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review 2022-10-03 04:32
Sabrina's Vampire - A.K. Michaels

Sabrina is suspended from the police force after having an affair with a suspect. Pending an investigation, she decides to go to Las Vegas for a vacation. While there, she gets into trouble and is rescued by Kyle in a dark alley. He takes her to his place. She is unlike anyone he has previously met. She feels the same about him. It has only been a few days. Could they be in love?


I enjoyed this story. I did not know it was the beginning of a series. You can end it here because it is a happy ending, but I want to know more. I liked Sabrina and Kyle. She is smart and figures out what Kyle is. He has to call his Sire to figure out why he feels this way and why certain things are happening. I found it interesting. But he is holding secrets. Now I need to know how he tells her. I look forward to more of the series.

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text 2022-09-27 00:56
Book Blast and Giveaway: Bentley by Megan Slayer

[Because facebook has very unfairly blocked my blog, Punya Reviews..., from being promoted on their platform, I'm using booklikes as a "gateway" of sorts so I have a link to promote. It's been over a year but I tried for the first 4 months to reach them through any means I could find but without any luck whatsoever. Doesn't look like I'll get the block removed anytime soon, if ever. More on what happened can be found here.]


LINK to my book blast post for Bentley on Punya Reviews...:


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review 2022-09-16 03:23
Perfect Spiral - Lane Hart Perfect Spiral - Lane Hart

Someone leaves a baby on Quinton Dunn's porch claiming it is his. He thinks it's a joke but decides to have a DNA test to find out. In the meantime, he tries to remember what he did 9 months previously to have a baby. He remembers with help from his teammates. He tracks down the address of the baby's mother only to be met by her sister with anger. Callie is exactly what he is looking for--a woman who says no. They fight over the baby then come to an arrangement. Quinton pursues her, but she is gun shy because of her ex and her sister. Is he the father of the baby? Can they come to an agreement? Can he convince her he's changed?


I enjoyed this story. I liked Quinton and Callie. I found Quin's criteria for a woman interesting. I loved the two points-of-view through the story. I like knowing what each one is thinking and feeling. I understand Callie's feelings knowing his history. I appreciated his teammates warning him about Callie's desire for a baby, but I liked that he ignored them.

I look forward to reading more of this series. It made me feel good although the subjects talked of are tough. I felt hopeful for Quinton and Callie throughout the book.

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review 2022-09-13 04:20
PHOTO FINISH by Mardi Ballou
Photo Finish - Mardi Ballou

Alex DeLuca and Cassandra Harrell are opposing lawyers during a divorce case. Alex sees a copy of an erotic novel sitting on his paralegal's desk with Cassandra's picture on it. He says something about it when in court. Cassandra is confused when he calls her by her sister's name. She goes to see her sister to find out her sister used Cassandra's photo on the dust jacket. Cassandra decides she will confront Alex when he calls to take her out to dinner over the fiasco he created. She goes, explains, then turns the tables on him. This leads him to want to show her something special. Will she let him? Will she listen to him? Can they become a couple?

I enjoyed this story. I liked Cassandra. She knew just where to get Alex. I liked her sister K. C. also and she knew how to tell Cassandra how she needed to improve her life. Alex, I warmed up to. At first, he was kind of a jerk but once he explained himself, he became okay. I would like to see their story expanded. This was just one episode of them.

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review 2022-08-30 18:58
Catching Caroline - Sylvia Day

Lady Caroline feels an instant connection with Jack Shaw. She flees from her for fear she will hurt him. He hunts for her finally catching her back in London years later. She warns him away, but he does not listen. He takes her to bed and in the morning, she is gone again. He tracks her down again and their secrets are revealed.


I liked this short story. It was too short. I liked Jack and Caroline. I figured Jack's secret out. I liked his explanations when Caroline explains why she was once again running. Both were honorable and the twist was excellent.

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