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review 2016-07-02 13:52
The Pirate of Fathoms Deep (Tales of the High Court) (Volume 2) - Megan Derr

Fantasies aren't usually my thing but I somehow stumbled upon The High King's Golden Tongue and absolutely adored it wherein I then went and got lucky with this ARC (thanks netgalley and publisher!) and I loved every bit of it.

This is Lesto's story, the strong commander with the eye patch who loves to boss around the king. Though he may seem like a hard ass Lesto is in fact quite a softie and I adore him. In the first book there was a fleeting mention of a pirate who had dared punch the high commander in front of hundreds and in this book we hear more.

Shemal is a retired pirate as in he used to be a pirate but has now decided he's done with a life of crime and just wants to live peacefully, but trouble wont let go and when some halfwit thugs wind up on his doorstep asking for help with a kidnapping his life gets upended once more, for the "noble" the idiots thought they'd acquired is none other than the high commander Lesto Arseni, the same man he’d punched and then had a quick and hot encounter with and hasn't been a been able to get out of his mind. There's no way he's letting this sexy Commander get hurt even if helping him means endangering his own life.

Lesto hasn't forgotten the sexy Pirate and now here he is again, this time Lesto's not going to let him run. The pirate of Fathom's deep is his, who cares how much his brother and the king will needle him about it. Once an Arseni makes up his mind there’s no changing it.

Both Lesto and Shemal are such sweetheart loveable characters with hard exteriors like M&Ms!

I really enjoyed this book it was shorter than the first but that just means it had less long winding story and had much more sex, who would have thought The High Commander Lesto Arseni of Fathoms Deep was such a hungry little bottom. I've really enjoyed this series honestly Megan Derr is not an author I've had much interaction with maybe It's time that changed for this series has been great and I plan on reading the next one as soon as It's out.

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review 2015-04-16 00:14
The One In My Heart by Sherry Thomas
The One In My Heart - Sherry Thomas

         Arc provided by NLA Digital LLC through Netgalley

          Release date: April 21

My reaction after having read this novel:

Evangeline has friends. Bennett has a brother and sister. There's clearly a great number of people waiting to be...paired of... with their significant others! ;)

What is so great about this novel _ despite the fact that Eva does go into a stranger's house in the middle of the night... a stranger who knows how to use scalpels! _ is that they're actually perfect for one another in their own imperfections. And, trust me, there's plenty of those -_-

But let's talk about the positives aspects... well, first of all I can't point out a significant negative one!
I Know! It surprised the heck out of me.

Their chemistry... Dear Lord... it basically gets a fifteen out of ten.

                               Do not read this in public!

Their characters
They have depth. They have their issues. They're less than perfect, but they just fit.
The actual depth of the romance. This is much more than A meets B on the HEA road.

The way they connect with their respective families _ which is an important part of the story _ and try to deal with out life has thrown at them... I loved it all!

Oh, and you know how I am often complaining how the guys in historical romances are asses that should be kicked out to the curb? No... well it happens from time to time.
Well, Bennett is in fact a descendent of the Tremaine family line _ see book "Private Arrangements" _ and he is not an ASS... well, okay... yes, he had some moments when he was younger... but now, he has grown out of them it!
I am so, so happy for you Bennett. I never felt like hitting you in the head with a heavy object!:D
So refreshing.

Sorry, but as you can see this is not going to be one of those analytical reviews that I mostly write: I still have stars in my eyes, I can't stop remembering the scene with the princess ball gown. LOL IRL

And I want this in paperback.
Please let this be published in paperback format!-_-

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review 2015-01-24 01:18
Once And Always
Once and Always - Elizabeth Hoyt writing as Julia Harper

     Arc provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) through Netgalley


                        Release Date: February 24 th


This was basically an okay read...

The beginning was great in a, "I don't ever want to stop reading it" that kind of great.


Great chemistry between the two leading characters, plus a great number of secondary characters led me to expect a different kind of story: one that I would have devoured in one sitting.


Unfortunately after a strange and silly situation of exchanged luggages, Sam and May find themselves stuck in a somewhat stereotyped eighties romance: Sam ends up being a little too Neanderthal for my tastes.

He likes to boss around and especially favourites the word "Mine".

You see where this is going..


As to May or Maisa, I found her a little lacking in character development. In the end I wanted more from her that simply her bouts of bad humour.


