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review 2017-05-23 21:44
The Final Vow (A Living History Museum M... The Final Vow (A Living History Museum Mystery) - Amanda Flower

Krissie dreamed about being a June bride and Krissie got what she wanted. Kelsey had met Krissie one year ago. Kelsey had a notebook that deleted all the things she needed to do in every aspect of her life from running the Barton Farm - a living history museum to raising her six year old son Hayden. Kelsey had learned in the last three months planning Krissie’s wedding that it was always better to collect herself before she responded. Benji was Kelsey’s assistant and he told Krissie all would be fine at her wedding and there would be Civil War reenactors and even Abe Lincoln. Kelsey was surprised when Benji said that  Kelsey could meet him tomorrow.  Krissie was marrying Kelsey’s ex husband. Other than raising her son, saving Barton Farm and all that it could teach people about the past Kelsey’s life mission. Laura’s theory was Krissy stole Kelsey’s ex husband Eddie now she was after Kelsey’s life work. Eddie had  an affair with a married woman when he was with Kelsey. Kelsey’s best friend and farm employee within  was Laura. Laura was always dramatic. Eddie had hired Krissie as a physical therapist at his P T practice and then they started dating. Krissie was eight years younger than Eddie  and as far as Kelsey was concerned Krissie could have Eddie. Kelsey tries to figure people out. There had been murders on the farm grounds and Kelsey almost lost the farm and her son over them. Kelsey’s boyfriend was Chase . Kelsey’s mom died when she was a teen. Kelsey was the director of the farm and had been for the last four years. Someone had signed a directive to the gardener and signed Kelsey’s name and she wasn’t happy about it.

I just couldn’t connect with this story.It did also drag for me. It also didn’t really hold my attention, I am sure others will love this. This story just wasn’t for me.

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review 2017-05-15 19:06
#34 - The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson
The Final Empire. Mistborn Book One - Brandon Sanderson

The Final Empire is the first book in the Mistborn trilogy (which is then followed by another trilogy taking place years after the original one).


I finally decided to read a Brandon Sanderson book and it was the best idea ever! I have heard nothing but great things about the Mistborn trilogy and I wanted to discover this famous world.


The magic system is certainly the most unique thing about this book. It is well developed and really complex, it took me some time to get familiar with it as it was not really easy to understand. The author really created something particular and put a lot of thoughts into it.


The characters are just great. Vin is not your typical YA heroin, she is still the chosen one, who seems to be unique, the only one of her kind and things like that, but she is not annoying as I think many young female characters can be. She experiences teenager trouble, but it is not such an important part of the book, while still being present. The author really managed to create a character that felt real (despite the fact that has magical powers, of course). I also really love her ideals; it takes her some time to understand what she wants, but once she does, she will do anything to get it. The other characters are also well developed, all having their own motives that you sometimes don’t get until the end of the book.


I also love the dynamics of the story. Sometimes months passed between events; which seems logical and makes the story more real. Most of the books I read are taking place in a few months time making the story a bit more unreal because it is going too fast. It was not the case in The Final Empire and I felt it refreshing.

The plot was full of twists. There were many things I did not see coming.


The writing was also refreshing. Brandon Sanderson really has his own way of writing and it was beautiful but still easy to follow.


It had been a long time since I had read such an amazing fantasy book. I definitely recommend this series to everyone who has not read it yet. It is massive, but it is so great you will just keep on reading.

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review 2017-05-15 03:39
Final Girls - Riley Sager

Release Date: 07.11.17


I finished this novel in two sittings, over the span of five hours. This debut release from Riley Sager is a story that must be completed once begun — so don't start it on a school or work night!


To discuss much of the plot would spoil the story, and that's no good. So, I'll say this: Final Girls is the story of three girls (though we see the story through the perspective of only one, as is necessary), all lone survivors of gruesome massacres. They share a bond with one another, and it is from this bond horrific secrets and ties come to light. I would love to say more, really, but I can't. I don't want to risk spoiling anything.


Written in the vein of Gillian Flynn (though this is grittier and scarier than Flynn's stuff, I found) while being its own thing, this is a stunning ride — one on which the brakes stop working just after it begins. This author successfully pulled the rug out from under me no less than six times; every time I thought I knew the direction in which this grisly thriller was going, it galloped somewhere else entirely. I had to give in and give up, and put myself totally at this author's mercy. If it weren't for a dinner break, I would have read this book even faster.


A totally original and complex exploration of a hellish scenario, Final Girls might just be the best book I've read this year. I suspect it will become a runaway success upon release, and rightfully so.


Thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Group Dutton for the ARC, which was given in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2017-05-09 21:19
Bout of Books Update
The Final Empire. Mistborn Book One - Brandon Sanderson
Savages: Chronicles of Warshard - Katherine Bogle

Day 1 - May 8th

Pages read: 168 pages

Books read: 0

Currently reading: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson


Not too bad. I was really tired from the weekend and fell asleep while reading... That's annoying.


Day 2 - May 9th

Pages read: 194 pages

Books read: 0

Currently reading: The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (on page 362)


Day 3 - May 10th

Pages read: 154 pages

Book read: 0

Currently reading: The Final Empire


I totally fell asleep again. What is wrong with me? This book is amazing!


Day 4 - May 11th

Pages read: 127 pages

Book read: 1


I just finished The Final Empire. Wow, it was so good! I'm not sure I will read more tonight, or maybe I will but it is currently 11.39 so I guess it will be pas midnight by the time I start another book. We'll see :) 


Day 5 - May 12th

% read: 23% 

Book read: 1

Currently reading: Savages by Katherine Bogle


Day 6 - May 13th

% read: 31% 

Book read: 1

Currently reading: Savages by Katherine Bogle



643 pages

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text 2017-04-01 16:17
Final Target (Dublin Mafia: Triskelion Team, Book 1) Zara Keane Free!
Final Target (Dublin Mafia: Triskelion Team, Book 1) - Zara Keane

Semi-reformed gangster, Lar Delaney, joins forces with his brothers and cousins to form a private company of mercenaries.They’ll sell their services to everyone from government agencies needing off-the-books jobs to criminal organizations.

His last hit turns out to be his first love…
As a final job for his mob boss uncle, Lar Delaney agrees to eliminate one last target. Through the crosshairs of his sniper rifle, he realizes that his target is a former girlfriend—a woman who supposedly died five years previously.

Moira Collins is an intelligence agent whose cover has been shot to smithereens. When she finds herself on the wrong side of an assassin’s rifle, she’s appalled to recognize the only mark she ever let herself fall in love with.

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