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review 2022-04-27 04:08
FAITH'S SHERIFF by Iris Abbott
Faith's Sheriff (Montgomery Family and Friends) - Iris Abbott

Faith moves to Florida to escape her ex-husband, be closer to her friends, and to start a new job and life. Her friends keep matchmaking her with the local sheriff. One night one of her students who lives two doors away comes to her house afraid because she cannot find her father. The sheriff lives in the cul-de-sac at the end of the street so Faith takes Jasmine, her student, to the sheriff's home. He goes and searches Jasmine's home but cannot find her father so he takes her to her aunt's where her mother has been helping with a new baby. He walks into a murder scene. Who was murdered and why? Who did the killing? Can the sheriff keep Faith safe? Can he keep Jasmine safe?


I liked this story. The plot is simple and the murder easy to solve. I liked Faith a lot. She is stronger and feistier than she believes. It is good to see her being strong and not taking the sheriff's guff. Cole, the sheriff, is a good match for her. He is strong but knows when to back down and when to get stern especially with the murderer after her. Faith overcomes her fear and manages to help the sheriff. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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review 2021-10-20 04:43
All My Friends Are Spiders - All about Spiders For Kids: Do Spiders Bite? What is Spiders Web? - Spiders Pictures and Spiders Facts (Kids Learning: Amazing Animals Books for Kids 4-8) - Alice Cussler

A book about the different kinds of spiders and what the do for humans.  I liked how there was a story to follow as I learned about the different types of spiders.  I learned a lot about them.  I never knew there were so many different types.  Each has their own look as well as their own living conditions.  I always thought they all spun webs like you see in corners of rooms but they don't.  I liked that photographs were shown.  This is perfect for your 4-8 year old as well as adults.

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text 2021-05-11 10:52
How to Recover my Facebook Account through Friends?

Recover my Facebook account through friends

Facebook helps in connecting people all around the world but there are many times users end up forgetting the password due to so many accounts but do not panic as Facebook provides plenty of ways like recover my Facebook account through friends by which user can easily recover the account with the help of friends.
How to recover my Facebook account through friends?
Follow the below steps in order to recover the Facebook account without any hassle in very simple and easy way

  • Initial step is to launch the browser then visit the official page of Facebook and then enter the email address and choose the option of forgot password located below.
  • User will be re-directed to a dialog box, where they need to enter the username linked with your account.
  • Facebook will then ask you to identify your account, pick your account carefully.
  • Then choose the option of recovery with help of friends from list of ways to recover the account displayed on the screen
  • Select the three friends from where you want to take assistance from. Facebook will send verification code to your friends immediately.
  • View the selected friends and then click on okay. Verification code will be sent to all of chosen friends and then note the code from your friends in order to enter it, then choose okay.
  • User will be re-directed to password recovery page after that. Choose the new password and enter it twice then press on the changes also create minimum 8 character password with the mix of sign and symbols to make it more secure.
  • Soon you Facebook account will get recovered and user will be able to login again

These were the following ways recover my Facebook account with the friends, if more assistance is needed or if there is still any confused there then go to customer care help desk center and get the help through their representatives, they will try to help you in best possible ways in shortest period of time.

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url 2020-11-05 06:51
Happiness is Having a Departmental Get-together Lunch

We will see some quotes about lunch. Lunch with friends quotes makes you think about the last lunch you had. It’s time to plan for another.

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review 2020-10-19 22:36
LIttle Elliott, Fall Friends
Little Elliott, Fall Friends - Mike Curato

I'm in love with this little elephant and his mouse friend. This story is simple but their friendship warms my heart. Little Elliott and Mouse love living in the city but sometimes it gets to be too much, so the decide they need to get away. The two jump on a bus and head to the country where they can enjoy everything the country has to offer.

I liked how the two friends realized that they needed to get away and they chose somewhere, where they could just relax and enjoy themselves and each other. I loved how everyone accepted the two friends in the country and how the two friends fit right into the countryside. The illustrations were wonderful and bright and captured the energy of the book. 4.5 stars

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