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review SPOILER ALERT! 2014-09-27 20:26
ARC Review of I'll be watching you
I'll Be Watching You - Beverly Barton,Maggie Mash

ARC generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review


Rating~ 2.5 stars.


The main protagonists of the story are Reed Conway and Ella Porter and the book revolves around the lives of their families and the murder that happened fifteen years ago.


Reed Conway was in prison for a murder he did not commit for fifteen years his step father who was a very bad man. He wants to find the guy who killed his stepfather and get revenge on everyone that contributed to him being falsely accused which includes the heroines father.


Ella porter is a circuit court judge. Her father is the senator and also the lawyer that put away the hero years ago. She has always been attracted towards the bad boy of the town so when he returns and she gets letters which are similar to the ones he wrote her from prison, she goes to question him about it which starts of their subsequent relationship.  


Quibbles: I only rarely think it's okay for the hero to sleep with someone else in the book but I always dislike it when the author writes the hero and some random women sex scene. While doing the act is ok before meeting the heroine, doing it after you have known her for years and meeting her again and then thinking about while doing the act with someone else is not ok. Which brings to my next quibble the book has too much sex, not only does it have sex scenes of the hero and heroine but also the above mentioned hero and random girl, then there was the heroines fathers and his mistress similarly the hero's cousins and the heroines aunt and uncle's scene. It was just a lot of it. The suspense part was ok I guessed it from the start from the way that person acted but I was expecting some twists and turns which never came though the author did try to manipulate the suspicion it did not work for me. Lastly, while I could see why the couple would be attracted to each other, I did not feel their connection especially from the Reed's side.


In a couple of chapters towards the start I was getting a feeling like it read a bit like Linda Howard's old romantic suspense which I really like but the feeling soon disappeared.


Overall the story ended up being ok. I guess I just had higher expectations from the book because of the blurb. I felt like there was more drama than the actual suspense and the story ended up being predictable and the ending too good to be true considering everything that happened. 


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review 2013-10-09 20:54
An author I'll be watching
Where I End and You Begin - Andra Brynn

For the last few days, I've been having a difficult time trying to clarify my thoughts on this book.  It's not perfect.  It's not the usual type of N/A story that revs it engine even while at neutral, rather it is slooow paced as you're drawn into the broken and hopeless mind of the main character while she's drowning in depression, addiction, and loss of self.   However, because you're in her mind, there is a repetitiveness to her despair.  I mean, how many times do I have to hear her say how messed up she is, and how much pain she's in?  I get it though.  That's what happens when you're in such a dark and destructive state and think so lowly of yourself.  So I understand how deliberate the author was to portray the main character's downward spiral into self destruction.  


I really did enjoy this story though.  The writing... oh, the writing.  Thank you, reading gods, for giving me some hope at finding new authors to be excited for!  There wasn't the usual telling not showing. Hallefreakinlujah! The author can actually write well. *sob*  The story, plot, and characters weren't even original (actually, it was pretty predictable), but in this author's mind, her characters had substance, they had depth, they were interesting, and I felt those things.  And thanks to the author for not writing about a tempermental, tattooed, violent, motorcycle riding caveman.  Daniel is the exact opposite of the popular N/A "hero" but not in a contrived way.  He's steadfast, but not boring. 


This book was an amazon 1-click freebie that I finished in just under two hours, and before I could even think of what I would write in a review, I had already recommended it to more than a handful of friends.  If this author further develops her story telling abilities to at least equal her writing style, then she'll probably end up an auto-buy author for me.  

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review 2013-08-02 00:00
I'll Be Watching You
I'll Be Watching You - Benjamin Cole Reviewed by:Lucy
Genre: M/M Mystery
Rated: 4 hearts

Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews
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review 2012-03-14 00:00
I'll Be Watching You - Charles de Lint,Samuel M. Key Not my usual style, I picked it up because of the author. Actually more like 2.5 stars because I couldn't put it down but murders and cop shows and the like just aren't my bag.
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review 2011-12-31 00:00
I'll Be Watching You by Andrea Kane
I'll Be Watching You - Andrea Kane

Nice. I love I good twisty thriller with a nicely twisted villain (and I think this particular villain topped it off—completely loco, smart, cunning, resilient...and completely loco).

It was nicely thought-up, nicely written, though the heroine got a little on my nerves from time to time and the pacing could've been a bit better in the middle.

A great story.

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