooring blocks, pipes, conduit, pipe fittingWall paper and wall coveringGlass of all kinds and articles thereof such as mirror, safety glass, sheets, glasswareElectrical, electronic weighing machineryFire extinguishers and fire extinguishing chargeFork lifts, lifting and handling equipment,Bull dozers, excavators, loaders, road rollers, Earth moving and levelling machinery,Escalators,Cooling towers, pressure vessels, reactorsCrankshaft for sewing machine, tailor’s dummies, bearing housings, gears and gearing; ball or roller screws; gasketsElectrical apparatus for radio and television broadcastingSound recording or reproducing apparatusSignalling, safety chenille mixed embroidery machine or traffic control equipment for transportsPhysical exercise equipment, festival and carnival equipment, swings, shooting galleries, roundabouts, gymnastic and athletic equipmentAll musical instruments and their partsArtificial flowers, foliage and artificial fruitsExplosive, anti-knocking preparation, fireworksCocoa butter, fat, oil powder,Extract, essence ad concentrates of coffee, miscellaneous food preparationsChocolates, Chewing gum / bubble gumMalt extract and food preparations of flour, groats, meal, starch or malt extractWaffles and wafers coated with chocolate or containing chocolateRubber tubes and miscellaneous articles of rubberGoggles, binoculars, telescope,Cinematographic cameras and projectors, image projector.

Microscope, specified laboratory equipment, specified scientific equipment such as for meteorology, hydrology, oceanography, geologySolvent, thinners, hydraulic fluids, anti-freezing preparation28 per cent to 12 per cent:Wet grinders consisting of stone as grinderTanks and other armoured fighting vehicles18 per cent to 12 per cent:Condensed milkRefined sugar and sugar cubesPastaCurry paste, mayonnaise and salad dressings, mixed condiments and mixed seasoningDiabetic foodMedicinal grade oxygenPrinting inkHand bags and shopping bags of jute and cottonHats (knitted or crocheted)Parts of specified agricultural, horticultural, forestry, harvesting or threshing machinerySpecified parts of sewing machineSpectacles framesFurniture wholly made of bamboo or cane18 per cent to 5 per centPuffed rice chikki, peanut chikki, sesame chikki, revdi, tilrevdi, khaza, kazuali, groundnut sweets gatta, kuliyaFlour of potatoes put up in unit container bearing a brand nameChutney powderFly ashSulphur recovered in refining of crudeFly ash aggregate with 90% or more fly ash content12 per cent to 5 per centDesiccated coconutNarrow woven fabric including cotton newar [with no refund of unutilised input tax credit]Idli, dosa batterFinished leather, chamois and composition leatherCoir cordage and ropes, jute twine, coir productsFishing net and fishing hooksWorn clothingFly ash brick5 per cent to nilGuar mealHop cone (other than grounded, powdered or in pellet form)Certain dried vegetables such as sweet potatoes, maniacUnworked coconut shellFish frozen or dried (not put up in unit container bearing a brand name)Khandsari sugar.


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text 2020-09-07 01:58
The company says some


Talking about the software that facilitated the hack, Kaspersky says it wasn’t the antivirus software that allowed cybercriminals to breach into the system but pirated Microsoft software. Reports say that the Kaspersky Antivirus, which was installed on the system, was disabled manually in order to activate the pirated copy of Microsoft Office. This detection took place on October 4, 2014."The illegal activation tool contained within the Office ISO was infected with malware.The company says some of NSA’s files ended up on its servers after the antivirus system detected a 7Zip archive file infected with the malware.Earlier reports indicated that Kaspersky’s antivirus software, which was running on the NSA worker’s home computer, is believed to be China cap embroidery machines Factory the reason behind the Russian spies to access the machine and steal important documents which belonged to NSA hacking unit dubbed as Equation Group.

According to Softpedia, the user downloaded and installed a pirated copy of Microsoft Office 2013 and used a key generator to bypass the activation process. Once the classified docs were discovered the infected file was deleted for which Kaspersky says the "archive was not shared with any third parties."Kaspersky is currently banned on computers used by US government on claims that the company helped Russian spies’ attacks against American targets.The user was infected with this malware for an unspecified period while the Kaspersky Lab product was inactive. The malware consisted of a full-blown backdoor which could have allowed other third-parties to access the user’s machine," the Company said.

Kaspersky said that the malware was controlled from a computer server based in China and would have opened a path into the computer for anyone targeting an NSA worker.As per the antivirus policy, infected files were uploaded to Kaspersky for analysis.The company claimed that the computer was infected by other malware, including a Russian-made ‘backdoor tool,’ which was hidden in a pirated copy of Microsoft Office.Kaspersky has recently published the results of its investigation following claims that its antivirus software was used in an attack aimed at an NSA employee. The computer security firm has accused the malware infected software of Microsoft, the reason for the NSA hack and theft of top-secret US intelligence materials.


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