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text 2016-07-29 06:38
Tips for HR Executives from Star Wars Robots by Wallace Associates

What can robots possibly teach HR executives? We know Genghis Khan and Sun Tzu have given corporate managers plenty of help on managing mega companies and high institutions; but mechanical puppets that play supporting roles? Obviously, George Lucas had some galactic vision regarding R2D2 and CP3O before he decided to throw them in to the story. So, let us try to review the Jedi Chronicles for some words of wisdom:


  1. Any problem can be solved


Whether we are talking of R2D2 or CP3O, we know that robots always find a way out of a dangerous situation. So, it takes a highly-qualified and trained hero to get out of sticky situations. Some robots can be rather panicky or nervous; but professionals are capable of providing the solutions to every conceivable corporate issue that arises. It requires extensive training and many years of experience to develop the skills to tackle the day-to-day problems in the business world. Robots symbolize the human ideas that serve as tools that allow us to make this world we want it to be – a world free of wars and conflicts and where galactic peace reigns. 


  1. Computing is an unlimited human tool


We are not talking of machines only. We are talking about thinking the way robots think. They do it efficiently, almost without error and in a matter of milliseconds. Well, they can be humorous like humans at times. That’s what makes us humans (and why we also adore robots). Training people to think efficiently like robots is the most difficult of tasks, unfortunately. And this is where HR experts come in. We still have to develop the software we can use to help us run companies without error -- that is, perfectly. We can approximate that perfection, nevertheless, through computers which can us think efficiently.


  1. Robots are dispensable, and so are we


Robots are disposable, or at least, their batteries and silicon chips. Ultimately, they will become obsolete and get replaced by upgraded models. So, are all employees or executives. Every process or procedure or organization will evolve into a new, more-efficient application. People today think and communicate using improved versions of older, less-efficient protocols. The essential principles may remain unchanged; although the way we eat meat or potato have come a long way from those who ate them raw. The irony is that more and more people nowadays are eating raw food and swearing to its nutritional advantage. Perhaps, we do not really need robots and that all we ever need is already within us. 


Wallace Associates is always searching for a way to accomplish things in the most economical and profitable manner. Ideas and tools are useless without the people who compose the most valuable assets who process bits of information to produce wealth and happiness for society in a world where people have no complaints. Robots or no robots, HR experts seek good reviews for their indefatigable job of providing excellent insights to corporate organizations.


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review 2016-07-21 17:41
Personality Aptitude Test – How It Is Helpful for Making Career Choices and Decisions?

Personality Aptitude Test is a special type of test which helps in determining the personality of an individual. These are differentiated into two tests. The first one is a projective test which involves determining the kind of response made by an individual to a stimuli and usually identifying his responses through the use of visual or auditory sensations. The unconscious desires of the person are revealed in this way. The second type of exam is an objective test that uses self-report questionnaires to make psychological assessments, and these are more reliable. Find out how these types of tests are excellent for career choices and decisions.


Choosing the right career


Taking a personality aptitude test helps a person to know about his strengths and preferences, which he might not have thought about much himself. Honest answers and responses can help individuals to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and finding a career which is a perfect match for them. They are able to narrow down their career choices and choose the right profession that they would like to explore in the years to come.


Getting job satisfaction


It is often that people are unsatisfied with their present job but find themselves to be confused regarding which field they should enter. A personality & aptitude test assesses the values, preferences and interests of candidates and finds out what interests and motivates them. It also offers information and suggestions regarding specific careers that they can take up.


Finding out suitable candidates


These tests are also used in career consultation agencies and organizations to determine the suitability of candidates to various domains of employment. For instance, if a candidate feels like taking up a computer job while his interests are found to lie in retail, he can be advised to enter the retail industry. The thumb rule for each candidate is to read each question carefully and offer honest answers to every one of them. Once the career test comes to a finish, employers and consultants can easily find out whether or not a candidate is the right fit for a vacancy.


Comprehensive analysis and evaluation


With Personality Aptitude Test, the abilities and skills of an applicant are fully evaluated. This includes the ability of the candidate in key areas like technical ability, spatial ability, perceptual ability, analytical ability, acuity, verbal reasoning and numerical reasoning. It is one of the main ways to completely evaluate the skills that the applicant needs in order to make progresses in that domain.


Sharpening skills and abilities


A Personality Aptitude Test is overall very assistive in knowing whether or not the interests, preferences, strengths and goals of an individual are in accordance to the needs and demands of a specific sector or organization. People who feel their interests lie elsewhere can move to a sector that is more suitable for them, while those determined to make a mark in their chosen domain but lacking in abilities can go on to sharpen their skills and make a fresh start. This helps save time and money for candidates as well as organizations looking for suitable applicants.

