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text 2021-10-06 06:53
5 Lifestyle Changes for Improved Hair Health



Hair loss is not a condition you want to take lightly, especially if you know there are ways to help it. Normally, you will lose about 100 strands per day, which is just the regular cycle of your hair. However, any more than that will leave you worried. The condition is sometimes easy to address, and other times you may need to go out of your way to get more specialised treatment. And while male pattern baldness and other serious hair issues may dictate the need for a more serious approach, you should consider some lifestyle changes that are easy enough to improve overall hair health. Here are a few tips in that regard: 

  • Include more Zinc and Iron in your diet – these are two nutrients that are essential for good overall health and wellbeing, including having good hair. The minerals contribute to strong strands and follicles. Health researchers have linked several hair loss conditions to iron and Zinc deficiencies in people. That said, you can turn your attention to foods that are rich in iron and zinc if you don’t want to resort to supplements. Crabs, oysters, beans, cashews, chickpeas, pork chop and chicken breast meat are just a few of the examples that have a lot of zinc and iron to them. Eating more seafood, beans and leafy greens is all it takes to boost iron levels. 

  • Quit smoking – are you a smoker, or someone who often hangs around people who smoke? Then your hair might be in trouble. If your health is not an incentive enough to kick the habit, then you should consider the fact that smoking can also damage your hair. The smoke causes damage to DNA follicles. If you want to boost your health, start by quitting smoking and also be mindful of being around smokers.
  • Grab a hat when staying outside for extended periods – overexposure to the UV rays of the sun can have a damaging effect on your hair, so you better consider a hat. This is all the more valid if your hair already has a problem, or you have male pattern baldness. But it is not just when you have weak hair that you should consider such protection. UV radiation has a way of damaging hair, making it lose proteins and become weaker over time. Simply wearing a hat when staying outside on a hot sunny day is enough to keep your hair protected. 

  • Don’t use extensive styling – over-styling your hair can harm its health, especially when you are overdoing it. Any styling method, which relies on twisting and straightening hair strands can damage the follicles over time and make hair more likely to fall. Other than that, it is important to consider the products that you use, since many of them contain dangerous chemicals, which can further damage your hair. Brushing and heating hair can be detrimental to its health so you should practice caution when you are doing your hair. 

  • Use methods to de-stress – there is a big connection between stress and hair loss. When you are stressed out, your hair is more likely to fall out. Stress-related hair loss is a thing, and it is called telogen effluvium. You will do well to minimise stress any way that you can, be it by engaging in more physical activities or perhaps practising the hobbies and things that you like. 

Sometimes, all it takes are a few simple lifestyle changes, which can have a big impact on your overall health and the health of your hair. 

© The Natural Doctor

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text 2021-09-25 06:38
Hair Care Guide

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Khadi Natural Herbal Natural Henna (SENNA/CASSIA)

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text 2020-08-28 05:44
Ayurvedic Solution For Hair Loss

Combing our hair might be some thing we do each single working day without even thinking about it. Nevertheless, did you know that there is a right way to comb the hair in purchase to stop hair fall and hair damages?


An simpler way to get the correct amount of herbal diet to stop hair fall without investing as well a lot money is to discover herbal hair reduction dietary supplements containing them. Two that arrive to mind are Provillus and Procerin. Some of the rarest nutrients for treating alopecia can be discovered in these supplements for hair reduction.

When the make a difference comes hair fall, everyone will give different suggestions to stop hair . In ancient times, numerous people were using some all-natural medications to develop their hair and these days most individuals have forgotten those simple techniques and facing extreme hair drop. Some people advice not to use any synthetic products on your hair loss oil simply because they include toxic chemical substances which are believed to cause your hair to drop out.

Simple actions like rubbing olive oil on your head for 8 evenings straight are just 1 of numerous techniques that are taught in the great item known as "Stop Your Hair Reduction". There aren't numerous products out there that are priced at what they are priced at. Numerous products that provide options of halting your hair from Learn more slipping out are very expensive.

A effective treatment ought to be able how to stop hair fall offer good outcomes in less than two months. There are some individuals who skilled obvious outcomes following two months of utilizing a product while there are some who skilled outcomes but not that obvious. Any positive outcome phone calls for a celebration-this indicates the product is working for you.

Instead of using some costly topical scalp treatment, you can merely use something like Nizoral shampoo. This is an anti-dandruff shampoo but it functions extremely well to cut DHT that can settle on your scalp. It's all made possible by way of the energetic component found in it known as ketoconazole.

Overall, there are numerous potential leads to for reduction of hair. While it is not always easy to find the cause, trying out a range of simple remedies can make an huge difference to your situation. Most of these are all-natural approaches that are also great for you, so why put up with loss of hair?

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