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review 2020-06-26 03:38
Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls - Erin Kellison

Reve is the "It" thing. It's a shared experience when dreaming. Anything can happen, likely without real-life consequences. It's pleasurable, fun. Jordan's talent gets exposed while she is trying to support her sister (who you know is being stupid). Malcolm is tasked with recruiting those that have talent and can navigate the Reve. He is a chimera and is a type of law enforcement for the Reve. This was interesting, but it was confusing for awhile. Once I figured out the concept, it was more interesting. The ending was decent, but a bit abrupt.

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review 2020-06-10 11:19
Can't Help Falling In Love (Calamity Falls #5) by: Erika Kelly
Can't Help Falling In Love (Calamity Falls #5) - Erika Kelly





Can't Help Falling In Love by Erika Kelly

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Something about an Erika Kelly romance gives me the warm and fuzzies in my heart. Even through the inevitable heartache, I never lose that sense of hope I feel inside. From second chances to bad romances, there is always a sense of beauty in the recklessness. Coco and Beckett keep up the heart tingles with a love story that will leave you breathless. One night changes everything for two strangers looking to have a bit of fun. When the morning comes, the surprises roll in. Life moves on and heartbreak awaits, but can one unexpected twist help reunite these strangers in the night? Temptation packs a sweetly, addictive punch.

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text 2020-04-27 13:42
Add A “Wow” Factor In Your Event By Hiring Magician Falls Church
There are a lot of entertainment ways that you can serve at your parties. Well, have you ever thought about hiring a magician for your parties? Now maybe you’re thinking a magician? Yes – yes, a magician. A good magician can really entertain your audience in an amazing way that your audience will never forget your event in the coming years. When it comes to hiring a magician, Falls Church may have many options but the right one can consume a lot of time. Don’t worry, in this article, we’re going to cover some reasons, benefits, and the best magician in Falls Church that you can hire at a good price.

Why you should hire a magician for your party?

Hiring a magician for parties is becoming trendy now. For a magician, it doesn’t matter what type of party you’re going to host. Whether it is a child’s birthday party, wedding party, adult’s party, or any type of corporate party, a magician Falls Church is the right fit for any type of event. They can fill your any type of event with plenty of fun and magic tricks that no one can be left without fun. Here are some types of events for that you can hire a magician.

Magician for kid’s parties

We all know, how much kids love magic as well as a magician. Having a magician at their birthday parties in one of the children’s top wishes. You can really surprise your kids by arranging a magic show at their birthday parties and let the magician engage and entertain the kids throughout the party. Furthermore, handling the kids at parties can be a difficult task. But with the help of a magician, you can make it possible. A magician will engage children throughout the party so you can also have a good time and enjoy the party.

Magician for adult’s parties

Adult parties have always been a source of great fun and enjoyment. Well, an adult’s magician Falls Church can add more fun and enjoyment to your party. His mind-blowing magic tricks like rings, ropes, and disappearing objects will totally amaze your all guests and ultimately, your party will be remembered for years to come. All the guests would be mingling throughout the party during the magician’s magical performance.

Liven up your event by hiring the Best Magician Falls Church – Chris Michael

Are you looking for a perfect ice-breaker for your event? Or are you worried about entertaining your guests? Don’t worry! Chris Michael is an engaging, multi-award-winning, and fascinating magician Falls Church for hire. He has many years of experience in entertaining and engaging the people at every kind of show and expo. His mind-blowing comedy mixed magic will convey your message to the audience in an interesting manner. Hire him and let him entertain your guests in a way, they won’t forget soon.


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review 2020-04-12 21:38
If you haven’t read “What Lies Beneath” than you need to stop right here…
Without a Trace (Lancaster Falls Trilogy #2) - RJ Scott

…go get that book and start reading because this is one of those series…you know the type…where each book connects to the next one and chances are very, very good that if you haven’t followed things from the beginning you’re going to get lost and rumor has it that the woods around Lancaster Falls are not a safe place to get lost in.


In the first book we get to meet many of the characters that will continue throughout this series as well as the beginnings of a decade old mystery…What happened to Casey McGuire after he left Lancaster Falls?


For years Casey’s brother Drew (Andrew) chose to believe that Casey was out there somewhere living his life and hopefully being happy or at least he believed that until Casey’s remains were found along with a something more and now ready or not Drew finds himself returning home in search of answers to questions he never wanted to ask…questions like who killed his brother and why?

