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review 2017-09-29 04:31
Splinterpoint by Regina St. Claire
Splinterpoint - Regina St. Claire

This book is C-wA_A-a-Z-YY!

Feels like Times Square, honestly :D 



The sheer amount of cultural references is mind-boggling.
Praetor Judy made it into this book :)




And I kept comparing Kol'daar to Cass (no actual mention of Supernatural, darn it!) - a bad-ass when he wants to be, but cute and adorable and kind and sometimes clueless. 




Yes, Ozzy made it, too! And the Dove! 

And, damn, talking about Mr. Crowley on that album!

Anyway, the story was heading for full 11 stars when things started going south around the last 20%, or after the Final Battle to be precise. Maybe during it's final half-hour, too. That's when the author quit crazy and spontaneous, turned on a drone and started explaining and over-explaining and then ex-plai-ning-to-death and then some just to drive the final nail in. 

After the report filing at the gingerbread castle I skimmed through the rest of the pages. The story got sappy and it dragged out for more than it had to. 

In the end I was left feeling a bit unbalanced. The badassery turned to sap, the unpredictable and unexplained turned into dissecting everything under a microscope. I really didn't care about the Song or Music Magic or how Nunzio's disability worked.



ALSO - The Burrito Incident. Someone specifically targeted Nunzio. Why? Never explained.

So, I am cutting 6.5 stars off for all the un- and over-explained instances and giving this book 4.5 stars.


Recommended :D

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review 2017-08-05 16:15
Stranded in Motion by tebtosca
Stranded in Motion - tebtosca
Short story featuring amputee Private Jared Padalecki and Physical Therapist Jensen Ackles. Jared struggles with depression and PTSD after he is maimed in a roadside bombing.
Source: archiveofourown.org/works/3279506
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text 2017-07-09 22:10
Stranded With The Scottish Earl by Anna Campbell 99 cents!
Stranded With The Scottish Earl - Anna Campbell

After her engagement to a local landowner ends in scandal and recrimination, Miss Charlotte Warren vows never to marry. Her father might write to say he’s found her the perfect husband – she’s sticking to her spinsterish guns. But when in the middle of a spring flood, her father’s choice turns up on the doorstep under an unconvincing alias, she has no choice but to take him in.

That doesn’t mean she’s going to marry Lord Lyle. No way.

Except he’s very handsome… And he kisses like a dream…

And when a girl finds herself trapped alone in a great big house with a roguish Scottish earl, who knows what will happen? Even to the most resolute and independent lady.

Ewan Macrae, Earl of Lyle, doesn’t believe in love at first sight—until he sees Charlotte Warren’s portrait. One glimpse of the real Charlotte, and he knows this is the lassie he means to carry off to the Highlands as his bride.

But his beloved is no easy conquest. She’s stubborn and headstrong, and dead set against becoming a wife.

Will lashings of Scottish charm, some highly convenient privacy, a scattering of sizzling kisses, and an eventful day battling the elements to save the spring lambs combine to change Miss Warren’s mind about marriage?

They most definitely will, if this proud Scotsman has any say in the matter!

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review 2017-02-26 16:46
Stranded With The Alien Assassin (Celestial Mates, #3) by Marla Therron Review
Alien Romance: Stranded With The Alien Assassin: Scifi Alien Abduction Romance (Alien Romance, Alien Invasion Romance, BBW) (Celestial Mates Book 3) - Marla Therron

In a shocking turn of events, Jayne Mannet ends up stranded with an alien assassin, causing a conflict between her heart and her head. 

In Imdali, it has always been about what the eye doesn’t see.

To a fast-talking girl from New York, it was never a place Jayne Mannet should have been. Being kidnapped and sold to the highest bidder, Jayne must find a way to escape and make her way back home, all the while trying not to lose her humanity in the process.

But that becomes difficult when one of them responsible for her kidnapping, a mysterious, secretive alien named D’Anil Troga, becomes closer and closer to her in ways that Jayne could have never expected, causing a conflict between her heart and her head.





This has a cold assassin as the hero. He is not a good guy. He is saturated in apathy.

The heroine is abducted and sold as a slave. I like her a great deal.


The world is pretty well drawn but I never settled into this book.


I never really bought the shift in the hero. There was a lot of action but I needed more romance for this book to work for me.

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review 2017-01-28 09:34
Stranded - Jeff Probst,Chris Tebbetts

A short audiobook to listen to while I was cleaning up. It was just under 3 hours long (2 hours 57 minutes according to Audible) and decent story. I expected Lord of the Flies, honestly, and got Survivor Jr., the novelization. In hindsight, that should have been what I expected since Jeff Probst wrote it (he writes, go figure). The cover art is also a clue.


It's a child friendly story and focuses on how the four kids, step siblings that are conveniently split into two boys and two girls, are shipwrecked on an unknown island in the Pacific and manage to survive the first few days alone. No children are sacrificed in this story. Note, however, that it is also the first book in a series and ends on a cliffhanger as per book series protocol.


It's a cute story and I would probably listen to the other books in the series if I found free copies via the library or otherwise, but it is not something I would pay for unless I was buying it for my nieces or nephews.

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