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text 2018-12-12 17:17
24 Festive Tasks: Door 16 - Human Rights Day, Task 2 (70+ Year Old Characters)
Miss Marple Omnibus Vol. 1 - Agatha Christie
The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared - Jonas Jonasson
The Old Curiosity Shop - Charles Dickens,Norman Page
The Final Solution - Michael Chabon

Admittedly fairly obvious choices, but anyway:


1. Miss Marple -- who may or may not have cracked 70 at the beginning of the series (The Murder at the Vicarage, 1930) but is an elderly lady even then and must have been over 90 by the time the last book about her was published, some 46 years later (Sleeping Murder).

2. Allan Karlsson -- the eponymous protagonist of The Hundred-Year Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window and Disappeared.

3. Little Nell's Grandfather in The Old Curiosity Shop.


Honorary mention:


Sherlock Holmes -- who has retired and is keeping bees in the South Downs in The Final Solution, which is set in 1944.



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url 2018-12-10 11:09
Funeral Planning

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photo 2018-12-05 12:07
Pre-Funeral Planning In USA At Affordable Prices

Final Farewells offers funeral planning services that can help your loved ones to better cope with your passing. Funeral planning enables you to plan for your action before you die. All the services, given and selected gift item kept safe in the lockup with provided to your dear once and desired once at the time, you die. We will guide you along every step of the process.

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text 2018-12-03 11:09
Online Funeral Planning In USA

The responsibility of funeral planning can be challenging, but Final Farewells have extensive experience working with people in the sorrow. Final Farewells offers Funeral Planning services that can help your loved ones to better cope with your passing. Memorial service arranging empowers you to get ready for your activity before you pass on. We will direct you along each progression of the procedure. We have everything you’ll need to do your funeral planning including expert advice, free guides or associates, forms and advanced planning tools that are convenient and easy-to-use. For more info Call at us: (713)893-5822 or visit our website.


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review 2018-12-03 01:56
Joan Of Arc's inspirational life story shines through in this unique novel told entirely in verse
Voices: The Final Hours of Joan of Arc - David Elliott

This book is exquisite. ‘Voices: The Final Hours Of Joan Of Arc’ has brought life once again to one of the most unforgettable and extraordinary female warrior icons. Everyone knows her name, but do they know her story?


Told in verse, in different medieval forms of poems, ’Voices’ is so unique (some stanzas are shaped like the subject that is ‘speaking,’ ie the sword or the crossbow). David Elliott has written such a compelling account of Joan’s short life from her beginnings in Domrémy, to her visions of the Saints, the battles she led against the English, and her eventual capture and execution. The encroaching ‘Fire’ poem that repeats throughout the novel is particularly clever and impactful.


Back then in 1430 France (when she was captured and put on trial), Joan was viewed with suspicion and as an affront to the Crown because she dressed in armor and wanted to ’look like a man’. She didn't believe she should have to stay at home ’to sew and mate’ when a war was being fought, simply because she didn't want to, never mind her sexuality. Her story has always been known as one of the earliest examples of a woman standing up against misogyny, against a patriarchal system that didn't make sense to her, and because her beliefs simply wouldn't allow her to sit down and accept what was happening around her.

Joan’s voice and perspective come through clearly in the novel as brave and courageous, with the right bit of stubborn. She questions the system and pursues her objectives, which give the novel an obvious ambiance of inspiration throughout. I only really wanted more from the novel when it came to the trial and perhaps the very end of her life.

Joan became a Saint after her death and was declared a martyr for everything she gave for ’God and country’. I did appreciate the epilogue and author's note at the end of the book; it seems this work was a labor of love and I enjoyed reading about its inception.


Joan of Arc is a historical figure who is infamous because of the brave, short life she lived, with such a tragic death, and I think Elliott has written something brilliant here that can draw many people in to learn more about her.

Source: www.goodreads.com/book/show/40796139-voices
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