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review 2016-07-15 19:11
3 Common Types of Psychometric Personality Tests

Personality Tests are important for assessing the behavioral traits which are required in specific careers. This type of assessment falls under the scope of Psychometric assessment and is important for finding out whether a candidate has the aptitude and skills for a particular job. It considers personality traits such as socialization, motivation, sensitivity threshold and the power of a person to cope with challenging scenarios. It is quite challenging to interpret personality traits accurately. While hiring deserving workers, sound judgment can be obviously very assistive for workers. Read and know about 3 of the most common Psychometric Personality Tests that are used widely.


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


This kind of assessment aims to evaluate the preferences of candidates and find out their approach to the world and their decision making process. It was during the 1940’s that the MBTI was developed first by the mother-daughter duo of Katharine Cook Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers. They devised this test as a way to understand personality preferences that would assist women entering for the first time in the labor force to identify which of the war-era jobs would be most suitable for them. The test, originally used as a questionnaire, slowly turned into the MBTI by the early years of the ‘60s.


This type of test includes a series of compulsory choice questions where any of two probable answers have to be chosen by every individual for every question. The choices include a combination of short sentences and word pairs for reflecting contrary preferences. If candidates feel they cannot choose the right answers, they have the option to skip questions. At present, the European English version consists of 88 questions whereas the North American English version comprises of 93 compulsory choice questions.




This kind of test is internet-based and can be taken online. It is available in over 30 different languages around the globe. Most people take less than half an hour to finish the questionnaire. They can get a wide range or reports which offer graphical, concise and clear performance against job competences. The majority of reports are created to be utilized by line managers.




This type of test evaluates behavioral aspects which are important for performing to the maximum potential. These aspects cannot be identified easily by interviews, going through CVs and other standard methods. With this specific form of Psychometric Test, a simple and clear framework is used for determining what kind of impact personality traits will have on professional performance.


These tests are being seen as more advantageous, given that no printed material is involved in the process and the expense of administrating the test is much lower. Results can immediately be obtained without any input from humans. Many candidates are happier with this test, as they can participate in them in their own free time and from anywhere. The acceptability of these tests has led to the rise in the number of choices and recruiting organizations are now using more varied tests for assessing candidates. 

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review 2016-07-08 18:47
8 Common Psychometric Tests Used for Screening Employees

Psychometric tests are being increasingly relied on to test or assess the personality of individuals, often conducted in the pre-hiring process. These are standard instruments for determining the characteristics, attitude and intelligence of individuals. Personality traits are understood through these tests, and this helps recruiters to find out whether a candidate has the skill sets needed for improving the productivity of the organization. Find out about 8 of the Psychometric Tests which are used most widely today.


Aptitude Tests


Such kinds of tests are used widely for evaluating the level of knowledge or ability of an individual in a specific domain. However, these are used most commonly for understanding the level of ability or intelligence of a person. The format can differ on the basis of the kind of Aptitude Test which is being used.


Knowledge Tests


These are designed for specific domains, like IT or engineering, and usually consist of multiple choices. This type of multiple-choice format evaluates the proficiency of the candidate in a specific area or domain.


Accuracy Tests


Candidates have to find out whether a numerical series in same or varied, within a very short time span. Accuracy test, also referred to as Checking Test, evaluates the ability of candidates to spot problems in a cluster, accurately and quickly.


Abstract or Inductive Reasoning Tests


It evaluates the ability of a subject to understand and deal with unknown information for problem solving. This is aimed at finding out how well a candidate is able to think, analyze and conceptualize. The format of this type of test includes finding out how to finish a sequence of symbols simply by taking a look at it.


Numerical Reasoning Tests


It evaluates the ability of a subject to examine and understand numeric data and calculate wherever needed. Currency conversions, trends, percentages and ratios are some of the topics which are dealt with. A multiple-choice test format is used.


Verbal Comprehension or Verbal Reasoning Tests


It evaluates the ability of a candidate to understand arguments or verbal descriptions and draw inferences by understanding their significance's. In verbal reasoning tests, the format includes reading a section or passage and then providing answers to questions with False, True or Can’t Say. The emphasis of verbal comprehension test is more on syntax, spelling and grammar.


Personality Questionnaire


This kind of questionnaire is created to know about the working process of candidates, and the ease with which they can fit in specific teams and working environments. A series of different statements are included in the test format, to which subjects have to answer “Yes” or “No”. They are also asked to choose the statements that describe them the most and the least.


Motivation Questionnaire


The aim of this kind of questionnaire is to find out what motivates a candidate, and using the information to improve the ambiance of the organization to boost satisfaction of employees and making them retain. The test format consists of a series of statements which candidates have to rate as whether improving each will motivate or de-motivate them. 

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