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review 2017-03-26 23:36
Free Audible books.
FREE: Crackanory Too Cracked for TV - exclusive to Audible - Crackanory,Toby Jones,Katherine Parkinson,John Robins,Robert Bathurst,Simon Bird,Audible Studios

I downloaded this as a free read from Audible, so I can't really complain that I didn't particularly enjoy it, but I did feel that these stories were inferior to those that I listened to in series 1 and 2 (also a free download from Audible).
Each of the five stories in Crackanory Too Cracked for TV was about 15 minutes long and each had a different narrator.
Most of the narrators were excellent, although one read too fast and rather swallowed her words.


The stories, 'Kill Phil', 'Mummy Business', 'The Character Assassin', 'The Egg That Knew Too Much' and 'The IT Man', all seemed to me to be trying too hard to be clever. Frequently a sentence would be over complicated with facetious asides that I found annoying. I guess it's a British humour thing and I've been out of the country for too long. Still, they were good to divert me from the stress of driving and as free audiobooks, they are a bargain.

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review 2017-03-25 22:52
The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion
The Haunting of Bechdel Mansion: A Haunted House Mystery- Book 0 - Roger Hayden

Two words: Cliffhanger ending


Had I known that going in, I'd have never bothered. I mean, I knew it was a novella, and I knew it was setting up a series of books. Silly me, I still expected an ending "for now" with the overall story continuing in the next book.


What I got was was the book just cutting off mid-scene.


And not to mention the numerous editing errors, like characters' names changing mid-paragraph, words being left out, improper sentence structure, etc.


It also suffered from being way too descriptive in some places and not nearly enough in others. The characters made leaps in judgment at times, and I couldn't quite figure out how they got there.


It's a shame, because the idea for the premise was good, but my rage at the cliffhanger, and the editing issues will prevent me from going any further.


At least it was free.

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review 2017-03-24 21:22
Oui Oui, Gigi! (free)
Oui Oui, Gigi! (Nuggies Book 4) - Jeff Minich,Renan Garcia

Ages 4-8


This is free as of the time of this review. If you have a child in the recommended age group I really think they would enjoy this.


Not only is this a cute story of two dogs lost in Paris, but the author was very creative about making this educational. Children will learn French words with their pronunciation and meaning, about famous and important buildings around the city, and more. The illustrations are very nice. I think an example is the best way to describe them:



Free on Amazon US

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photo 2017-03-21 22:40
Enjoy the Free Prequel for Tears of Crimson

Before Tears of Crimson, there was Rafael.  Fans of The Vampire Diaries, True Blood, and Twilight get ready for the world that will leave your soul longing.


Her soul called to me in desperation and in my darkness, I found light once more.  Tempted by her innocence, I vowed not to destroy her even though everything I am demanded she be mine. Her blood, her body, and the call of her soul tormented and delighted my senses. Would I be strong enough to deny fate or could my Cara become another victim of my wickedness?


I was cursed to walk through this human world, living on the blood of those I’d once promised to protect.  Cloaked in secrecy, veiled in deceit, our race was the basis for monsters and myth.  Vampire, werewolf, witch, incubus, and other forms of supernatural.  The truth was much darker than they could imagine.  Drawn to the one thing we no longer possessed, purity, we had the power to destroy them all.


My sweet beautiful human wanted me to be her salvation.  If she only knew I was death waiting to consume all she offered, Cara would have run from the dreams instead of begging me to make them real.  She is my punishment, a test from the heavens and I know I’ll fail.  Eternal love or damnation, what choice was that to offer her soul? 



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review 2017-03-19 21:31
Electric Singularity by Debrah Deumont
Electric Singularity - Debrah Deumont

This didn't work for me. Theo, the master and the ship owner, was too dull, too slow for a successful smuggler and unnecessary brutal. And horny. Like all the time. Leon did all the work getting Theo out of trouble, and turned from I hate you to can't live without you in a span of an hour (tho based on what, I am not sure. Maybe his brain got fried too much.) I am that one spoilsport, sorry, but I can't give the story more than 1.5 stars. I am not sure yet if I want to round it up or down. Gonna sleep on it.

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