The secondary characters were okay, but with the exception of Karl's with his man-bro's thoughts, they really weren't that memorable.


The thriller parts weren't that engaging, and the hot and steamy ones _ I can't believe I am going to say this _ although extremely hot, ended up being tiresome in a plot that had little else to give, you know?

The thing is, when the story starts, Sam and May already have _or had _ a story, so we're not able to see those first moments in their relationship, and for me, their romance feels somewhat lacking because of that.

Maybe if the story had been cut shorter I wouldn't feel that way, but as it was, I was more than ready to be done with it.


In the end this ended having one too many stupid to live moments, more appropriate to a new adult story, than an adult romantic contemporary romance.


The writing however was flawless as is normal with Elizabeth Hoyt's novels.


Author's Official Site



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review 2014-12-31 18:21
One dragon mother in law coming right up! ;)
The Spinster Bride - Jane Goodger

Arc provided by Kensington Books through Netgalley


Release Date: February 3rd 2015



Another novel that kept me up all night. Good thing I don't need that much sleep :)


It is a truth universally acknowledged that if there's a girl in a Victorian or Regency novel, she is most likely desperate to get marry...

Well, more like their mothers, fathers, grandparents _and assorted family _ who are desperate to see them marry.

The guys usually play aloof : yes I am the biggest fish in the sea...care to see my collection of hooks? They're shiny! ;)



In this one, _much to my enjoyment _ our "desperate" candidate is Mr. Charles Norris.


Marjorie the other leading character, needs to get married, but unlike Charles, she is not very happy with the prospect...the fact that her mother is more than ready to marry her of to the first smelly titled creep, that asks for her hand doesn't help.


Charles is witty _ a little loud _ handsome, from a good family _his father is a viscount _ not a bad dancer _although he does tend to say some inappropriate things _ has sufficient financial means to take care of a family...has all his teeth...

So, why is he still single?


The thing is, he really wants a wife, and his own children. To his consternation, all of his friends have gotten married _including the ones that apparently weren't interested in the whole deal _ except for him.

Blast it!

So, one day due to very unexpected circumstances  _younger brothers are a real pain in the a** _ Charles finds himself with the opportunity _blackmail and light extortion may be involved _ of securing his own matchmaker.

He is finally smart enough to realize, that he's not the "sharpest tool in the shed" when it comes to women, and that his preferences have led him....firmly into bachelor land.


Okay, this had some elements that could lead into disaster, especially the whole, you're in my debt, and you're going have to help me...*enter maniacal laughter*

(okay, there's no maniacal laughter involved)


Thankfully for Charles, Marjorie has such a dull life (wow, the blessing), that she actually finds herself having fun with the "wife hunting antics"!

Marjorie has a great sense of humour _ despite having a bully as a mother _ and surprisingly enough is able to take most of Charles dialogues in stride.


Soon enough they become friends, which is great, since nothing else can happen between them.*cough*

Romantically, they're totally inappropriate for one another _*hear me laugh*_ since Marjorie's mother is adamant about a suitor with a title.

Also, she scares Charles _basically she scares everyone! _ and the guy has been in war, and has the scars to prove it.

She is a real lady dragon and not someone one would want as mother in law.


And thankfully for Charles who falls besotted with every belle of the season, he doesn't feel anything for....beautiful, dashing, funny, kind Marjorie... o_O *yeah, he's in denial*


I loved Charles and Marjorie story! Their banter, their chemistry...their chemistry! o_O

They're really otp for one another.


The only reason I'm not giving it a higher rating, is because this story is mostly divided into two points of view: The romance between Charles and Majorie in the present...and in the past, we have Marjorie's mother story.

Which ends up being an important story, but, has the inconvenience of making this longer that I would have liked.


Marjorie's brother is also an important character in this story, for the diversity it brings.

I don't remember any other historical romance having a character with autism, as George seems to have.


All in all a great read, and I'll be sure to read more titles from this author.

Especially When a Lord Needs a Lady because there's a connection in the plots and characters.


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review 2014-03-13 20:07
Sweet and hot...
Spin - Bella Love

This is the first book (novella) that i've read by this author. But hopefully, it won't be my last.


Honestly, in the last  couple of days i haven't had any concentration to read.

