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review 2017-07-17 18:55
The Goddesses
The Goddesses: A Novel - Swan Huntley

Title:  The Goddesses: A Novel

Author:  Swan Huntley

Publisher: Doubleday

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"The Goddesses" by Swan Huntley


My Thoughts....


What will happen when Nancy want a change in her life as she 'jump starts her family' by moving to Hawaii?  This poor lady had been through so much with that cheating husband Chuck and twin boys that seemed to in into something one way or another.  With all of this drama going on in Nancy's life would moving to Hawaii cause her some happiness?  What happens when she moves to Hawaii with her family?  Who is the woman Nancy will meet and what affect will she have on life?  What will happen when Nancy finally gets out of this disillusion that she had felt so apart of?   This is a interesting part of the read as the story shows just how people often look for happiness in the wrong place.  I will say that was quite a toxic friendship.  Will Nancy learn that one can't live through other people?  Be prepared for lots and lots of drama! I will also say that author really knows how to give the reader a good entertaining read of thrills and  suspense that will keep one reading to see what will happen next in this beautiful Hawaiian setting.  I found "The Goddesses" quite a interesting read that even thought it was captivating it could be somewhat a frustrating read at times too. 


Thank you to Net Gallery for the read.











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review 2017-06-30 05:15
The Light In The Summer
The Light in Summer: A Butternut Lake Novel - Mary McNear

Title:  The Light In Summer

Author:  Mary McNear

Publisher:  William Morrow Paperbacks

Series:  Butternut Lake # 5

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"The Light In Summer" by Mary McNear


What a wonderful sweet emotional romance that I found had many interesting story lines that will definitely keep your interest.  Be ready for a read that features a small 'Butternut Lake town living at its best with angst teenager, and many family dysfunctions'  I found this novel definitely a read for all women who know that they must always be able to face the past before you will be able to move in a forward direction.  The characters [Billy, Luke, Murphy [the dog], and Cal to name a few are all well developed, portrayed and even could be very believable giving this story one that will keep the reader turning the pages.  Billy [the mom] will have her hands full as she is dealing with her troubled son after the death of her father.  Now her son  [Luke] who is wanting to know about his father and that will definitely present some extra worry for her to have to deal with.  Even though this was a rather predictable read it still was a good read. To see how this will all come out I would highly recommend that the reader pick up "The Light In Summer" to see how well this author brings it out so well to the readers. This one is definitely a good fun summertime read.



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review 2017-06-30 03:46
The Heirs
The Heirs - Susan Rieger

Title:  The Heirs

Author:  Susan Rieger

Publisher:  Crown

Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"The Heirs" by Susan Rieger


My Thoughts....


What a story that tell of the well to do family [the heirs of Rupert Falkes] and oh my what is found out after this patriarch passes.  I thought this novel was well written with such a incredible character development that will certainly keep your attention to the end. I liked how this author tell of the wife Eleanor who was Rupert's wife and their five sons [ Will, Sam, Tom, Jack and Harry] who were Princeton educated and so successful and all the grands are girls. What happens when a letter arrives with a women saying that she had two sons by Rupert and wanted them to share in the inheritance?  As Rupert's past is questioned and his secrets surface that simply smears his families reputation what will happen?  How will the family members treat this information?  In the end  as the mystery comes out was there any truth to any of this?


The author gives the reader quite a good read of family and the lives it touches as it goes through 'marriage, parenthood, fidelity, infidelity, Eleanor's past, even giving the reader some incredible dry wit' along with some surprises.  In the end the reader gets a good  page turner read  of a wonderful saga that is even juicy, entertaining, somewhat humorous times.  


I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. So exciting!


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review 2017-06-14 20:09
Secrets in Summer
Secrets in Summer: A Novel - Nancy Thayer

Title:  Secrets in Summer

Author:  Nancy Thayer

Publisher:  Ballantine Books

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"Secrets in Summer" by Nancy Thayer 


My Thoughts...


"Secrets in Summer" really gives you quite a read where the reader will be pulled into many different directions.  We find Darcy Cotterill a librarian is in her Nantucket home where she has inherited it from her grandmother. Oh, let me just say she is dating Nash being newly divorced. But what all was up with that?   Now it is the beginning of Memorial Day and people are showing up. But to Darcy's surprise her neighbor behind her is none other that her ex [Boyz] and his new wife [Autumn] and stepdaughter[Willow]. Some other neighbors.were one with three boys and a elderly woman who was staying with her grandson [Clive] who happens to be thirty. We now get the start of the story as the it will go into their life's.  Now, this is where this story will get most interesting as the story isn't only about the neighbors but of 'adultery, drugs, senior citizen issues, secrets and then it seems like this ex doesn't know what the word no really means.' Really what in the world was that about?  Didn't Boyz leave his wife [Darcy] for this new one?  I am only left to say that Darcy really had her hands full because it seems like she was just too involved with everyone life which did get a little over the top to me. You will definitely have to pick up this good read to see how it will all come out for Darcy.   I will say this is a good summer entertaining read that will keep your attention to see what will happen next in this story.  In the end will Darcy be able to get out of her past and finally find a permanency in her life that she will enjoy?  It will be a interesting to read and see how this story does unfold.


I received this from NetGalley to read and review. 

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