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review 2015-11-04 08:29
A roundup of reviews
The Dictionary of Magic and Mystery: The Definitive Guide to the Mysterious, the Magical and the Supernatural - Melusine Draco

I've collected some quotes from various reviewers, credited as we go...


"This is an excellent book for the beginner, and even those with more experience as it is impossible to know about everything. Recommended." MH. The Cauldron ~ Michael Howard, The Cauldron


"This is a thorough compendium of magical and esoteric information. The author has compiled a veritable treasure trove of knowledge any magical practitioner and seeker after the truth should include in their personal library. You might think this mere hyperbole, it is not. It is a resource, from which we can draw upon for further research, for learning is unending and its practical application is our goal" - Jan Malique, amazon


"I found myself making excited notes on Podomancy, Cramp Rings and the Angel of Death – and already wondering where these different springboards could lead. Within the dictionary format, the work is helpfully constructed into sections, ie; Black Magic, White Magic, while references for further research are relevant and not too copious...I’m convinced this amazing volume will stir the writer’s imagination and help to get their work noticed. Unique and memorable." ~ Sally Spedding, The New Writer


"This is a great source of information brought together in one book. A useful companion for anyone with an intrest in the subject. Clear, strqaight forward, no nonsense and no waffle. A bookshelf essential" - Miss Angela Stasiak, amazon

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review 2015-04-20 11:54
Workbook for The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception
Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power - Lujan Matus


How to cultivate this coveted state so it can be available at any time as a state of seeing. This is but the last section of this hard-hitting and practical text.
Lujan discusses four teachings to bring next-level depth to topics fundamental to any spiritual path.  As he sketches the context in visual language he prepares the reader to apply the practice of the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake". 
Written to act as a stand-alone teaching, or as a workbook for the newly revised "The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception" - Lujan's first book:
From the Publisher
The revolution begins within, and this is a step-by-step guide to setting your personal metamorphosis in motion, effective immediately.

Lujan Matus reveals here, in clear and accessible language, how to recover your authentic self, using the simplest yet most profoundly useful techniques you could ever apply. Complex processes of socialization distance us from our original essence very early on in our formation.

Our socio-cultural inheritance weighs heavily on our intangible self and is reflected in an erosion of trust in our intuitive knowing and a consequent inability to see and do what is truly necessary. This dilemma of conditioning, no matter where we are from and however aware we become of its intricacies, cannot be addressed by merely thinking about it.

A complete turnaround is required. Restoring our natural state of inner silence, that elusive axis of enlightenment, is our golden key to personal and collective freedom, and providing a precise and practical way to do that is exactly what this book achieves.

Your journey through the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake will open the door for your primal essence to return to your present moment continuum. This book delivers ancient shamanic wisdom and quantic insights that allow precious points of arrival to be sustained within the power of one's omnipresence.

The techniques in this book can be successfully applied to any ideology, religion or philosophy.
Contextualization and Review
Whisperings of the Dragon; Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power, like Lujan's previous books does not pander to the masses. This book provides a description of man's predicament, the causes and the key requirements to transcend it. These amount to the life skills of one on a spiritual path as life.

NOTE: The book does not teach shamanic practices to apply to clients. It returns to the fundamentals of the mystic shamanism that evolved into esoteric Taoism, and Tibetan Dzogchen.

This text best reveals Lujan's native philosophy in terms of metaphor and terminology. The Oriental influence is clear and did much to make my grasp of The Tao more real.

The Practice of the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake brings a clear and practical method to develop key life-skills of the manifested spiritual path. The purpose of the term "Path with Heart" was never clearer and now lives in a practicable context that I can gauge through a type of bio-feedback. This text stands out as a truly practical work of high mysticism minus the heady stuff.

Students of the internal martial arts, who tread that path with the purpose of combining it with their spiritual journey will gain much from this book. Important aspects of neigong are addressed.
Those on any spiritual path will benefit from this book and be able to enrich their path.
Source: www.parallelperception.com/books-and-articles/the-art-of-stalking-parallel-perception.html
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review 2015-04-19 21:34
Esoteric Daoism made practical
Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power - Lujan Matus

One of my all-time top 3 books on practical spirituality. For those who like the philosophy -but also want to actually apply it.  


Reaching inner silence is the holy grail of many practices. This text addresses human beings, sketches the principle challenges we face (what got us here), then leads down a path of making those key changes that can circle out into life.


For all who recognize the benefits of meditative / trance practices: Students of Shamanism, taoism, Chan/Zen, Dzogchen, etc. Applicable to any tradition. How? By focussing on that over-used tool called the mind, then providing a practice to gently turn it off, so you can discover the deeper you that has a mind but is not defined by it. 


Step-by-step instruction, no belief required -just practice. Short and sweet but hard-hitting. More please!

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review 2015-01-17 11:59
An esoteric medieval Christian text
The Cloud of Unknowing - Anonymous

Well, most authors that I know want as many people to read their book as possible, yet with this guy (whoever he was, though it is believed that he was a monk) opens, and closes, the book with who he doesn't want to read this book, which is basically anybody who does not have some intense spiritual epiphany. Okay, the version I read was a translation from the Middle English text, and I am told (in the introduction) that a lot of the beautiful and flowery language has been lost in the translation (not surprisingly) so I am unable to really comment on the poetic form. However, I must say that I am probably one of those people that he didn't really want reading this book because, well, I didn't think all that much of it.

In a way, I am not surprised that it was written by a monk because the entire book is an exposition on God (that is the Christian god) and seems to be stuck entirely in the esoteric world. Personally, I really do not find any benefit from reading such books that have no connection to the world in which we live, not to say that I do not like esoteric writings – some of them can be quite good – but this seems to be clearly written by somebody who had no understanding of what the world was like outside the walls of his monastery.

The reason that I rate the book so low is because I find good Christian writers are able to actively engage in the world around them, and while I do not necessarily agree with what a lot of them write, I do know that the good ones live in the world and interact with real people, as opposed to the monks of the medieval world who shut themselves away to spend their lives contemplating the nature of God. It reminds me of the story of this guy back in Roman times who built himself a column and sat on top of it so that he could escape sin, yet it did not matter how high the column was he could not escape the world.

It is not that I have a thing against the monks of the medieval world though because they were active in preserving many of the texts that have been passed down to us from the classical world of the Greeks and Romans. Without these monks we would not have Homer or Cicero nor would have we have, surprisingly, Aristophanes (though it was suggested that as they transcribed his plays they would make comments about how dirty some of them were). As for this book though, while it may be short, it is probably one to give a miss because, beyond giving us an idea of how some monks spent their life contemplating God, there is not really all that much that I got out of it.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1166411874
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review 2014-02-16 17:16
City of Pillars by Dominic Peloso
City of Pillars - Dominic Peloso

I obtained City of Pillars through a giveaway. This review contains mild spoilers.


City of Pillars is a dark conspiratorial thriller by esoteric author Dominic Peloso that reads like Robert Anton Wilson channeling the spirit of HP Lovecraft while Greg Stolze watches over his shoulder offering helpful advice.


You can read the rest of this review over at Book Nouveau!

Source: www.booknouveau.com/2014/02/city-of-pillars-by-dominic-peloso
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