Logan’s only been in Lancaster Falls for a couple of years. After an injury earned him an early discharge from what was supposed to be a lifetime military career.


Once again the reader is presented with a story that has 2 main story lines the first one being the continuation of the mystery surrounding Casey’s disappearance and the ongoing graffiti that keeps turning up around town and the second one is the relationship that’s developing between Casey and Drew.


There’s a lot of tension as well as antagonism between Drew and Logan, that to say the least makes a relationship seem very unlikely. Drew’s only in town to find out what happened to his brother and help his mom give Casey a proper burial and then he’s out of there or at least that’s how things start for him. While Logan’s determined not to get involved with him because he’s a by the books cop, Drew’s leaving soon and he knows it and he’s the victim’s brother so it just wouldn’t be right, right?


Initially I wasn’t 100% on board with this pairing because I just couldn’t quite see it, but as the antagonism slowly went from antagonism to some rather interesting flirting and both men began to display small gestures that showed their feelings were changing, I began to like this match and for what seems to be some apparent differences these men also share some definite commonalities as well.


Drew and Logan are both ex-military and they’ve both got their own share of issues and alpha male in their basic make-up. But I think I struggled more with Drew’s character than Logan’s because at times he just didn’t really match my impression of what someone who does covert ops and is a sniper would be like…I don’t know maybe he just wasn’t badass enough or at least that’s what I was thinking until I realized that this was only a part of who Drew was. Here in Lancaster Falls he’s just a man, a son, a brother, a friend and he’s someone who’s looking for answers to what happened to one of the most important people in his life…his big brother. Not only that but given that he’s spent the past 10+ years telling himself that Casey’s alive and out there living the life he wanted he’s never come to terms with the reality that his brother’s dead.


In general the pacing for this story was a bit slower than the previous book but I found that especially when it came to the relationship development between Drew and Logan the slower pace just felt more believable.


Now about my favorite part of the to book the ending or to be more precise the last 60 or 70 pages. This is the point at which for me things really started falling into place and I couldn’t put the book down…so yeah I stayed in bed later than usual…sue me, it’s not like I needed to go anywhere #self-isolation, #goodexcuseforreadingmore


While there’s a lot more that I want to say about the ending of this book, I’m trying to keep it spoiler free here, so the best I can comfortably do is to say that for me the ending of this one worked and it worked well. I got some answers and I got more questions but most of all I got left wanting more…so please can it be June now?




An ARC of ‘Without a Trace’ was graciously provided by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2020-03-23 17:31
AMAZING book two!
Without a Trace (Lancaster Falls Trilogy #2) - RJ Scott
Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian, I was gifted my copy of this book. Bok two in the Lancaster Falls trilogy. I would say you really SHOULD read book one, What Lies Beneath, before this one. There is a underlaying story line that runs through all three and you need the information that comes out in that book. Drew returns home when his brother's remains are discovered. Logan is a cop in town, and the pair butt heads. But deeper than the need to know what happened to his brother, Drew finds he needs Logan at his side. Both men have their secrets, though. As the town reveals its darker side, Drew and Logan have to decide whether the other is worth the heartache. So, book 2 and Lancaster Falls is giving up its secrets. Darker, deadly and so much MORE than book one, I LOVED this! Drew ran, after Casey disappeared and did not return. He said some things, his mum said some things and they fell out, and Drew ran away to the army. Now, with Casey's body being found, Drew returns to face not only his own demons, but Casey's too. Logan is a distraction, one he will willing use to attempt to shut out his problems. Logan will, in turn, use Drew but to a lesser extent. Their first coming together is angry, its a battle, and its glazed over in a way that I really and honestly LOVED! I mean, the whole scene is a couple of pages, but it packs a powerful punch. It sets the way for these two, in a way I really enjoyed watching develop, and in a way I really didn't quite see coming. Something set me off about certain people, and turns out, I was right, but now I'm left with some questions about how things will become clear as to what happened, not only to Casey, but the others. Again, nothing is laid out for you, and I find myself putting bits together all wrong and now, I want book three! I NEED book three and I have to wait til June. I need to know what happened to everyone, and what that epilogue means, cos let me tell ya, I have no freaking clue how this will play out and I bloody LOVE that I don't! 5 more amazing stars! **same worded review will appear elsewhere**


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