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text 2017-01-18 18:56
My Reading Habits

1. Do you have a certain place in your home for reading?


Yes, mostly I read either in bed, or in my recliner in the den.


2. Bookmark or a random piece of paper? 


I collect bookmarks, so mostly those.  Though if desperate I will use anything.  (My ereader, of course, doesn't need one.)


3. Can you just stop reading, or do you have to stop after a chapter or a certain number of pages?


I try to stop at natural breaks, which are often chapter endings, but sometimes not (some chapters are really long, and have text breaks).  And sometimes I fall asleep while still reading, like I did one night last week!  I woke up at 4 AM, with my cheek on the page.


4. Do you eat or drink while reading? 


Not while reading in bed (no practical place to put anything), but if in the recliner, I usually have a drink at least.  (Diet Coke or iced tea, probably.)


5. Do you multitask while reading?


No.  I have horrible retention if I try it.


6. One book at a time, or several?


I am the hippie free love type when it comes to books at a time.  I always have at least two, and it might be a lot more.  I try not to start a new one in the same genre as an old one I have going, though!


7.  Where do you read, at home or everywhere?


Everywhere.  At home, and in cars, planes, trains, and waiting rooms.


8.  Do you read out loud, or silently in your head?


Mostly silently in my head, but I find poetry is sometimes very nice read out loud, and some things make more sense that way.  (Some Henry Kissenger I read in college I could only get through by reading it out loud.  In a Henry Kissenger accent.)  My Shakespeare professor recommended reading the plays out loud, and that helps, too.


9. Do you read ahead or skip pages?


I don't skip pages (unless it's a reread, perhaps), but I sometimes read ahead.  Instead of skip pages, I will probably just skim very lightly.  (Sometimes very lightly indeed.)


10. Do you break the spine?


Depends on the book.  I treat used secondhand mass market paperbacks a lot more casually than a hardback I got for Christmas.


11. Do you write in your books?


Not in paper ones.  I occasionally leave notes in ebooks.

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text 2016-11-08 18:27
Well, I've Voted

I am just back from voting.  The line was incredible - my mother, who has voted every election since 1960, says it was the longest voting line she's ever been in.  (A food truck could have made a fortune.  Where were you, Henry's Hog Crawler, with the barbecue?)  We were in line over an hour (I figure we were in line about an hour and ten or fifteen minutes) - the lady in front of us said she came out with her husband to (try to) vote when the polls opened at 7 AM, and they were at least that long then.


I can't even imagine what the line will look like in the evening rush, about 6 o'clock this evening!


And we were lucky - I've already heard tales of people waiting more than 2 hours to vote in Charlotte, NC.


I shall be interested to see what the local, state, and national turnout levels are this time.

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text 2016-09-15 00:14

Earlier this afternoon I was reaching into the utensils drawer for a pair of tongs, and accidentally sliced my left index finger on the pizza wheel.




And tomorrow I leave for my knitting retreat.


Unlike most Americans, my left hand does most of the work in my knitting.  (I knit "Continental.")


This should be interesting.


(I'm due back Sunday.)

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text 2016-08-09 21:02
Book Blog Tag


I was tagged by, I believe, both Murder by Death and Nerdy Birdie.  Thanks!


How long have you been a blogger?


I migrated here from GR in September, 2013, during the Great GoodReads Censorship Debacle.  I was hesitant about the blogging format, but I like it.  Among other things, I find I review books more frequently, which is great.


At what point do you think you'll stop?


I have no plans to stop.  (Though life sometimes has other plans.  And I worry about this site going poof.)


What's the best thing?


Learning about really cool-looking new books that I would probably not have heard of otherwise.


I also appreciate the control BL gives us over our own feed. 


What's the worst thing?  What do you do to make it OK?


When I wake up in the morning and find several hundred new notifications!  (When I'm glad email notifications are down, frankly.)  Luckily my time is my own and I do read all of them.  (Though if I can't be near a computer for several days, as happened last week - for a good reason, as I was visiting family - I might not read all the intervening posts in my feed.  I think because at a certain point I suffer from eye fatigue if I try.)


How long does it take you to create or find pictures to use?


I just discovered how to post pictures in the last month or so - it's very exciting!  I don't generally post gifs, but stick with still pictures, and try to pick ones that illustrate what I'm talking about.  It doesn't generally take me long, if I know what I'm looking for.


I don't have a digital camera, or a scanner, so I don't post personal pictures.


Who is your book crush?


This may not mean much to most of you, as this is from a book (and series) long out of print, but Cabot Murray.  (The novel is Yankee Stranger, by Elswyth Thane.)


Which author would you like to have on your blog?


I'm reading this as "which author would you like to have on your feed?" and I think my answer is "Geoffrey Chaucer."


What do you wear when you write your blog posts?


 What next, an age/sex check?  I feel like I'm on the AOL boards c. 1997 again.  (I was playing a lot of trivia then.  Good times.)


Uh, clothes?  Right now I'm wearing a pair of brown slacks and a striped polo.  (And bedroom slippers, because they're comfortable and I don't intend to leave the house anytime soon.)


How long does it take you to prepare?


Varies widely.  Sometimes it takes half an hour or less.  Other posts I'm thinking about while I'm finishing the book, and some non-book things I marinate for days.  (Currently something's been marinating a month or more.  We'll see if anything comes of it.)


How do you feel about the book blogger community?


I love it here at BookLikes.  I particularly love the community that's grown up here.  I hope the management gets their technical issues straightened out.  Their communicating with the wonderful community that's grown up here more would help a great deal.


I have lost all comprehension of who's been tagged already, so if you're reading this, it sounds like fun, and you haven't already done it, consider yourself tagged!

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text 2016-07-13 20:11
New Glasses!

I've been out of town for a week (if BL is going to have technical issues every time I go out of town, y'all watch out in mid-September; I have a knitting retreat), and I've gotten new glasses.


I went to see the first new eye doctor I've had since the mid-1970s, when I was a child of ten - he's very nice - but the oddest thing was the eye test itself.  All I could see were persistent "ghosts" of superimposed letters.


Turns out I have cataracts.  He went, "that's a bit unusual at your age," until I told him I was just off steriods, which I had been on for 12 years.  Apparently it's a known possible side effect.  (Well, known if you're an eye doctor!)


Luckily, they're very small cataracts and correctable with new lenses, which I picked up earlier this afternoon.  I can see again! 


It's nice to see.  Recently only reading ebooks (with glasses off) has been comfortable - I look forward to reading things in paper again, now, as well.

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