I pick a book, read a few lines, and not five minutes later i'm up....and doing other stuff, leaving the stories abandoned.


This was the book, that dragged me out of the reading ~Desert~ that i had fallen into!


Thank you, book! :)


A short novella, this was supposed to be a sexy fast read....

Which it was....alongside many other things. It was falso funny, entertaining, insightful...and yes, hot.


This, is how it starts:


In twenty-nine years of living, I’d only let myself get spun up three times.
I almost always regretted it.
Generally, it took a lot to rattle me. Bright smile, white-knuckled control: I was like an iron ball of yarn. That was my way.
It was a pretty good way. Simple too. Just hang on tight, smile like a crazy person, and never let go. It got me places, and I probably shouldn’t have got more than ten miles past my county’s swampy line.
I stayed away from things like alcohol or emotions; neither ever went well for me.


With that last sentence, i was hooked. The writing has that magical realism undertone, even if it never fully resorts to that genre.


The thing is, this story is  well written, and unlike the majority of new adult, or erotic books, the main characters aren't idiots!


Well, there's a tiny moment of tstl on Jane's part....


Eleven years is a lonnnnnnng time. In eleven years people may have "decided" to become "active" psychopaths...or cannibals.

So following a guy who you haven't seen in eleven years... o_O


But besides that, it was all good! (Of course, i would have liked if they had told us, in more detail what it was growing up the way they did. What we are told is very little.)


 The characters had such likable voices, that i could just keep on reading this for a little longer!


In fact, if it wasn't for one tiny moment in which a ginger root is used for something besides cooking....i wouldn't even consider this erotica!  Just your average contemporary book with some hot scenes...


“Fine.” I gave the pile of food a swift glance. “Ginger.”
His grin grew. “Good choice.”
My face fell. “You know something to do with ginger?”
He nodded.


The characters maintain a delightful banter throughout the whole book.

Their chemistry is in a word, perfect.


I roped my fingers through his short hair and tugged.


“What?” His voice came up, muffled, from below.
I almost laughed. “What are you doing down there?”
“What do you think I’m doing?”



Well, he's pretty much a perfect guy all wrapped up in a bow.


I KEPT OUR fingers entwined as I led her inside, partly because I didn’t want her to fall over and partly because I was afraid she might bolt.


He's considerate, attentive...


“You know you could do anything, Jane, right?”


He's there for when Jane needs him.

But it's her call, he doesn't go around acting like a macho idiot! 



Told in a dual point of view, the author achieved a perfect balance for this type of story.

I loved it.


“You travel with knives?”
“I don’t travel with them. I bought it this afternoon. I didn’t know what you had on hand.”
“A knife? You didn’t think I had a knife here at the house?”


“It’s ceramic.”(..)

She started whacking away at a stalk of celery. “It’s a weakness. I see kitchen equipment, I have to get it.”
“Okay.” I watched her. Her head was bent. Her face was tense.
“We’ve all got weaknesses,” I said slowly. “If yours is knives, we can deal.” I glanced back at the knife. “I think.”
She smiled a little and lifted her head. “I actually have a lot more knives than I need.”
“You probably shouldn’t be telling me this.”


Finn's has a sense of humour and he doesn't take himself too seriously. Just what a workaholic needs, lol

 Of course, like Jane he also has his insecurities.


I looked down and saw her staring blankly at my shoulder. I could almost hear the whirr of gears in her head. I rocked my hips some more, she rocked back absently.
“Want some popcorn?” I asked.
Her eyes snapped to mine. “Sorry?”
“Popcorn. For the show.”


Also i liked how the author didn't try to resolve every single problem in the last pages.

The problem that Jane faces in her work, for instance. Most of us know how sexual harassment charges are dealt. We don't need to be a target to know it.


In another book, another author would probably give this problem a white knight solution (her bf/fiancée husband who is this big shot, would probably financially terminate the weasel and all would be good. Or he would beat the crap out of the bastard and get arrested. You see where i am going?)


This doesn't happen here.


Instead, a very difficult situation is used to give Jane's life a new direction...if she chooses to.

Of course i wouldn't mind, if in a following book, the guy would fall down a cliff...

But yes, the path chosen by the author felt more realistic.


In the end, a story i loved to read. A book i definitely recommend. And characters, that i hope seeing again.


Author's Official Site


Buy "Spin":






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