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review 2017-11-25 01:27
E is for Evidence
E is for Evidence - Sue Grafton

Wow! Nonstop action in this one and a man from Kinsey's past shows up. Kinsey gets an unexpected $5,000 deposited in her account which leads to her bring fingered as taking kick backs at the insurance company she rents space from as well as does work for at times. Tracking down who is setting her up leads Kinsey involved in a family at each other's throats and her seeing one of her ex husband's. 


This was a cool case to follow. Kinsey is working for herself and doing her best to clear her name. She's at loose ends on the home front cause Henry is gone to visit his siblings. Maybe that's why she was naive enough to allow her ex husband Daniel to stay with her. Though I have to say the guy shows his true colors pretty fast.


There's a lot of going back and forth with characters we are introduced to in this one. It's a winding road to get to how Kinsey was set up and how it has to do with the insurance company she works at. We also get an ugly reveal about a family that still gives me the creeps. 


The writing was good and the flow worked. Kinsey is running injured for a good portion of this book and often I kept thinking how like the Energizer Bunny she was. I would have laid down somewhere and been done.


This is always one of my favorite reads cause the events in this book lead Kinsey to getting a new home. 


The setting of Santa Teresa though it's Christmas time feels desolate and lonely. It could be though cause Kinsey is left with few friends since some wonder could she be guilty of taking bribes. With Henry gone, she doesn't even have someone to talk things over with.


The epilogue has Kinsey injured and homeless and turning her back on her ex husband. 

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text 2017-11-24 23:19
Reading progress update: I've read 200 out of 320 pages.
E is for Evidence - Sue Grafton

Almost done with this one. We get a lot more information on Kinsey which I love. One of her ex husband's shows up and you have to wonder what she was thinking.


The stakes are higher in this one since someone is setting up Kinsey as taking bribes. We all know she would never do that, but someone else has to be.


We have one woman dead by a bomb and Kinsey is scared she's next.

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review 2017-07-05 06:17
Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare
Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

A young girl runs into a gas station, begging for help, just as Tessa Novak is grabbing some coffee. Before Tessa can do anything but ask a few questions, the girl is gunned down in front of her eyes. All Tessa glimpses are the fancy hubcaps on the car and the killer’s arm in black leather. And later, when she’s recounting what she’s seen to the police, she sees a man watching her. A man with a shoulder-length pony tail, wearing worn jeans...And a leather jacket.

But Julian Darcangelo, known in the ‘hood as Dark Angel, isn’t the killer. He’s the one hunting for the killer, and the people who forced the dead girl into the life she was escaping. A federal agent under cover, he’s spent the past three years hunting for the man responsible of enslaving and selling young girls. Julian knows his life depends on his cover and him remaining anonymous, but the snooping investigative journalist just might succeed in blowing that cover wide open...Among other things.

After the “breath of fresh air” that was the first book in this series in terms of main protagonists’s employment, this second one is more along the lines of “straightforward” romantic suspense with a law enforcement hero. Which means a more “straightforward” suspense element in terms of procedural, investigation, and subject matter as well.
It’s the subject that keeps this story in a much darker and somewhat bleaker territory than its predecessor, but also heightens the intensity, increases build-up, and pretty much scares the crap out of the reader. Because yes, getting murdered to shut down an investigation is bad, but we all know there is a worse fate than death, and the topic of this book touches rather heavily (and chillingly) on that.
I loved the intensity, the increasing pace, the gripping suspense of it all, the feel of danger creeping closer, I almost felt the impotence Julian must’ve felt each day as he waited for the right moment to tie up all the loose ends and end the agony once and for all. The procedural, the surveillance, the stakeouts, the interrogations, the action... It all worked.

But while in the previous book I felt the suspense and romance walked rather hand-in-hand, mixing and blending well together, the romance in this one wasn’t so prominent or balanced compared to the suspense.
For me, that had much to do with the characters. The hero, the tortured, brooding soul who thought he didn’t deserve any sort of kindness or soft emotions, and kept pushing the heroine away, and the heroine who was pretty much all over the place.
I got him. I understood his reasoning; his job, the life he’s chosen, the guilt, the chip on his shoulder. She, on the other hand, was just annoying. Although she got better in the last 40% of the book, the first 60% left a bitter aftertaste in my mouth.

While many would say Julian was the messed-up one, for me, it’s Tessa Novak that takes the cake.
For an intelligent human being, she exhibited loads of stupidity both in her professional and her personal life. I know she was an investigative reporter, and she was supposed to poke her nose into things that were potentially dangerous, but while Kara (the heroine of Extreme Exposure), also an investigative reporter, knew her limits, and actually listened to the police when they told her she was in danger, Miss Novak utterly ignored any warning whatsoever in the first half of the story, ignored any survival instinct in the book, and not only put herself in danger, out of sheer stupidity, but others as well. And it took the guy who kept warning her, taking five bullets to his back, for her to see reason and climb out of the TSTL hole.
And what was it with her men/intimacy/baby issues? She didn’t want to have sex with a man who only wanted her for sex? Welcome to real life, honey! She wanted a man who truly loved her, would make a good husband, and a good father. How will you get one when you keep pushing men away before learning whether he’s stick-around material? She didn’t want to end up raising a baby alone like her mother did, so she refused to have sex. Have you ever heard of birth control?

Anyway, once these two messed-up individuals finally got together, everything melted due to the heat they generated, and although they were scorching hot together, the romance in the truest sense of the world never happened. Because it couldn’t. There’s no place for roses, chocolates, and candle light when the world is crashing down around you.
So let’s say, the “romance” was main storyline and character-appropriate. Because even when he melted, Julian still remained in character, fighting against it until the end (again, when it was almost too late), while Tessa simply melted (and who wouldn’t with a guy like Julian Darcangelo).

So, although the heroine and her to-me-incomprehensible reasoning slightly ruined the first half of the story, everything else more than compensated for it. Well-developed characters (even if I didn’t get her, Tessa stayed in character), a tight plot with a complex, dark and real topic, gripping and intense suspense, loads of drama, beyond-hot scenes, and a perfect pace throughout make this a well-written page turner.

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review 2017-06-27 08:54
Compelling Evidence
Compelling Evidence - Steve Martini

This book was another one that started out slow for me.  I felt like he was pulling out all the big words he knew to stick in the first few chapters and the legal lingo was a bit much. I struggled through the first part but then got hooked as soon as someone died (of course) and then it really started moving for me and I wanted everyone to go away and let me read. Unfortunately, it was not a time I could be antisocial.  I did, however, spend one really late night sitting on the floor in a hotel bathroom so I could finish this book. It was good and I was surprised by the ending.  


This is the first book in a series and in the first few chapters, I wasn't thinking I'd be reading any more of his books but I quickly changed my mind. I am already looking for the next one in the series. Too bad this copy of the book didn't make it back to Fairbanks, Alaska. It had a little bathtub accident in Anchorage but it did enjoy Denali National Park. 

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text 2017-06-24 00:34
Reading progress: 245 out of 448 pages.
Compelling Evidence - Steve Martini
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